Each year the Rotary model is to change many of its officers including Club Presidents and District Governor’s.  The main purpose of this is to continue to bring fresh ideas and leadership styles into our organization.  It is cumbersome at times, but has served Rotary remarkably well for almost 110 years.  As your Immediate Past District Governor (IPDG) it is my responsibility to conduct a selection process through the Nominating Committee, to select the person who will serve as District Governor (DG) for the 2017/2018 Rotary year.  As you know, Mike Davanzo (Medina-sunrise) is serving as DG this year (2014/2015); Cheryl Warren (Akron) will follow Mike (2015/2016) and Richard (Dick) Farkas (Akron) will follow Cheryl (2016/2017).  This is a critical position in Rotary with the DG serving as the Rotary International President’s representative for our District.  As a PDG, I can tell you that there are many responsibilities that go with this position but it also gives an opportunity to work with some very dedicated and hard working Rotarians in overseeing all district operations for your year, and to serve Rotary in general along with only 536 others in the world during your year.
I am asking all of you to give careful consideration to any Rotarian in your club or the district that you feel has the ability to serve in this position.  Obvious criteria are; leadership skills, ability to plan and delegate, organizational skills, good health, ability to travel and as I mentioned above, the ability to work with others.  I have enclosed a general form for you to use in this process that should be filled out and returned to me.  The tentative deadline for submissions is Nov. 14th.  The Nominating Committee will then review these applications and announce an interview date for the candidates selected.  We hope to announce the successful candidate by Dec. 15th. 2014.
Please don’t set this aside and forget about it.  This is an important decision for District 6630.  If you want to send it in today, that is fine, although you obviously need to discuss it with your candidate and your club.  During my year as DG I met a multitude of Rotarians that I felt could fill this position.  I am relying on you to identify them.  I thank you in advance for your efforts in this process.
Below is a list of 6 forms you will need in the nomination and application procedure.  By clicking on any one of them you can view and print the form.  All forms should be mailed to:
Robert Johnson     
Chair – Dist. 6630 Nominating Committee
14372 Broadwood Dr.
Burton, OH    44021
Thank you for your help in this important District function.
                     Robert “Bob” Johnson
                     IPDG District 6630 (DG 2013/2014)