New Member Induction Script
New Rotary Member Induction Script

Based on the Best Practices of D6630 Clubs

New member(s) is/are called before the club, to stand with the President, Sponsor, Membership Chair, Assistant Governor (if available).

___________ (inductee name)....It is a distinct pleasure to induct you into the Rotary Club of ________________, Ohio.

Becoming a new member is a time for celebration...and commitment.

Becoming a Rotarian is a significant matter. It signals our club's confidence in you as a leader among leaders. Your fellow members will look to you to as a trusted colleague.

Great Rotary clubs, try to involve all of their/our members in service:

  • Club service (Assistance with club meetings and business)
  • Vocational service (Through networking, helping improve job skills. )
  • Community service (Doing good things for your community)
  • International service (Realizing that in the 21st century, the world is our community.)

Rotary is not a political organization but all Rotarians are vitally concerned with everything pertaining to good citizenship and the election of good men and women to public office.

Rotary is not a charitable organization, yet its activities exemplify the charity and the sacrifices that one should expect from people who believe that they have a responsibility to help others.

Rotary is not a religious organization, but it is built on those eternal principles that have served as the moral compass for people throughout the ages.

Being a Rotarian puts you in a unique group of worldwide leaders. Rotary is after all, the oldest, largest, most international service club. It is also the most admired and emulated service club on earth

Starting today... you will be an individual that stands for Rotary's timeless principles that are expressed in THE FOUR WAY TEST, THE OBJECT OF ROTARY and of course our motto...."SERVICE ABOVE SELF..." These are not merely slogans, but TRUTHS of human interaction and respect for each other. Henceforth, people will judge us, by what you do.

(Ask the club members to stand)

____________, you have been approved for membership by the Board of Directors of the Rotary Club of ___________________. They/we are delighted to welcome you officially and publicly to this club. We ask now that you publicly confirm your desire to belong to this club by responding to these questions.

Do you pledge your personal diligence in seeking the welfare of this club, abiding by its rules: striving to meet its expectations and participating in its projects
Member: I do

In concert with your colleagues in this club, will you honor and uphold the name, dignity and rules of Rotary International? If you do, respond by saying "I do."
Member: I do

(To the club members)

Do we, as members of this club, now welcome ______________________ as a colleague(s) and friend (s), and do we assure him/her/them of our friendship, assistance and support? If so answer, we do.

Club Members: We do

(Please remain standing....Revise based upon the situation)

On behalf of ________________, Rotary International President and District Governor ___________, and the Board of Directors of the Rotary Club of __________________ it gives me a great deal of pleasure to induct you as a new member. Congratulations

(Applause, shake hands)

Will President _________ provide our new members with folder of Rotary information and Rotary pin.

(Give them their materials and pin)
(Each new member is "pinned").

All Members Shake Hands With the New Member(s)

As a first step in getting to know each member, I'd invite each member to come to the front, introduce yourself and shake hands with the new members, then return to your seats for the balance of the program.
All members single file up to shake hands.

Compiled by Timothy W. Wright, Sr. PDG (RC of Willoughby)
Demonstrated at the Conference of Clubs, Spring, 2003. Revised 2/3/08.