Rotary Club Sponsor


The support and guidance of the sponsor Rotary club are important to an Interact club’s success. Rotary clubs are encouraged to create a lasting bond with Interact clubs in these ways:

  • Invite Interactors to Rotary club meetings to report on their activities.
  • Create an annual joint Rotary and Interact service project and participate in World Interact Week.
  • Show Interactors how to produce a club newsletter and Web site.
  • Help Interact clubs develop strategies for recruiting and retaining members.
  • tors’ achievements.
  • Publicize Interactors’ accomplishments to the community and the Rotary world.
  • Inform Interactors of other Rotary International or Rotary Foundation programs available to them.
  • nor during the governor’s official Rotary club visit.
  • Invite Interactors to district conferences to showcase club activities and to network with Rotarians.

Annual Meeting

At the beginning of the school or Rotary year, the sponsor Rotary club’s Interact subcommittee should host an annual meeting for all Interact club members, the Rotary club president, and all interested members of the Rotary club. Together, Rotarians and Interactors should establish service goals for the year.

During the meeting, the following topics should also be addressed:

  • Preparing meeting agendas
  • Interact club procedures
  • Projects completed during the previous year
  • Ongoing projects
  • Encouraging good attendance at club meetings
  • Membership development strategies
  • Publicizing service projects

Liability and Risk Management

Any risk-management plan should be coordinated with the school administration in a school-based club. The Rotary club’s Interact subcommittee is advised to assess Interact-related liability issues and seek appropriate insurance. Interact clubs in the United States are covered under Rotary’s general liability insurance program. Interact clubs outside the United States have no Rotary International insurance requirements. Insurance related inquiries may be sent to

Rotarian Adviser

The Rotarian adviser plays a major role in a Rotary club’s support of its Interact club. To stay informed of the club’s activities, the Rotarian adviser attends the board meetings of school-based clubs and all meetings, including board meetings, of community-based clubs.

Other responsibilities

  • Provide counsel to Interactors as they plan service projects or fundraising activities.
  • Act as a liaison between the Rotary club and the Interactors and between the Rotary club and the faculty adviser for school-based clubs.
  • Oversee the Interact club’s elections each year, and report the names and addresses of new officers to the district Interact committee.
  • Introduce Interactors to other opportunities available to youth through Rotary, such as RYLA and Youth Exchange.
  • Stay in touch with graduating Interactors, and help them stay involved with Rotary through Rotaract clubs and, later, Rotary Foundation Educational Programs.

Rotary International is committed to protecting the world’s youth. Rotarians and faculty advisers must work together to ensure the welfare and safety of Interact club members to the greatest possible extent.

Rotary districts are encouraged to develop a youth-protection policy for all youth programs, including Interact. To learn how districts can develop an abuse and harassment prevention program, all district leaders involved with Interact should review the Abuse and Harassment Prevention Training Manual and Leaders’ Guide (775-EN), available at