World Interact Week


World Interact Week is celebrated every year during the week of 5 November to commemorate the founding of the first Interact club in 1962.

To mark this occasion with Interactors and Rotarians around the world, Interact clubs, in partnership with their sponsor Rotary clubs, are encouraged to participate in joint projects during World Interact Week.

World Interact Week is an excellent opportunity for clubs to publicize, promote, and inform the community about the great work accomplished by its members. Clubs should encourage community members to get involved with Interact projects.

In the past, RI required Interact clubs to successfully complete four specific activities in order to receive recognition for World Interact Week. Now, Interact clubs and their sponsor Rotary clubs have the opportunity to explore a variety of ways to participate in World Interact Week.

Rotarians and Interactors will be able to decide the best way to celebrate World Interact Week. This may include completing one, two or an entire week’s worth of activities. After the club has completed their activities, the Rotary club or district Interact chair can download and fill out the Certificate of Recognition for presentation.

Here are some examples of activities Interact clubs can do for recognition:

  • Conduct a joint project with a Rotary club.
  • Plan a literacy day during World Interact Week.
  • Invite Interactors to Rotary club meetings and vice versa.
  • Give a presentation about Interact to a Rotary club that does not sponsor an Interact club.
  • Publicize Interact projects to local media.
  • Conduct a fundraiser for Rotary's US$200 Million Challenge.
  • Encourage cross-promotion between Interact, Rotary Youth Exchange , RYLA , Rotaract , and other community youth organizations.
  • Partner with international Interact clubs.
  • Establish mentoring programs between Rotaractors and Interactors.
  • Introduce potential members to Interact by inviting them to a meeting or a project.

We encourage clubs and districts to hold a Certificate of Recognition ceremony for participating Interact and sponsoring Rotary clubs.

Download the Certificate of Recognition  (.zip U.S. letter and A4 paper sizes) and consider these ideas for celebrating:

The Interact Club of Mengo Senior Secondary School, Uganda, donated time and much-needed materials to a local orphanage. Their contribution included pens and other school supplies to aid primary school students in preparation for math exams.

The Interact Club of Cali Pance, Colombia , organized an AIDS awareness march. Interactors marched through neighborhoods, shopping centers, and other venues to educate their community on the importance of AIDS prevention.

The Interact Club of St. Petersburg Neva, Russia , contributed a monthly article about Interact to a local teen newspaper to show that Interactors are dedicated to bettering their community.