Occasionally we must take a look at ourselves as others will to make sure we are projecting what we need to be in order to. get the job done. So that we can obtain new members through a series of recruitment strategies, we must first make sure our "house is in order". Be objective as possible when answering the few questions about your club. You will discover the strengths of your organization when you agree with the statement, and areas needing improvement when you disagree. Only by starting with your club's positive "curb appeal" do you have a chance of selling the idea of joining Rotary.
  • Each meeting is orderly and well conducted.
  • The quality of the speaker and program is normally rated as "excellent."
  • The food at the club meetings is prepared and served on time, and tastes good!
  • A club bulletin is published and distributed to all members weekly.Regular, well planned assemblies are held frequently throughout the year.
  • All club members serve on at least one or more committees during the year.
  • There is an active Public Relations Committee promoting the club in our community.
  • Visiting Rotarians are warmly welcomed and recognized at the club meetings.
  • The Board of Directors meets on a regular basis with a well planned agenda.
  • The club meeting room appears to be part of a well run meeting, complete with appropriate sound equipment, speakers lectern, flags, banners and other Rotary items.
  • The club promotes the Rotary International Theme for the year and attempts to provide at least one activity during the year stressing the importance of the Theme.
  • The club attendance at meetings consistantly tops 60%.
  • The club gives recognition to those with 100% attendance.
  • The club has a current classification survey.
  • The membership of the club is considered balanced and representative of all segments of the community.
  • There is an active membership and classification committee in the club.
    Last year the club's membership increased.
  • The club has an impressive induction ceremony or procedure when a new member is introduced and welcomed into the club.
  • It's considered "fun" to attend club meetings.