1. To overcome cost of Rotary meeting, one club is an evening dessert club.
  2. To reward sponsors of new members, how about a free trip to the District Conference?
  3. To reward sponsors of new members, how about making the sponsor fine free for a month?
  4. To reward sponsors of new members, how about making a S100 contribution to the Rotary Foundation in the sponsor's name?
  5. Search alumni for potential members: GSE team members, Ambassadorial Scholars, RYLA, lneractors, Rotoractors, Youth Exchange.
  6. Review past bulletins for speakers who might be good candidates.
  7. Club Presidents should present a program on Rotary to the local Chamber of Commerce.
  8. Club President holds an assembly and asks membership who is best person in Classification A. Members develop a list of potential members. The President asks who knows those persons, and they become the initial contact persons. Then President asks who is the best person in Classification B. And so on for perhaps ten classifications. Club has developed a good list of targets.
  9. Put a blue dot on every member's watch face to remind them to propose a new member.
  10. Put a red dot on the badge of every member who has proposed a member in the current year.
  11. Make some pins that say, "Ask me about XYZ Rotary Club." Have club members wear the badge and respond to persons who do ask.
  12. Get a list of new business licenses at city hail.
  13. Scan the local business journals for names of influential persons.
  14. Watch "People in the News" columns in newspapers for people newly promoted who could be prospects.
  15. Deterrent to membership growth are attitudes and inertia. Change them.
  16. Publicize your club and its projects.
  17. If a club cannot grow due to lack of meeting space, start another club that can use that same space at a different time.
  18. If a club determines it is at the size it wants to be, it has the responsibility to share Rotary by starting a new club.
  19. If your club does not want to grow, recruit members for nearby clubs.
  20. If a recruit just can't make a lunch club, suggest a breakfast or dinner club.
  21. Have your membership committee be a cross section of your club by age, gender, and classification.
  22. Propose additional actives.
  23. The President can ask three members for a personal favor: to propose a new member. When the first does so, approach another member the same way so as to keep three members working on a personal pledge to the President.
  24. Form two person teams to go door to door, like the English club which used the technique to grow from 18 to 75 members.
  25. Ask members to approach the owners of business with which they do business.
  26. Find home based businesses. Start with the local printer who does their business cards.
  27. Add a new requirement to attain the blue badge: the sponsorship of a new member.
  28. Put a proposal card on the tables at meetings.
  29. Have the members fill out a proposal card at club.
  30. If a member claims he or she cannot think of a single person who could be a good member, ask the member to keep a 24 hour diary on an index card. Ask the member to write down the name of every person he or she meets or speaks to in that 24 hour period.
  31. Hold a club reunion for former members. They may want to rejoin.
  32. Rotary spouse (or partner) should attend the pre-induction new member orientation.