New Rotary Club Central - How to Guides

The new and improved Rotary Club Central is here. It’s now faster, easier to navigate, and presents past and current club data in a more accessible way. Additional features include:

  • Inputting Rotary Foundation goals in local currency
  • Easy-to-read charts and graphs make it easy to set goals and plan for the future
  • A simpler way to track service activities and volunteer hours
  • AND a way to both select your Club’s goals and view all of the goals on one screen

Plus, you can plan and track membership initiatives, service activities, and Foundation giving, as well as complete Rotary Citation goals.

Rotary Club Central is also a great tool for succession planning. As club leadership changes, having a historical record of goals and achievements can make the transition between leaders seamless. 

Here is goal overview guide to help (click here) - NOTE that this should NOT to be submitted and does NOT take place of entering your goals online. All goals must be done online at Rotary Club Central. 

Download these How to Guides: