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Over the past two years Rotary has witnessed a pandemic, natural disasters (locally and abroad), and now the attacks on Ukraine.
During the pandemic and in the aftermath of the natural disasters, Rotarians and their clubs and districts stepped up to support those affected.  Ukraine will be no different.  We will step up again and help support those affected as well as make a stand for peace.   
Please read the following letter from The Rotary Foundation Trustee Chair and Past President of Rotary International John Germ, for how you can support the Disaster Response Fund.
As one of the world’s largest humanitarian organizations, Rotary has made peace the cornerstone of our global mission. We are deeply concerned about the Ukraine crisis and need your help.
Rotary is made up of people of action, especially in difficult times. In response to the deepening refugee crisis, The Rotary Foundation Trustees have decided to prioritize contributions made to the Disaster Response Fund until 30 April 2022 to support disaster response grants for districts affected by these events. These expedited disaster response grants can be used to supply water, food, medicine, shelter, and clothing.
Half a million people have fled Ukraine and are in dire need of emergency aid. The United Nations estimates that number of refugees could grow to as many as 5 million people displaced. Rotary clubs in Europe and around the world have stepped up their relief work, some working on the ground to help displaced families.
With your donation to our Disaster Response Fund, we can support communities and help rebuild lives during this tragic time.

John Germ
Trustee Chair, 2021-22
The Rotary Foundation
Now that we are seeing channels for support opening up, let us come together and support our fellow Rotarians, their families, and all those affected in Ukraine. The District will continue to monitor communications from Rotary and Rotary partners to see where we can provide humanitarian aid and promote peace building.  I have been informed that channels for support are continuing to open up in the surrounding NATO countries of Poland and Romania.  Poland and Romania are two of the largest countries in the region and with active Rotary clubs.  
As the district hears about ways to support the aid and peace building efforts in Ukraine, I will make sure those are passed on.   When I am informed of efforts being made by the district and our clubs, I will make sure they are shared as well.
The following is a letter that I received from ShelterBox.  There are links in this letter that will allow you to keep up to date on the efforts that ShelterBox is working on.
ShelterBox is responding to the Ukraine crisis and sending a team to eastern Europe. We are working to understand the type of emergency shelter people fleeing Ukraine need, if our aid will be suitable, and which locations we might be able to work in. We are coordinating with local authorities, Rotary and other aid organizations to make sure as many people as possible will receive the help they need.
Your support today could provide lifesaving aid for families affected by the Ukraine crisis.
In recent days, hundreds of homes have been damaged or destroyed in Ukraine. Innocent civilians are being killed, families and lives are being torn apart. The UN is reporting hundreds of thousands of people on the move inside the country or trying to leave. They are predicting as many 12 million people may need humanitarian assistance, with 6.7 million people projected to be internally displaced within Ukraine and that up to 4 million refugees may be seen as a result of this crisis and more than 660,000 people are reported to have fled Ukraine to neighboring countries [3/1 11am GMT].
We are deeply concerned for families in Ukraine fleeing their homes in below freezing temperatures. Will all of them be able to find somewhere safe to live?
We stand with the UN in calling for peace and the protection of civilians affected by the crisis in Ukraine and critical basic infrastructure and services. People leaving must be able to do so safely. Humanitarian access must also be maintained throughout the conflict affected areas so that the people who need support can find it.
ShelterBox Chief Executive, Sanj Srikanthan, said, “We are witnessing a vast humanitarian crisis unfold. With every hour that passes more and more people are fleeing Ukraine, desperately seeking safety and refuge. Hundreds of thousands of people have already crossed Ukraine’s borders and that number is rising quickly as the situation continues to deteriorate. The indications are that this will not be a short conflict. ShelterBox is responding and sending a team to the region who will be positioned to inform how we respond and coordinate our work.”
ShelterBox has experience of working in Ukraine - carrying out emergency responses to floods in 2003 and 2008, and assessments in 2014 following the outbreak of the ongoing conflict in the Donbas region.
ShelterBox is currently responding to 10 humanitarian crises worldwide. Please, rally clubs in District 6630 to support our HERO program, as it would directly benefit all response areas. At this time, we need all the help we can get.  Any money raised above the cost to provide ShelterBox aid to the Ukraine crisis will help ShelterBox provide emergency shelter in our other ongoing responses.
Thank you,
ShelterBox USA
Bill Tobin
Rotary Relations Manager
Please keep Ukraine, their people and those in the surrounding countries in your thoughts and prayers.   
Yours in Rotary Service,
Larry Lohman
2021-2022 Rotary International District 6630 Governor
Home Club:  Rotary Club of Kent, OH USA