Posted by Susan Colville-Hall
Mr. R.Y.E Chair, “Exchanges,” you’ve said, “are sometimes difficult
But so worth the effort it takes to help families and young people adapt.”
“It is, after all, what moves us ahead in the world,” you say
And what’s your goal or rather, Rotary’s goal?  “Peace!”  Yes, Peace!!!
Our world is in such great need of tranquility!!! 
(Especially now with war, conflicts and famine in so many spots!)
Peace!  So young people can grow up together knowing that differences don’t matter
But knowledge, understanding and acceptance of other cultures do. 
So that young people are able…
To walk in someone else’s shoes 
To sing songs in other tongues 
To be curious!  To be kind! 
To be grateful and bold! 
To be of service to others no matter their language or customs!
To solve the world’s problems they didn’t create but need to address
Because, today, the world is really a mess!!!  Our kids need this experience for success.
Dear Bob, you gave us hope.  MR. R.Y.E. Chair, you continued to push!
You contacted club presidents, Youth Officers, parents and kids
To cajole them into believing that the sun belongs to young people
In France, Brazil and South Korea just as much as it belongs to District 6630
And… if our young people go there to watch the sun set
Their horizons expand so greatly that they step into a world of extraordinary possibilities!
And… if our clubs host the world’s youths
Doors open for Rotarians to unconditional understanding.
You did this every year to give us hope and make us youthful again
Yes, to see life through the eyes of our Inbound students
Eyes of refreshing newness and limitless prospects.
Mr. R.Y.E Chair,  How did you accomplish this? 
With persistence in the face of too many commitments,
With meetings, emails, calls and texts to parents and kids and club presidents
With reminders to counselors, coordinators, and such, to fill in the on-line forms
With pleas to Rotarians to become more involved
With orientation meetings for parents and host parents
With weekend overnights at Akron Rotary Camp
as training sessions for our Inbounders and Outbounders
With the wood for fires at camp, marshmallows and roasting forks
which, of course, produce…
S’mores - because once we’ve tasted immersion in another culture
That’s what we want - Some more! 
Our exchange students become travelers, ambassadors,
They become citizens of the world. 
For you, Dear Bob, Rotary District 6630 is truly grateful
For the Hope in the future you brought us  
For the Service above self you modeled
For the extraordinary experiences you provided
For beautiful international memories you created
You did it with love!  Love for the exchanges!
Love for the young people who come and those who go!
Love for the peace it will bring to the world
One handshake at a time.  You have left us VERY big shoes fill!