Posted by Dana DeCapite
At the beginning of her exchange, her parents had planned to join her in the US following her HS graduation and travel in the states before all returning back to Brazil.  Because of COVID-19, the family's plans to travel here were cancelled.  Starting in March, the family went back and forth as to whether it was necessary to bring Giulia home immediately or "wait and see".  She ended up finishing her virtual learning and graduating here in the US.  Then, starting in early June, her family decided to book a ticket to bring Giulia home.  After many cancelled flights, she made it out of the US on July 2, 2020
The picture was taken upon arrival back in Brazil--as her parents greeted her at the airport.
Giulia Cintra Fernandes Giampietro (pictured right) and herAdriana Maria Cintra Fernandes Giampietro (pictured left).