Posted on Dec 22, 2018
Beverly Ghent-Skrzynski
2018-19 District Governor

Dear Family of Rotary:
Each of us receive so many letters at this time of year asking us to “open our hearts” and please give special thought to those in need. But that is what Rotary does each and every day of the week… during every month of the year. Thank you to you and your families on behalf of all those you serve. One of our greatest strengths… our secret weapon, is us and how we lead our lives, how we treat others and how we shine the light on those in need – that is our gift to the world and no one does it better.
On our computers, iPads and phones we continuously see opportunities to “press here to donate,” “click here to give” and “push here to contribute.” We have those same buttons in Rotary, but on the other end is your Foundation doing your work through your club in your community and around the Rotary World.
We will End Polio Now…as we continue to dig wells to bring fresh water to those who have none — so food can grow and people can eat and our children can learn and make their way toward a better life. That is just a sampling of who and what we are.
We had a record-breaking turnout for the December 6th Foundation event when we came together in friendship for fun, great food AND desserts to truly celebrate “Doing Good in the World” (see the article on page 3. The highlight of the evening was when John Daily of the Rotary Club of Akron was inducted into the Arch Klumph Society of The Rotary Foundation. John is pictured here with Frederick T. “Rory” McGuire, the grandson of Arch C. Klumph, and Kevin Kelly, Zone 29 Major Gifts Officer. Our Rotary Family, as always, demonstrated incredible generosity and on behalf of PDG Amy Kapostasy and myself, thanks you to everyone who had a part in its success. 
SAVE THE DATE for the 2018-2019 District Conference of Clubs, April 12-13, 2019 at the Cleveland Airport Marriott (an undiscovered jewel of a property) when we will come together once again as People of Action.
At the end of my letter are just a few of the ways Rotary touches the lives of others that I once shared with my own club and with the 2018-2019 Club Presidents as we prepared for this year – these Rotary leaders are truly my personal Inspiration.
I wish each of you and your families and friends, Peace, Joy and Hope. These to me are Rotary’s most precious gifts offered by each and every Rotary club in this district, and the men, women and our Rotary youth who give so much of themselves in so many ways. I know that to be true because I have seen it first-hand.
Governor Bev
This is Rotary
When a youth who has gone unnoticed and is bursting with so much to say, finds a voice in our 4-Way Test Speech Contest — that is Rotary;
When a family comes to a food pantry trusting that what they receive is fresh and healthy and there were loving hands that have sorted and watched over what they feed their children and themselves — that is Rotary;
When a child first holds a dictionary and sees in their hand the power of the written word, and then realizes it is something to call their own — that is Rotary;
When a hospital patient undergoes life-saving surgery and the “gift” from our Blood Donor Days flows through their veins, gives them strength and helps them heal — that is Rotary;
When the eyesight of a grandfather is restored in a far away village in India so that he can see the smile of the grandchild he is holding in his arms — that is Rotary;
When a victim of human trafficking is handed new clothing and sees that the tags are still on, something to call their own and the first step to recovering their dignity — that is Rotary;
When the temperature of the water is perfect for the young child to exercise his limbs and experience the freedom from pain that sometimes only the sanctity of water can provide — that is Rotary;
When a first responder is honored for their heroism “above and beyond” the call of duty with no thought to themselves, and an individual is celebrated for their belief in and work towards world understanding and peace — that is Rotary;
When our scouts can run free at camp, inhale the fresh air and never have to look over their shoulder to see what is behind them — that is Rotary;
When that life-saving drop is placed in the tiny mouth of the infant whose trusting mother smiles with tears in her eyes, and then embraces you with a strength that you can’t even fathom — that is Rotary.
Thank you, Rotary!