Posted by Pat Costanza
There is an old saying:  “Actions speak louder than words”.
However, with the current social restrictions caused by the pandemic, in some instances, the reverse may be more true….words are actually becoming more powerful.  With fewer personal interactions, the written word (texted or emailed) is having more & more of an impact…both positive & negative.  Our words are now highlighted by inanimate emoji to express our feelings & are sent with lightening speed without accompanying body language or emotional content.
So before pressing the ‘Send’ key, consider this:
Words are powerful.
They can be a gift or a weapon, depending on how, when, & where they are used.
Words can lift your spirits or crush your hopes.
So think before you speak, write, or text them.
Know both the meaning of the words & your intention for using them.
Use words to inform…not insult;  to comfort…not coerce;  to create…not destroy.