Photo: Tracey Lohman with her father DG Larry Lohman

WOW, Where to Start?  Well, let us start at the beginning.  A long, long time ago in a far off……  Wait a minute that is not what I meant by the “beginning”.  Let us start with our first district event in November, and then we will continue on to the Eve of the New Year.
Our First event in November was our Interact Interaction on November 6.  What an event!  Just imagine Interact Clubs from all over the District coming together in the name of Sharing, Learning and Service.  Our youth are truly Amazing and an Inspiration.  Thank you District Interact Chair Chelsea Talty for the guidance that you provided West Geauga High School Interact in planning this year’s Interaction.  Please keep reading as Chelsea is going to tell you all about this year’s Interaction later in this letter.
November started out busy with all kinds of Impactful events.  On November 11 as we paused to remember and honor the Veterans that have served in The United States Armed Forces, we also came together to celebrate our Clubs and The Rotary Foundation with our Warm Hand Warm Hearts Foundation Gala.  Following true to the past year our Foundation Gala Committee choose to change things up a little.   I am going to leave the rest of the tale to our District Foundations and Gala Chair Jim Lechko, who will regale us with tales from our Gala.
December 3 was a great day in our District, and a true privilege for me.  I had the honor of officially announcing our 2024-2025 District Governor Dale Smith of the Rotary Club of Mentor.  It was quite the honor to be the District Governor to make this announcement as Dale and I share some Rotary history.   As most know I grew up helping the Rotary Club of Cambridge, OH. In the early 2000 Dale joined the RC of Cambridge and later served as President of the club.  Due to the fact I left Cambridge in the mid 90’s Dale and I did not meet there.  Fast forward a few years and after I joined the Rotary Club of Kent a gentlemen was introduced as a Rotarian transferring from the Rotary Club of Cambridge.  This was my first introduction to Dale.  Dale during his time in Kent was a true leader and helped to build our participation with The Rotary Foundation.   When Dale left Kent due to a career move that took him out of state, his presence was missed.  No matter where life has taken Dale, he has always found a Rotary Club and left a meaningful impact.  Everyone please stand and give Dale Smith a round of applause.  Congratulation Dale, I look forward to serving with you and seeing what Impact you leave on this District.
Saturday, December 11, is a day that we saw one of the worst tornado events that has been recorded in our history.  We are not just talking about a couple communities, but communities throughout multiple states.  
How you can take action to help the tornado victims:
One of my fellow District Governors whose district was hit has reached out about the damage and a project to help move forward. 
There are two articles below about relief efforts (or click on the state names here to read each) - one is for the Kentucky areas and another is for the Tennessee areas affected. 
As we close out 2021, I would like to wish all of you a Safe and Happy Holiday Season.  I look forward to a bright and refreshing New Year in 2022.  Please take time to Hug your Loved ones, and even more importantly take a minute for yourself. 
From my Family to yours Happy Holidays!
The Lohman Family