Posted by Steve Zabor
The Leadership Education and Development Committee (LEAD) is in the process of creating a exciting and informative program for the District Leadership Assembly (DLA) Saturday morning of the District Conference (April 25th).  Presidents Elect of all clubs should encourage their committee chairs, committee members and all interested club members to attend the program. 
There will be separate sessions  on Community Service Projects – learn about successful projects and how to implement one, Youth Programs – learn how clubs have engaged their members, schools and community in their programs, Fundraising Ideas – hear how clubs have raised the image of their club’s activities and raised funds, Growing Membership – successful clubs will share their best practices, and Public Image – learn about creative and successful public image efforts.
All five of these areas are critical to creating a Vibrant Club that engages its members, provides service to its community close to home and far away, maintains and grows its membership.
After participants have heard from other clubs in each area and had an opportunity to share their ideas and concerns with those in attendance time will be available for all members of a club to sit together to share what they have learned and to plan for the coming year.
The more members of a club that attend the greater the impact will be in the coming year.  We learn from other’s successes and failures and when we share our hopes and frustrations in an open, supportive environment.
Hope to see you on the 25th of April.