As we approach our District Conference, let us Connect to each other by sharing our projects and experiences in the House of Friendship. This area gives our clubs not only the avenue to share their projects, but also the opportunity to meet other clubs that may be interested in helping. Many different types of media have been used for the table displays.  Fire up your imaginations and be the talk of our conference.
I have been a part of the House of Friendship at our past six District Conferences.  Each year I have set up tables for both my Club, The Rotary Club of Kent, and for the water projects that my club participates in, in El Salvador.   I have had the pleasure of talking with many Rotarians about our projects and through these discussion have been able to form new partnerships for these projects.  This has been a key fundraising strategy for our projects.  Let me ask this where else do you have the chance to reach 200 + individuals, who are focused on “Service Above Self”?   
Last year I made the challenge to our district for the clubs to be the most creative with their displays.  That was accomplished, we had 28 of the best, and most informative tables I have ever seen in the House of Friendship.  This year I am making another challenge!  This year let us all, whether you have a table or not, visit all the tables and find a club to partner with in their project(s).   Keeping in mind that this year’s Rotary International Theme is “Rotary Connects the World”.   Isn’t connecting our District the first step in connecting the world?
I look Forward to seeing you all on April 24 and 25 at OUR District 6630 Conference.
Lawrence Lohman
DGN, District 6630
Past-President, Rotary Club of Kent