Posted by Chelsea Talty
If you attended this year’s Interaction Conference, you already know the students knocked it out of the park! Hosted by West Geauga High School on Saturday, November 6th, just under 100 students from 11 different Interact clubs gathered together to celebrate Interact. The event was sponsored by the Geauga West Rotary Club, who provided breakfast as well as support for everyone throughout the entire day. Students participated in bonding activities and icebreakers, and shared their club’s accomplishments for the past year and plans for the future. A special thank you to Will Underwood and Bob Heydorn for presenting about the Four-Way Test Speech Contest and the Youth Exchange Program, as well as to all other Rotarians who were able to attend!
Many students came prepared with wonderful ideas for a District-wide service project. Students worked in groups to decide which ideas were the best, and then voted on which project to adopt. This year, the service project that was chosen was to support the Ronald McDonald House of Northeast Ohio. The mission of the Ronald McDonald House, according to their website, is to “enhance the healthcare experience for families and children through comfort, care and supportive services.” This organization truly does wonderful work, and I encourage all of you to check out their website for more information on what they are able to do to help families going through unimaginable situations. You can see more at
Our students are planning on supporting this amazing organization through many different means. Some of the ways you can help contribute are:
  1. Collect pull tabs from pop cans. RMH collects these tabs and submits them for money. Last year they were able to make more than $6,000 from these tabs!
  2. Sponsor a room at the house. The cost for a family to stay in a room is $100. RMH asks families for a donation of $20 when they stay in a room, but many families are unable to contribute. Families are never turned away because they can’t pay, so RMH appreciates donations from people like us. You can donate online and learn more information at
  3. Contribute to their Amazon Wishlist. RMH has a constant need for many different items, and an easy way to help is to buy something from their wishlist. The items are sent directly to RMH, so you don’t have to worry about dropping something off or shipping items yourself. Here is the link to the Wishlist:
  4. Unfortunately, the vast majority of the volunteer opportunities at RMH are suspended due to Covid. However, I encourage you to check back on their website later to see if there are other ways you can help out!
As always, thank you all for your support of our youth and the district service project!
Chelsea Talty
District Interact Chair