Posted by Jack Young
On July 8, our Zones 30 and 31 had set up a zoom meeting with Past Rotary International President and Scout Icon Cliff Dochterman from his retirement home facility in California.  His presentation was about his  experiences as a Rotarian and Past Rotary International President in 1992-93..  After the meeting, Cliff and I talked further about some of his experiences, especially since he had lived in Ohio for several years.  Marsha and I have know for a number of years and he is one of the finest and down to earth person that I have known.
Since he had lived in the Buckeye State for several years, it was great to go over some of the memories.  Cliff later became a club member of the RC of Berkley, California and it so happened that I lived in Barstow, California for several years when I was in the Air Force.
Cliff at the age of 94, shared several additional comments about his  time in Rotary and serving the world.  AS everyone knows, he was not only a Rotarian but a youth and adult leader in Scouting, receiving a number of honors and awards.  Just listening to his sharing stories is an honor and time that I will always remember.  When I do an new installation of Rotary Club Officers, I use several of Cliff's comments to share with the club  . regarding his devotion to Rotary and Scouting.
I suggest that if you have anyone in your Rotary Club who has gone above and beyond in serving both Rotary and Scouting, may I suggest you consider nominating them to receive the special Cliff Dochterman International Fellowship of Scouting Rotarian award.  If selected that person will always have a cherished peace of history and it will be a special part of your life.  
There is no question that everyone in the IFSR loves and admires him and is grateful for the selfless example Cliff sets for "Service Above Self"  From the International Fellowship of Scouting Rotarians from all over the world, we wish Cliff all of the best and thank him for his service to Rotary and our youth.
Jack A Young,.PDG 2005-06
Ohio Rotary District 6630
International Fellowship of Scouting Rotarians
Chair 2018-20 InterAmerican Region (North,
Central and South America)l