District 6630 Rotarians, 
January - Vocational Services Month
During this month, clubs highlight the importance of the business and professional life of each Rotarian. Here are some special activities to promote the vocational avenue of service.
  • Distribute Four-Way Test
  • Distribute vocational awards to outstanding individuals, arrange vocational visits
  • Awareness seminar on career guidance, organize / arrange in plant training
  • Start vocational education / skill guidance center.
  • Helping those with physical challenges to get jobs
Happy New Year!!
I hope this year is off to a happy and healthy start for you all!
You may have noticed that our December newsletter was REALLY late!  Please don't blame the messenger... but I, and our family really, were a tad bit busy.  Besides the regular hustle bustle of getting ready for the holidays, there was also visiting clubs, working, offering convalescent care for my Mom following surgery, and the loss of a pet, plus more.  The Christmas weekend trip to visit our daughter in Northwest Ohio brought us an early Christmas present with the birth of our first grandchild, Stetson Nash. His parents, our daughter, Kimberly, and Hunter, welcomed this little 8lb 9oz adorable bundle on December 23rd (a week early!) This new family is doing well. Thanks to all for your well wishes! Here's a photo collage of the cutie. (You can't expect a new Grandma to settle on just one photo, can you?!)
So now I think we're back on track and I thank you all for continuing to Create Hope in the World. 
I have a few clubs I haven't been out to visit yet, and I'd really like to do so. Please reach out so we may schedule something soon. Jbrandle@metisconstruction.com 
In Rotary Service,
Julie Brandle, 
District Governor 6630