Dear fellow Rotarians and other Friends:
The district’s Rotary club Presidents and I have been preparing all year to assume the titles and responsibilities of our year, in order to lead our clubs and the district.  We are honored to have been chosen, and have realized that some of our longstanding club and district events and traditions have to be set aside. So, how do we function in our clubs and communities while following the laws and keeping all safe during this year? It is stretching us in a difficult time.
But we are Rotarians, and this is what we do, when we see a need or challenge among our communities and others. As the cover of the August issue of The Rotarian magazine says, “This is our moment.” “We do the hard work – we bring people together-we solve problems.”
As R.I. President Holger Knaack’s theme says, “Rotary Opens Opportunities,” your district, club, and international officers are seeking from you and others new ideas for opportunities of service and yes-even virtual fundraising in order to meet the needs of others.
The district website will illustrate the opportunities. One such opportunity on the home page of District 6630 is the sign up for the Zone 30-31 seminars – easy to do and they have been very helpful and free – no travel and no cost to register. Note the time zone it is one hour later for us. In addition, Zone 30-31 will be holding a virtual summit on October 20, 2020. It is free and virtual.
Remember the great Tri-District Membership Summit last year?  We are building on it this year on September 15 and September 23, 2020. Look for the registration soon.
Every time I talk with a club President, I am so impressed with all the creative activities, and ways you are reaching out to each other and to your communities with offers of help. The sharing of these ideas may be very helpful opportunities to others in your cluster of clubs and can be shared throughout the district.  The district public image committee is always ready to assist you. All of our current officers and chairs can be found by clicking here.
I wish each of you and your families, a safe and successful year.
Pat Myers
District 6630 Governor 2020-2021
c. 330-388-2635