Welcome to the year of The Magic of Rotary!  Rotary is stressing continuity of mission - I found it interesting that you can put the last three years' themes in order in a single sentence with just a minor change or two - "Imagine Creating Hope in the World with The Magic of Rotary".
As we enter the new Rotary year, I wanted to share my key priority for the coming year - membership growth.  From membership flows our service and Foundation giving.  Membership powers all we do.  Each new member brings fresh perspectives and energy. By welcoming diverse voices into our Rotary family, we aim to strengthen our ability to address local and global challenges effectively.  To attract and retain new members, we must actively and intentionally welcome and value people with a heart for service and the ideals of Rotary.  We also need to put them to work - surveys and discussions with newer members show that they want more opportunities to serve our communities.  Find new opportunities to serve by partnering with local organizations such as United Way and other charitable agencies.  We lose as many Rotarians as we gain each year, and the vast majority are Rotarians with less than three years of membership.  Not only should Each One Bring One - Each One should also Keep One. Engage our new members in service that interests them - use the information provided by the new member survey to identify their passions.  If someone seems disengaged, make it your personal responsibility to try to re-engage them. 
We have some upcoming fun events.  Buy tickets now for the End Polio Now game with the Guardians.  This is a wonderful event where you can enjoy a great game of baseball, good food, chances at great raffle baskets and fellowship with Rotarians across northern Ohio.  Also, watch for updates in the near future for our Pints and Pours to End Polio.  We will start in late August and will go through to World Polio Day on October 24.  
Rotary International designates July as Maternal and Child Health Month, focusing on initiatives that promote the well-being of mothers and children worldwide. This observance underscores Rotary's commitment to addressing significant health challenges faced by women and children, particularly in underserved communities.
By prioritizing maternal and child health, Rotary is working to reduce maternal and infant mortality rates, combat diseases affecting children, and promote overall family well-being. Projects range from establishing medical clinics and mobile health units to supporting immunization campaigns and maternal education workshops.
Rotary's Maternal and Child Health Month serves as a reminder of the organization's humanitarian mission to make a positive impact on the lives of mothers and children globally. Through collaborative efforts and ongoing initiatives, Rotary continues to contribute towards creating healthier futures for families, fostering resilience, and promoting sustainable development in communities worldwide.
I hope each of you has a wonderful summer! I look forward to seeing you at the End Polio Now game and at the Pints and Pours events convenient for you. 
Thanks for all you do!
Dale Smith
District Governor 2024/2025
Rotary International District 6630
Rotary Club of Mentor
The Magic of Rotary