At the end of the 2022/23 school year, Rotarian Wally Davis retired as the Superintendent of the Woodridge Local School District.  To find a new Superintendent, the school district did not have to go far to find Wally’s replacement.  The Woodridge Board of Education selected Mrs. N’ecole Ast as the new Superintendent of Schools.  It just so happens that Mrs. Ast is also a member of the Northampton Cuyahoga Valley Rotary Club.
Wally and N’ecole have a couple things in common: both are members of the Northampton Cuyahoga Valley Rotary Club, and both are Past-Presidents of the Club.  But don’t think it stops there.  There have been 4 Woodridge Superintendents that have served as President of the club: Roger Edwards and Dick Clapp have also served their community in this capacity.  Here are the years Woodridge’s past and current Superintendent’s have served president.
Roger Edwards: 1967-68, 1997-98, 2012-13
Dick Clapp: 1999-00
Wally Davis: 
2013-14, 2015-16
N'ecole Ast: 2021-22
Incidentally, Roger was a founding member of the club in 1962.
At a recent meeting, the club celebrated Wally’s retirement.  At the meeting, a picture was taken of N’ecole, Wally, and Roger as they are still very active members of the club.
It’s great to know that the leaders of our youth have such a strong Rotary foundation.