Crestwood High School Leadership Students Engage with Eighty World Heroes of Peace
Thanks to the Rotary Club of Mantua, seventy-five leadership students from Crestwood High School in Mantua, Ohio, will receive a copy of the new book In the Hearts of Peaceful Heroes: Their Shared and Inspiring Values. The book is the result of a fifteen-year research project conducted by Roger Cram at Hiram College which identifies the shared values and similar methodologies utilized by eighty, handpicked, world heroes of peace.
The Rotary Club of Mantua purchased seventy-five of these books and donated them to Crestwood High School for presentation to students with leadership qualities at several scheduled events. Rotarian Helen Hazlett introduced the idea, and the Club agreed that the leadership qualities and values presented in this book align well with Rotary’s mission and will enhance students’ chances for success. By embracing these qualities, students will inspire positive change, not through criticism, but through use of peaceful problem-solving skills and continuous achievements of excellence. They will learn how heroes of peace always maintain the dignity of their enemies and that their behaviors must be conscious choices based on their values; on the kind of person they want to be, never on how others behave toward them. As the heroes in the book have demonstrated, such behavior is the only sure way to lasting peace.
It is encouraged that other Rotary Clubs reward their high school leadership students with these books.
This project was made possible through a joint effort by Superintendent of Crestwood Schools David Toth, Crestwood High School Principal David McMahon, and the Rotary Club of Mantua.
Pictured (left to right) are Principal David McMahon, author of  “In the Hearts of Peaceful Heroes” Roger F. Cram, Rotary Club of Mantua President David Becker, and Superintendent David Toth.
David Becker, President
Rotary Club of Mantua          
12068 Abbott Rd.                  
Hiram, Ohio 44234
David McMahon, Principal
Crestwood High School
10919 Main St.
Mantua, Ohio 44255
Roger F. Cram
6752 Bancroft St. Box 642
Hiram, Ohio 44234-0642