Dear District 6630 fellow Rotarians and Friends:
I would like to continue to explore potential ways to increase membership in our district.  With one collective goal of extending our reach, increasing our impact and attracting people of action we need to look at new and innovative ways of adding members.  Adding new members in new and innovative ways is central to President Mark Maloney’s goals for this rotary year. 
There are at least eight “models” of a rotary club.  Some are longstanding, others are relatively new.
The “Traditional Rotary Club” has been with us since 1905.  A “traditional” club generally consists of professionals and aspiring leaders who meet regularly for service, connections and personal growth.  This type of club tends to appeal to people looking for connections, service opportunities and traditions.  Learn more at Start a Club.
The second model is a relatively new one known as a Satellite Club.  The Satellite Club is one that is sponsored by a traditional club but has its own meetings, projects, bylaws and board.  It also only takes eight members to charter a Satellite Club as opposed to 20 members to charter a Traditional Rotary Club.  This type of club often appeals to those who want a club experience or meeting format or time other than what’s offered by the traditional clubs in the area.  You can learn more by downloading the Guide to Satellite Clubs
Another relatively new and innovative model is the “E-Club.”  This is a type of club that varies widely in its design but the common thread is that it meets primarily online.  This type of club appeals to people who travel frequently, whose schedules make it difficult to meet in person, or who prefer an online experience.  Juleta Craig and Kathryn Craig are currently working on creating this type of club and if you are interested you can reach them at or  You can also learn more about the E-Club at Online Club Meetings.
A fourth model is a “Passport Club.”  This type of Rotary Club allows members to attend other Rotary Club meetings as long as they attend a specified number of meetings that are in their own club each year.  A Passport Club also appeals to people who travel frequently or those who enjoy trying a variety of club experiences and meeting a lot of new people.  You can learn more about this by downloading the Guide to Passport Club.
Another new and exciting club model is the “Corporate Club.”  This type of club has members (or most of them) who work for the same employer.  This club will appeal to employees of an organization who want to come together to do good in their community. 
Rotary also has “Alumni-based Clubs.”  This type of club is one whose members (or most of them) are former Rotary or Rotary Foundation program participants.  This club generally appeals to people who have participated in Rotary outside of the club setting. 
If any of these models spark your interest, do not hesitate to reach out to me or to Jim McKee ( with questions.
I would be remiss if I did not reference our recently completed Tri-District Membership Summit held at the Stanton Middle School in Kent on October 26, 2019.  Approximately 150 participants from Districts 6600, 6630 and 6500 attended.  We had 100 participants from District 6630 representing 40 of our 52 Clubs!  The work of past district governors Steve Zabor and Mike Davanzo, together with many others who created an innovative and effective curriculum based upon small group discussion, was outstanding.  The results and reviews have been excellent.  My sincere thanks to all of those who took part in preparing and presenting this event and my special thanks to those who attended. 
Remember the rapidly approaching Annual Foundation Awards Celebration.  The event will take place on Thursday, December 5, 2019, beginning at 5:30 p.m. at the Bridge View Room, Windows on the River, 2000 Sycamore Street, Cleveland, OH.  The theme this year is Holidays Around the World and registration is open. 
Much of what we do is supported by and in many instances only possible because of the resources of the Rotary International Foundation.  This Awards Celebration gives us an opportunity to thank the many people whose generosity and continuing support allows the Foundation to assist us all in doing good.  Please take the time to attend and you will not be disappointed.  The famous Dessert Dash is back as is the Ugly Holiday Sweater competition.
You can register at or call 330-495-9814 and I look forward to seeing you there.
John Reyes
Rotary District 6630 Governor 2019-2020

Tel: 330.258.6469