"Hello Everyone!"

We are Rotary Youth Exchange Students from northern Ohio Districts 6600 and 6630. Since August of last year, we have been involved with intensive language and cultural training courses as we prepare to study abroad for an exciting school year as Rotary Outbound Scholarship Students. We are honored to have been accepted as Rotary youth ambassadors and presented with our official scholarship blue blazers at the Rotary District Conference of Clubs:

OWEN BASS (Garfield HS), from Garrettsville-Hiram Rotary, will be going to INDIA.
ABIGAIL SZYNDLER (Maumee HS), from Hillcrest Sunrise Rotary, will be going to CHILE.
MEADOW MARUNA-PLICKERT (Grand Valley HS), from Jefferson Rotary, will be going to POLAND.
ASMIT MEHTA (Oberlin HS), from Westlake-Bay Village Rotary, will be going to TAIWAN.
LUKE SMILLIE (Bay Village HS), from Westlake-Bay Village Rotary, will be going to THAILAND.
KAMDEN STOLLSTEIMER (Tinora HS), from Westlake-Bay Village, will be going to HUNGARY.

We were fortunate enough to attend many Rotary club’s weekly meetings and community service projects, and witness first hand the true purpose of this world-wide service organization, “Service Above Self.” Everyone with whom we have come in contact, in the preparation of this exchange, has been very helpful and truly made the process fun and intriguing. They have been supportive of the decision to study abroad and have done everything needed to make the idea come true. We are very grateful for all the support we have received from our parents, and everyone else who has made this dream a reality.

For more information on Rotary Youth Exchange, please contact your local Rotary club or visit our website: https://www.rotarydistrict6630.org/sitepage/youth-exchange

PHOTO (L to R):
Owen Bass, Abigail Szyndler, Meadow Maruna-Plickert, Asmit Mehta, Luke Smillie, Kamden Stollsteimer