DG Brandle presentation remarks:

When it was time to consider candidates for the THE MICHAEL J. JOHNS LIFETIME ACHIEVEMENT AWARD, which reads:

"With sincere appreciation for demonstrating to all Rotarians in District 6630 the highest leadership qualities of humility, integrity, empathy, and friendship, and for your unwavering support of Rotary International and The Rotary Foundation. We are honored to follow your example and to call you friend."

There was only one candidate, one person,  who stood out to me. This person has been my one of my go- to people since my days as District Conference chair, so for almost a decade…I’ve been asking them the question – "so what do you think about this?"

...Need to know how to say something in “Rotary’s special language, you ask this person

...Need to know the background of an event or moment in Rotary history, you ask this person

...You need to know the protocol for an event, speech, toast, YOU ASK THIS PERSON

You see, to me she was always more than the rules person, she’s been a guiding hand, a listening ear, and an encouraging force of nature. 

There isn't anything she doesn’t know about Rotary, and with GRACE she is willing to share it with us all. I think that makes her so endearing…her grace. She doesn’t say “I already sent that to you” or “don’t you remember I already told you that”… she just answers, she just helps, she just well…she’s Beverly. 

When we lost our dear friend PRID Mike Johns, Sr this year, she again served, Mike, his family and us all. Helping Mike tell his stories, carry out his final Rotary wishes, and comfort us.

Thank you, PDG Beverly Ghent-Skrzynski, for being there for Mike and me this year and many years before that….oh and she ALWAYS asks about Stetson and that’s the most endearing quality of all.