DG Brandle presentation remarks:
When I hear of someone being selected as a club’s Rotarian of the Year, I always think of them being someone who is out there, someone forward facing, in the public eye.
But the person I selected as this year’s award recipient, this year anyway, was more behind the scenes. 
They have been a Rotarian for 30 years and 2 months and in that time have had plenty of years in forward facing positions. They have served their club in a variety of capacities from volunteer to committee member, to club president.
They are a staunch supporter of the Rotary Foundation as a Paul Harris Fellow +6 and a member of the Paul Harris Society.
They have served their District on committees, board officer roles, and as District Governor, but most notably serving this district and this district governor as Vice Governor. That’s where the more behind the scenes roles come in.
But there are other roles this person tirelessly serves, in the areas of youth protection and legal counsel for our district. One might think his responsibilities for Rotary would be minimal. Our district has kept him busy this year and we are grateful for his commitment to designing and leading policy to keep our district Rotarians and youth protected. We have also kept him busy consistently looking out for the best interest of our district and the welfare of our clubs.
I have been so grateful for his wise counsel, his level headedness, and his friendship this year. When I asked him to serve as my Vice Governor, there were a few things I was looking for… 1.) I needed someone a whole heck of a lot smarter than me who thought completely differently than I do. 2.) I wanted someone who would tell me how it is, the whole truth and nothing but the truth and with 30 + years as a lawyer he knew how to do that – I was sure of it!  And lastly 3.) I knew we needed someone who loved Rotary, its ideals, its members, and its good work and would do what was best for all of us.
Selecting him for Rotarian of the Year though comes more so for all of his efforts in district youth protection over these last few years and leading a committee of dedicated individuals in one of the most thankless tasks.
I’ll insert a plug here...if your club and its members have not completed the necessary work for youth protection, please reach out as soon as possible to get this completed.
Because as much as it is thankless, it is difficult, detailed work. He was definitely the person for the job.
The person I have selected as this year’s Rotarian of the Year is Past District Governor, and my Vice Governor, John Reyes.