Posted by Jack Young
Several weeks before attending the 20th Anniversary celebration of Shelter Box International, Ohio Rotary District 6630  PDG Jack Young, Chair of the International Region (North, Central and South America) was informed of a scouting Museum located Las Vegas.  Since he was speaking at the conference  celebration of SB  in Las Vegas and was not aware of the scouting Museum.  he contacted  Rotarian, Robert Lynn Horn in Las Vegas.
Jack learned that Lynn was also a scout, Executive Director and Founder of this Scouting Museum in Las Vegas. The museum is home of the World's largest collection of Boy Scout, Girl Scout and Girl Guide Memorabilia.  Jack indicates that the two story, 3,500 Square foot building on West Shara Avenue is one to see.  
There were items such as the Scouting Patch which went around the Moon on Apollo 8 with James Lovell; a scouting belt buckle that saved the life a a scout; an Extensive Display from all 23 World Jamborees 1920-2015; Lady Baden-Powell 1924 World Jamboree; over 450 Girl Scout Dolls; 4 Automatons of Scouting dolls from the Swiss Marchal Museum; the Golden Eagle of  Merit Top Girl Scout Award 1916-1919 (Only 1 known to Exist), a scouting crocheted emblem done by an Austrian Scout while in Auschwitz and scouting uniforms from 165 countries are on display.
There are also the largest collection of the Order of the Arrow patches ever assembled; individual  name  patches of those who lost their lives responding to 9-11 helping others; the actual Silver Buffalo Awarded to Burl Ives in 1986 along with thousands of other items and signed paperwork, scouting books and other items that are meaningful to scouts and scouting leaders throughout the world.  
In addition, there are at least 3 other rooms that have items are are being planned for future display.  Lynn spent over 3 hours going through the museum and with his knowledge and experience in scouting I could have easily spent another 3-4 hours looking at and hearing about what he has collected over the years to preserve scouting history and its impact on the world.  As a final comment, the museum is a first class facility,  well maintained by the several people who work there and certainly is a credit to both Scouting and Rotary. I also saw one document that had the name of Brian Thiessen on it.   If you or others are in the area of Las Vegas, I would recommend you take time to visit this facility.
One final comment, in the two pictures with this article is a special frame of pictures of patches from Ohio and sent to me from Brian and I presented them on behalf of all of you who are in the Fellowship of Scouting Rotarians. Therefore, this picture frame and patches from the FSR is now in this historical museum.  Thank you for all that you do for our young people throughout the world.  And thank you to Lynn who started this remarkable Museum.
Yours in Rotary Spirit and Friendship,
Jack A. Young, PDG 2005-06
Ohio Rotary District 6630
Fellowship of Scouting Rotarians - Chair
InterAmerican Region ( North, Central &
South America) 2018-20