Posted by PDG Jack Young
Just wanted to share the latest information from Kerri Murray, CEO of ShelterBox USA.  The ShelterBox team is being cautioned regarding giving presentations over the next month or so.  All team members are encouraged to call, text, email members and club regarding providing updated information on deployments and updated information on disasters occurring throughout the world.  We are also in continued contact with the World Health Organization regarding updates and suggestions on sending our response team members.  
With all of this going on in the world, ShelterBox, more than ever, needs the continual support of Rotarians, Rotary Clubs and Friends of Rotary to provide the basic support of shelter and giving those we serve the dignity of providing for their families.  Therefore, we encourage all of you to help in the financial effort of supporting our mission.
If you have any questions or would like to discuss further ways to help, please contact SB Past Board of Director and Ambassador, PDG Jack Young ( or 440-759-4000.  With everything that is happening, we as Rotarians and supporters of ShelterBox we will become stronger in helping those who need our support.