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ShelterBox USA President, Kerri Murray is going to give a live COVID-19 humanitarian response briefing on both Thursday, May 28 at 7PM EST and on Friday May 29th at 19 Noon EST.  For more information please feel free to contact PDG and Past Board Shelter Box Director, Jack Young for more information.
Below is a brief update on the humanitarian Response COVID -19 Response.  As we fae this global pandemic, the work of ShelterBox has never been more critical .  Our top priority is to follow core humanitarian principles and do no harm.  We are adapting and scaling our work to serve the displaced communities that are most at risk of being devasted by the COVID-19 virus.
Your help is now more than ever meet this need.  To ensure we can continue to adapt and scale this critical work in light of COVID 19 , ShelterBox is launching a campaigh to raise an additional $ 1,800,000.  This funding will be directed to our global COVID 19 mitigation projects in 2020 and will enable us to prepare for and respond to another unnamed catastrophic emergency this year.  ShelterBox has created a website dedicated to coronavirus  (  
In order to continue the education of our ShetlerBox Ambassador, SB is announcing our 2020 Ambassador Re-certification   These webinars will be held in the months of May and June.  The purpose of these webinars is to ensure our team is informed and up to date.  They also ensure that we are consistent across the country when sharing our ShelterBox story.
COMING SOON: Once our first re-certification webinar is completed, we will launch our new Ambassador University.  This will be quick/brief courses that deep dive into varying topics, including: ShelterBox History, ShelterBox evolution; Decision to Respond; HERO Program; Rotary and more.
The Fourteeners Project:  No one should have to worry about where their shelter will come fromand that is why SB Ambassador Britney Woodrum has committed to scale a total of 232,000 feet of elevation to raise money for our mission between July and September of this year.  Each of the 58 peeks scaled is available for the Mountain Hero sponsorship at $ 1,400.  (For more information her website is
Finally, ShelterBox is actively supporting the following disasters in May of 2020:
The Phillipines - Taal Volcano and COVID 19.  We are preparing ShelterBox Kits plus household items Such as tarpaulins, cooking items for distribution.
Vanuatu: Cyclone Harold to distribut Shelter kits, ropes and some household items.
Burkina: Conflict continues and shelter is needed to support children and families.
Syria: Conflict also continues and it is imperative to continue support for the basics of shelter Health care items.
Ethiopia: Conflict to continue providing essential health items and shelter to women and children.
Nigeria: Conflict where SB is working with country partners as to how to deal with COVID 19 Virus.
Cameroon: Conflict distributing Shelter Kits to families health care items for the COVID virus.
Somaliland: Drought where all items of the Shelter Box is needed to support families
SO YOU CAN SEE. THE SUPPORT of ShelterBox is needed during this challenging time by Rotary and Rotarians to help those who are struggling in the world as well as helping those to deal with COVID 19.
For more information please feel free to contact District 6630 PDG and Past ShelterBox USA Board member,  
Jack A. Young at 440-759-4000 or
Be Safe,
Jack a. Young, PDG 2005-06
ShelterBox USA Board of Directors 2007-14


Emergency Alert:
Cyclone Amphan hits Bangladesh and India
I am reaching out to keep you informed about Cyclone Amphan, the strongest storm ever recorded in the Bay of Bengal.
Earlier today, Cyclone Amphan made landfall in some of the poorest areas of Bangladesh and India, producing winds as high as 165 mph and forcing nearly 3 million people to evacuate from their homes. The storm is a massive threat to a very vulnerable and densely populated region. These families are facing the risk of coronavirus while also confronting a lack of clean water, health care and resilient housing.
Coronavirus is making it harder to evacuate people, and there are estimated to be around 14 million people in the storm’s path. Both India and Bangladesh are dealing with coronavirus outbreaks. India has passed more than 100,000 confirmed cases and Bangladesh's case count is also rapidly rising. Before Cyclone Amphan developed, Indian authorities repurposed hundreds of emergency shelters as COVID-19 quarantine centers, reducing the availability of emergency shelter.
People fleeing the storm will head for collective centers where social distancing and regular handwashing will be incredibly hard to achieve. It is likely that entire communities will need access to emergency shelter and other essential items like water filters and mosquito nets to help them survive and to keep them safe from coronavirus and other diseases.
A humanitarian disaster of this size, during a global pandemic, is going to be challenging but ShelterBox is ready to respond and we are committed to ensuring no family is left behind. Our team is following the storm, tracking its damage, and communicating with partners on the ground to ensure we have the most up to date information to inform a potential response.
Having worked extensively in the region in the past, to support Rohingya refugees and communities across Bangladesh, we are well positioned to support these vulnerable families. We have strong partnerships with other humanitarian organizations and are already in contact with our partners at Rotary to begin discussing how we can help.
We will keep you updated as the situation unfolds in the region. For updates on this response, please visit our website.
With gratitude,
Kerri Murray
President, ShelterBox USA
Shelter is a critical need for people who are simply struggling to survive after losing their home to disaster or conflict. Travel restrictions due to COVID-19 will make our work more challenging, however, we are committed to providing these vulnerable families with a place to call home through this outbreak.
ShelterBox is adapting and scaling our work to meet the critical needs of displaced families. We are currently responding in Syria, Cameroon, Tanzania, Vanuatu, and Burkina Faso. This work is only possible because of support from generous individuals like you.