Posted by N'ecole Ast

The Northampton Rotary Club supports Jack Young, Brunswick Rotarian, in his efforts with the organization ShelterBox, which has been previously nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize. Jack served on the United States ShelterBox board of directors from 2007-2014 and was named the ambassador of the year in 2015.  Jack has also been nationally recognized as a recipient of the President’s Volunteer Service Award for his work with ShelterBox. Jack is an incredible humanitarian and we are thankful for his dedication to serve others in need.  It is also inspiring to see how he has built capacity among Rotary clubs to support ShelterBox.

ShelterBox is a global nonprofit organization made up of people who believe that shelter is a basic human right.  These boxes provide aid in the form of family sized tents and tools needed to repair and rebuild homes, cooking supplies, solar lights, water filtration, blankets, and mosquito nets.  ShelterBox is located in 16 different countries including but not limited to Canada, Africa, Hong Kong, Germany, Finland, and Haiti.  Although donations cannot be designated they are tracked to ensure delivery.  Shelter boxes are assigned by disaster and the cost of a Shelter Box has not increased since 2006.  A ShelterBox costs $1,000.00 and weighs 120 pounds.  That cost includes materials, transportation and team members travel to the disaster site.  ShelterBox has responded to 97 disaster areas.  After a Shelter box has been used it remains in the country to be used for as long as possible.

Jack is willing to present at club meetings to educate members on the organization and the disaster relief it provides for so many families and individuals living through this type of trauma.  Through his education and continuous updates our club donates on an annual basis.  If you have not had Jack Young out to your club to speak about this organization please consider scheduling a time for him to present on this great cause. 

Thank you in advance for your consideration.

N’ecole Ast