June 2020

Dear District 6630 fellow Rotarians and Friends:
As every outgoing District Governor realizes at this point, the year advanced with incredible speed. There is always much more to accomplish, but the time for me to assist in those accomplishments as your Governor has passed. I am both humble and thankful for the opportunities that have presented themselves in the past year and very much look forward to our future.
This year has really been two separate years. There is the relatively “conventional” Rotary year as it took place from July 1, 2019 through March 13, 2020. And then “COVID” descended upon us, and we moved to an entirely different year.
I would like to focus for a few minutes on the “COVID” year. In March of 2020, we all found ourselves in what appeared to be a very unique situation—something that has not occurred in one hundred years. However, as I learned reviewing a City of Cleveland Department of Public Welfare communication from October 15, 1918, our parents and grandparents (not to mention our early Rotary family members) experienced this too. I have included the communication for you to review and reflect upon (click here to view).
Reflections aside, because of COVID the District made a tremendous pivot. By way of example 45 clubs now meet virtually and on a regular basis. In a very real way, this change has moved our District into the 21st Century. That movement has not taken place without loss or difficulty, but it is still a great achievement and one that we are still in the process of shaping, directing, and moving forward.
So what now? We face a world full of turmoil, both with regard to racial injustice and the impact of the COVID pandemic. We can retreat, wring our hands and give up, or we can take these challenges as opportunity, and one that Rotary is particularly well positioned to attack.
What is more deeply engrained in Rotary’s “DNA” than conflict resolution? We routinely sponsor Rotary Peace Fellows and we have for the last several decades participated in peace days in areas of conflict throughout the world so that Polio immunizations can take place. And what else is more deeply engrained in Rotary’s “DNA” than our concern with health and safety of all Rotarians, family, and friends? To borrow the recent comments of Rotary International Holger Knaack, “We [Rotarians] also have a special responsibility to be an international leader in public health.” Rotary has, for years, worked to improve public health through polio immunizations, fighting malaria, working on clean water projects, and many other health-oriented activities.
Thus, each of us and each of our clubs have an opportunity to continue to meet the challenges we face in our world today. We should do so with confidence, compassion, and energy. My best wishes to all of you in this endeavor and I look forward to working with you in Rotary service.
Yours in Rotary Service,
John Reyes
Rotary District 6630 Governor 2019-2020

Tel: 330.258.6469
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June 11, 2020 was another milestone day for District 6630.  During the noon meeting of the Rotary Club of Northampton-Cuyahoga Valley, District Governor John Reyes commissioned the new Rotary E-ClubNEO.  Paying off two years of hard work by many people, the new hybrid E-Club became a reality.  The idea of the hybrid Club is to have both online and in-person interaction.  Business meetings, guest speakers, Rotary education and other relevant presentations will be available online (something we are all getting used to these days) while social events and service projects can happen “in person” (when it’s again safe to do so.)
The idea was formulated early in the tenure of PDG Beverly Ghent-Skrzynski’s year as Governor.  Recognizing that there are many current and potential Rotarians whose schedules and lives don’t permit them to be as actively involved with Rotary as they would like, Bev tabbed Kathryn Craig (spouse of PDG Steve Zabor) to pick up the reigns and begin to pull the new hybrid E-Club together.  Kathryn teamed up with Juleta Craig (whose husband Tom is a member of the recently chartered RC of Green) and the two of them got busy recruiting potential members, planning, and doing a TON of research.
As the Rotary calendar flipped over, District Governor John Reyes continued to encourage and support the formation of the new Club.  PDG and District Membership Chair Jim McKee got very involved and his home Club, RC of Northampton-Cuyahoga Valley agreed to be the host Club with E-ClubNEO organizing under their wings as a Satellite Club. With guidance from Jim and the RC of Northampton-Cuyahoga Valley, all the paperwork was completed, forms filed and Rotary E-ClubNEO was officially commissioned.
DG Reyes said, “this visionary club came to fruition because of the heart, soul, enthusiasm and tenacity of Kathryn Craig and Juleta Craig, along with the support of the entire Northampton-Cuyahoga Valley Club.”  
6 new Rotarians were inducted and the Club was commissioned during a Zoom meeting with dignitaries from RI, Zone, District and other Rotarians from across the state (and one from Pakistan!) looking on. 
Steve Warren, who was elected as President/Chair of the new Satellite Club said, “I’m honored and excited to be part of the formation of this historic new way to be a Rotarian.  My work schedule has precluded me from attending most of the weekly meetings of my former Club.  By transferring my membership to E-ClubNEO, I have been able to attend all the meetings and am anxiously awaiting our next service project, with all of our new Rotarians participating.” 
Many of our Clubs have experienced the flexibility of meeting “virtually” during the COVID-19 pandemic.  A hybrid E-Club is a great alternative for people who can’t get to traditional Club meetings due to work, school schedules or transportation issues. 
This is an opportunity to participate in a Rotary Club and its service projects – for busy professionals, homemakers, individuals with health needs that limit mobility, caregivers who cannot be away from home, individuals who now live outside of Rotary District 6630 boundaries but want to stay involved in this area, business owners who find it difficult to attend traditional meetings, college students who do not have access to Rotaract club and so many others.
This focus on making Rotary more flexible and therefore more accessible has the potential of significantly growing membership in Rotary with quality individuals.
The future is looking good for Rotary – all you need is innovative thinking and people of action! 
If you are interested in learning more, visit for information.  Congratulations to the new Rotarians and members of E-ClubNEO… welcome to District 6630!  



Heart of America Virtual Leadership Seminars
People of Action: Get Inspired!


Summer Leadership Seminars: These will be offered once and recorded for posting on the Zones website. Each session limited to 300 attendees.

All  take place on Saturday mornings and are 90 minutes
TIME:  9:00 a.m. to 10:30 a.m. CT / 10:00 a.m.-11:30 a.m. ET


Providing our members more ways to bring about positive change in the world. Learn more:

The Trustees and Directors have unanimously accepted our recommendation to create a 7th Area of Focus of our Rotary Foundation, being the Environment.  As Chair of the Task Force that put together and argued for this decision, I'm enormously proud today.  This photo is of the 4 Trustees, 1 Director and 1 Rotaractor who comprised the Task Force plus the outstanding and dedicated staff who assisted us in arriving at our recommendation.  We still have lots of work to do, including finalizing the Area of Focus statement and getting the fundraising going to support the grant applications that are sure to come flooding in after 1st July 2021.  Congratulations team, we just made Rotary history!


photos provided by Susan Colville-Hall
Youth Exchange in the Covid Era presented  the District with unprecedented challenges from the middle of March to the present. The exchange year started very successfully. We had ten Inbounders from Belgium, France, Germany, Brazil (3), Finland, South Korea, Spain, and Thailand. They were a wonderful group of young men and women, and good ambassadors for their countries. Many, many thanks to the clubs, volunteers, and host families who stepped up to host these high school students: Akron (2 students), Medina Sunrise, Aurora, Hudson, Lakewood RR, Lakewood RR Sunrise, Westlake, Hillcrest, and Kent. It is my sincere hope each club found this experience rewarding and well worth the effort. The Youth Exchange is one of the few international projects in Rotary where clubs have direct contact with outstanding young people from all over the world.
We sent out four students in 2019-20 for a year abroad for high school study and cultural exchange. They were Paige Ray (Cuyahoga Falls), Jacob Weitman (Cuyahoga Falls), Fiona Fisher (Geauga West), and Austin Brewster (Kent).  Thanks to the clubs who sponsored these students. Without your sponsorship, they would never have had the opportunity of a lifetime.
We were able to have our Orientation for the Inbounders in August at the Akron Rotary Camp, canoe outing on the Cuyahoga River (Mantua) in September, Cleveland Indians game (Stew Buchanan) in September, the annual tour of Cleveland sights (Cleveland Club) in October, Fall Fun Day (Lakewood Interact) in October, Interaction (Aurora) in November, Training at the Akron Rotary Camp (District) in November, Outbound Interviews (District) at the Akron Rotary Camp in December, tobogganing at the Chalet-Cleveland Metro Parks (District) in January, Outbound Training (District) at the Akron Rotary Camp in February, and the Cleveland Cavaliers game (Stew Buchanan) in early March.
Then Covid hit. Inbounders progressively went home and now only the three Brazilians are still with us, but soon to leave the exchange program. From March to present we have been meeting as a group by “Zoom” to try and replace some of the features of the exchange and keep spirits high. Unfortunately, both the eastern and western trips, two of the great highlights of Rotary exchange in the U.S.A., were canceled because of the pandemic, so keeping spirits high was a priority. Messages from those going home, nevertheless, said the year here in the U.S.A. was still a great experience.
Our Outbounders also have arrived home in the U.S.A. Three came home early and one, Paige Ray, stayed in Brazil to the end and only recently arrived home.
The good news is that opportunities will not cease for students seeking a Rotary Youth Exchange even though current times have presented us with unprecedented difficulties. OE (our multidistrict RYE organization, which is composed of several Rotary districts from Ohio to Florida) is working hard to put in place a half year exchange starting in January 2021. Currently, we have two interested students for this opportunity. OE is optimistic that we can return to a normal exchange for 2021-2022. At this point we have two students who are considering this full year opportunity.
The Short-Term Exchange Program (STEP), an eight-week reciprocal, family to family, exchange program, usually in the summer, has become a “Zoom” exchange for this summer because of the pandemic. Next summer we are hopeful that the usual exchange will be back.
With the next year having a hiatus from much of the usual exchange program, the District Youth Exchange Committee will center its efforts on improving the program. We will meet regularly to entertain any idea to better the effort during these difficult times. One of our goals is to utilize our past Outbounders to help us connect with future Outbounders and Inbounders to explain what needs to be done to adapt to the problems of an exchange.
I cannot thank enough members of the District Youth Exchange Committee for their energy and loyalty. Pat Kelley (Hudson Clock Tower) is our Outbound Chairman and brings to the table over 40 years’ experience in Rotary Youth Exchange at every level, from local leader to Chairman of our multidistrict. Shelia Hedrick (Cuyahoga Falls), our Inbound Chairman, not only performs that function, but handles, as well, all the administrative work of the program. Only those who work in the system can appreciate the amount of work this requires. Susan Colville Hall (Akron) is our Trainer. She has a teaching background, which includes teaching at Akron University in the very subject which forms the heart of exchange work—cultural diversity. Brian Chima (Akron) works with Susan to enable the students to adapt to and absorb American culture while helping them share their various cultures, having fun at the same time. David Vogelgesang (Medina Sunrise) has come aboard this year to help lead the students. David has unique experience to do so since he himself was a Rotary Exchange student to Chile, as was his son. His daughter recently completed a year in Mexico as a Rotary Exchange student. District 6630 is indeed fortunate, as am I, to have this kind of talent and experience working in all phases of the exchange program.
No one ever led me to believe Rotary Youth Exchange was an easy job. But, like most of you, I had no idea of its complexity, and no idea that the complexity grows each year. However, I have discovered that working with outstanding young men and women from all over the world has rewards greater than I ever envisioned when I started this job. Discover this for yourself. In the coming year, we hope to build youth exchange leadership at the club level to give many more students the chance to grasp this extraordinary opportunity.
Bob Heydorn, District 6630 RYE General Chair


The Rotary Club of Cuyahoga Falls partnered with the CFFD, CFPD, City Hall, Rotary District 6630, Sewa International USA, Western Reserve Hospital & TCT Television to make today Happen.

Thanks to all of our partners and the CF Rotarians who made it happen!



A Full Circle of 'Service Above Self'!!
It began when June Ring and Cheryl Warren of the the RC of Akron attended the virtual Fairlawn Club meeting. A simple discussion took place about the need for masks and how to get them made ... and it took off from there.  June presented the idea to the Akron Club and they embraced the need - members collected donated material by going to pick up from the porches of donors and hosted a central/safe location for drop offs.  The Club then donated fabric to the Bhutanese Community Association of Akron, who in turn, made the masks. Below are photos of the collection process - thank you to all the volunteers and members who donated! 
Now ... read on to see what happened next! 
The RC of Fairlawn then purchased 400 face masks from the Bhutanese Community Association of Akron
and 500 masks from Goodwill Industries.
Below are the pictures showing the Fairlawn members labeling bags with their Club name
and packing a mask in each bag - they even included people "virtually" to be part of the service project!
Thank you Shulan’s for hosting the mask packaging event and fixing the coffee!
And yes ... there is still MORE!
Fairlawn has now started delivering the masks!
Their  member Chuck Gerdes is delivering 30 masks to Michelle Hunt of Concordia shown in the photo below.
And Our President Darethann Krill delivered 30 masks to Stewart’s Caring Place. So far members have delivered 340 masks!
If you know of a non-profit in Summit County that is in need of masks, would you please contact the Fairlawn Club. 
The circle of providing "Service Above Self" never ends for Rotarians!


Building Relational Bridges
by Steve Buie
This year has been very much like a Charles Dickens novel. One could say it has been the best of times and the worst of times, simultaneously. The pandemic has caused us all to reach deep and come up with creative ways to transition, get better, and move forward with renewed vision. Your Akron Rotary Club is right on time the step up and help meet a deep need for barbers and salon owners in the black community of Akron.

At the beginning of the year our club formed a diversity/inclusion committee to look at ways to build bridges with black Akron and the international community. On Saturday June 6th, a team of Rotarians and Rotaract students gathered at The Akron Rotary camp to put together care packages of needed supplies for salons and barber shops to be able to get back to business with confidence. Supplies were distributed on a Sunday afternoon.

What's really wonderful is that this need was only shared with the club one time and $6,300 was raised to help. What a wonderful way to start the journey of building relational Bridges within our wonderful community. Stay tuned, there's more to follow in the coming days, months, and years. We are Akron proud!
Steve Buie

Thank you to all who helped make our Pack That Truck Challenge a success!
by Christina Horak
It was great to see some familiar faces, while practicing social distancing, and work together for a great cause. 
Just as a reminder, we are still accepting online donations through June 30th, so if you didn’t get a chance to stop by yesterday or contribute online, you are still able to do so here:
Below you will find a revised email template to copy and send out as you see fit, to help reach our goal of $15,000.  Remember The Akron Rotary Foundation will match up to the first $7,500!

Thank you again to all who came out and for your service above self!
The Akron Rotary Club is a group who shares a passion for and commitment to enhancing communities and improving lives across the world.  Please join President Pat O’Neill for Akron Rotary’s Pack That Truck Challenge to benefit the Akron-Canton Regional Foodbank.
As of May 20, 2020 the Akron Beacon posted that Ohio’s 16.8% unemployment rate is the highest recorded since tracking began in 1976, which is approximately 823,700 Ohioans who have lost their jobs.
Even though our live event is over and was a great success, let’s continue to step up to reach our financial contribution goal of $15,000. This will provide 60,000 nourishing meals. The Akron Rotary Foundation's president, Jim Redmond, spearheaded a challenge grant from the foundation that will match the first $7,500 raised in monetary donations. Your support is crucial for this valuable cause, which can be done here:
We are grateful for this incredible opportunity to impact so many families in need and be beneficial to all concerned
Thank you for your service above self!

North High School Interact Sends Appreciation
by Mario Micale
As some of you may know, our Rotary club is a community partner with North High School. We have had several events throughout the year where members of the club went and donated their time and expertise to help students. We also had been working on a professional skills-like event in late March that was unfortunately cancelled due to the virus. Nevertheless, we made a great impact at the school and are more ready than ever to support NHS this upcoming year.
We received a message from Janice Weaver, the Academy Coach from North High School, sharing the following:
First, I want to say THANK YOU for supporting North High School's Academies in the 19-20 academic year.  As I'm sure you can imagine, this year was a unique one.  We had our first graduating class to experience the full academy model, and even though it ended on an unexpected note, it is clear that they benefited from your support as a partner.  
In total, 
The Rotary Club of Akron invested 41 hours over 10 engagements equaling $4,100 in time and talent! In addition, any planning time on your end also counts towards your total investment, and is currently not reflected in the figures above. 
I will be meeting with Janice virtually to plan for this fall. We are very excited about our history and continued support of North High School. If anyone has any suggestions for programs they would like to see, please contact me at Great job Rotary!


Akron Rotary Club is leading a new project with the Rotary Wheelchair Foundation to deliver a container of 280 wheelchairs to Ukraine. The Board of directors of Akron Rotary voted on January 15, 2020 to contribute raising money to the total amount of $21000, in partnership with District 4250 of California and the Wheelchair Foundation. The members of the Akron Rotary club were very generous, giving “one wheelchair at a time for $75 each”. The Wheelchair Foundation will match the total amount of dollars, will buy the wheelchairs in China, and will take care of the freight to Ukraine to our partner-in country, NGO God’s Hidden Treasures. Usually after the delivery of the wheelchair container, the Rotary clubs involved in the project send a team of Rotarian volunteers to participate in the distribution to the people in need of mobility. They also meet the Rotary clubs of Ukraine to continue to promote peace and friendship. With the uncertainty of the Coronavirus and the interruption of international travels it is difficult to schedule a date for such a trip. The project was being slowed down with the circumstances but it is now continuing and is extended to all the clubs of our District 6630 who want to participate to international projects and help people with disabilities.
This week the Akron club had the privilege to include a new partner, the Rotary club of Port-Summit who decided to contribute to the project. They are supporting the Wheelchair Foundation and are very familiar with the wonderful work of wheelchair distribution that the Foundation does around the world. Any club from District 6630 can invite Claudine Schooley, Rotarian from Akron Club, to be their guest speaker at one of their virtual club meeting to present the Ukraine project and see that even a pandemic cannot stop a good solid international project. There is a big need for wheelchairs in Ukraine, especially in orphanages and in the war zone where the conflict is raging more than ever with Russia.
Please contact Claudine Schooley at with any questions.
Our Club donated approximately 1000 cans of vegetables to the Green Blessings in a Backpack program for their summer packs.
Thank you to the Green Toastmasters and the Green Acme for partnering with us in this endeavor. #ServiceAboveSelf


Rotary Scholars Shine Through the Pandemic
The Rotary Club of Hudson has awarded college scholarships to six Hudson High School 2020 graduates after considering applications from 21 students in April. The selection committee of Dr. Dan Williams-Chair, Kathryn Sines and Ron Strobl were highly impressed by all candidates and had a very difficult time making the selections. The scholarships are $3000 apiece for enrollment at Ohio supported colleges.
The award presentations were made during a Rotary on-line Zoom meeting allowing all Rotarians and student family members to view the ceremony. Each awardee was introduced  by a teacher from Hudson High School who provided anecdotes about the student’s life, commitment to the community and special accomplishments. Three of the winners devoted many hours to Service Learning projects, a program to which many Rotarians have contributed  time and guidance.
This year’s scholarship winners are:
Fatima Mahmood
Cindy Snyder
Abby Silcox
Alexis Osburn
Mike VonVille
Mooskan Singhal
  • Fatima Mahmood--introduced by chemistry teacher Kathy Sfiligoj who guided Fatima through her acclimation to life at HHS and her college chemistry classes. Fatima was characterized as a scholar who had the support of her entire family. She will study pre-med/biology at The Ohio State University.
  • Cindy Snyder--introduced by Service Learning teacher Jamie Kosmin who recognized Cindy for raising record money for the Akron’s Women’s Shelter through Service Learning and for her love of community service. Cindy will attend The Ohio State University for biochemistry and pre-med.
  • Abby Silcox--introduced by Jamie Kosmin who characterized Abby one of the most gifted students in his Service Learning classes. Abby embraced all the extra opportunities in Service Learning including work for the Hudson Food Bank. A talented artist, Abby will attend Bowling Green University for art therapy/psychology.
  • Alexis Osburn--introduced by sign language teacher Courtney Stull who described Alexis as an American Sign Language honor student who has a contagious compassion for people and a determination to learn a difficult profession for helping those with hearing disabilities. Already a Black Belt in Korean martial arts, Alexis will attend Kent State University in Criminology.
  • Mike VonVille--introduced by cross country coach Mark McConnell who praised Mike for his determination and leadership as Captain of the HHS team. Mark achieved the Ray Heiser sportsmanship award for his desire to succeed and pride in his mentoring of teammates. Mike will study pre-law at The Ohio State University and hopes to continue  coaching.
  • Mooskan Singhal--introduced by Gina VonVille her Service Learning/English teacher who described Mooskan’s role in the HHS model United Nations and her service at Hudson Hospice. Mooskan will enroll at The Ohio State University for pre-med/math.
If you would like to view the scholarship awards program, please check HCTV channel 1021 or YouTubeRotaryHudson.
Rotary members are People of Action applying leadership to solving social issues, tackling community challenges and finding lasting solutions to the world’s problems.


Sergio Neto, from Londrina, Brazil, gave a fascinating Zoom presentation to Medina Sunrise Rotary about his experiences and adventures as a Senior at Medina High School with the Rotary Youth Exchange Student Program.
“During my Youth Exchange Year in Medina, I was proud to be a representative of my country, my family, and of Rotary," said Sergio.  "The experience of following in my father's footsteps, who himself was an exchange student, has humbled me and filled me with an appreciation for every person, every friendship, and every opportunity which has come into my life. Every day became a new opportunity and a new adventure, which I happily shared with my new friends, teachers, coaches, Rotarians, and my Rotary host families -- the Vogelgesang and Takacs Families.
As my understanding of the English language and Medina grew, I dreamed of continuing my education and life here in Ohio.  Along with other graduating Medina high school seniors, I sent in applications to colleges in America.  My family in Brazil and Medina celebrated with me when I told them that I had received an acceptance letter from the University of Toledo - College of Engineering, which offers a co-op program, possibilities for entrepreneurship and commercialization, and hands-on opportunities for community engagement  to prepare students to be practicing engineers and leaders in their fields. I shall enter the chemical engineering program as a freshman this August.
I learned always to say, "Obrigado -Thank you.  Thank you to my parents. Thank you to my teachers and friends. And thank you to Rotary for helping make my dreams come true!"

"A HUGE THANK YOU to all who help to pack the Weekender Bags that go out weekly to about 1,000 children across Medina County," said an appreciative Sandy Hinkle, Executive Director of Feeding Medina County.
When you are packing this many bags, week-after-week, the cost of 16 cents for the actual bag can get very expensive. Most recently, the Medina Sunrise Rotary Club made a generous donation of 50,000 bags to Feeding Medina County (FMC) for the Weekender Program. The bags that we use for Weekenders are specially designed to hold about 7-8 pounds of food. They have carry handles and are a stronger mill to resist tearing. This great gift from Rotary of 50,000 bags will last us for about a year's packings. The fact that FMC does not have to purchase bags for our Weekender Program for the next year provides us more money to purchase food that will fill these bags. I am so very appreciative to Medina Sunrise Rotary Club for this wonderful donation. This was an amazing way to help us provide for our children who depend on this bag of food every week!
Did you know that in Medina County one out of every five children comes from a home that struggles to make ends meet, and more importantly, struggles to have enough food? No child should ever have to experience hunger.
The annual cost of the Weekender for Children Program is approximately $150,000. Feeding Medina County receives some of its funding and volunteer support from Medina County United Way, Medina County Women’s Endowment, our wonderful Ohio Army National Guard,and community organizations like Medina Sunrise Rotary.  All other money supporting the program is raised through fundraisers and through the generosity of individuals like you across Medina County.

Packing healthy meals for 1,300 Medina County School Children
Thank you to Medina Sunrise Rotary, our Ohio Army National Guard, the Medina County Sheriff's Department and all our hard working volunteers.
PHOTO (includes): David Sheldon, Kevin Lauterjung, Reid Miller, David Lariviere
Join Us for our Feeding Medina County Events!

Feeding Medina County Warehouse
Jul 01, 2020
9:00 AM – 11:30 AM

Feeding Medina County Warehouse
Jul 08, 2020
9:00 AM – 11:30 AM

Medina County Fairgrounds
Jul 09, 2020
6:00 AM – 9:30 AM

Feeding Medina County Warehouse
Jul 15, 2020
9:00 AM – 11:30 AM

Feeding Medina County Warehouse|
Jul 17, 2020
9:00 AM – 11:30 AM

Feeding Medina County Warehouse
Jul 22, 2020
9:00 AM – 11:30 AM


ShelterBox - June 2020

SHELTER BOX USA MOVES OFFICE  Effective July 1, 2020
For the past 2 and 1/2 years, Kerri Murray ShelterBox USA was been the President and CEO has been managing the operations of the United States affiliate from her home located in Santa Barbara California. After discussion by the Board of Directors in the U.S. the decision has been made to move the operations and headquarter of the office of ShelterBox USA to California from Florida.  The effective date of this move will be July 1, 2020. .
The new address will be:  ShelterBox USA, P.O 5055, Santa Barbara, California    93150
The new telephone number as of June 30, 2020 :1-805-608-2400
Mail will be forwarded from the Florida address for a period of time as well as to the old phone number.
If you have questions please feel free to CONTACT District 6630 PDG and past ShelterBox Board of Director member, Jack A. Young at 440-759-4000 or   
As always, ShelterBox appreciates the support of all Rotarians and Rotary Clubs for helping those who have been affected by disasters.
With all of the challenges going on in our world today, your help and support is truly needed.  
Be Safe,
Jack a. Young, PDG 2005-06
ShelterBox USA Board of Directors 2007-14
Rotary Service and Engagement
June, 2020
Find a Rotary Fellowship that’s right for you
Want to make friends around the world, explore a hobby or profession, and enhance your Rotary experience? Join a Rotary Fellowship! Rotary Fellowships are international groups of Rotary members, their family members, program participants, alumni, and even non-members who share a common passion.

From bowlers to jazz fans, scuba divers to history enthusiasts, photographers to lawyers, there’s a Rotary Fellowship for everyone. Currently, about 91fellowships unite members in fun and friendship.

This month, we’re celebrating Rotary Fellowships Month. If you’re not already part of a fellowship, it’s a great time to learn why you should join one. Look at a complete list of fellowships and watch a video highlighting just a few of them.

You can also find inspirational stories from various fellowships on the Rotary Service in Action blog. Subscribe to the blog to follow along. And read the Rotary Fellowships Annual Report to learn even more about these groups.

Ready to test your Rotary Fellowships knowledge? Take this quiz!
Rotary Fellowships in action
Rotarian Doctors Fellowship brings together health workers online
Many members of the Rotarian Doctors Fellowship are on the front lines of the battle against COVID-19. To show support and share ideas, the group held two online discussions, which brought together almost three dozen members and guests from different parts of the world.

During the first meeting, members from countries including Canada, India, Malaysia, Mexico, Nigeria, Uganda, the United Kingdom, and the United States talked about their experiences. Many members were struggling with shortages of personal protective equipment and other inadequate supplies. Some also mentioned a social stigma and hostile responses to COVID-19 patients. The second discussion focused on two topics: end-of-life care and the challenges of providing maternity care during the pandemic.

Read more about the meetings.
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