All Rotary clubs in District 6630 are invited to participate. The contest is open to all high school students in grades 9-12, including students who may have been previous winners or contestants.

Clubs can sponsor two (2) students per school. 
Sponsorship Fee = $150/per student
Each club will determine the location for their contest.  (Clubs should restrict competition to the high schools located within their club boundaries, rather than infringing upon another club's area.) It is suggested that the clubs hold the final club contest at their regular club location and schedule the speakers as the program rather than have a regularly scheduled speaker.

Prior to the club competition where prizes are usually awarded, it may be advisable to have qualifying contests in the local high schools. 

The school level contests are best held in February to avoid conflicts with vacations and finals.

Club level contests are best held before March 25, 2024 (deadline for entry into the District contest).  If arrangements cannot be made for any reason, very early April may still be acceptable. 

When scheduling the club competition, it is desirable to invite the parents of speakers, the high school principal, and the cooperating teacher. 

The District level contest is held in two rounds, a semi-final round and the finals. Both rounds take place on April 6, 2024. Winners from the Club level are grouped at random to compete in the semi-final round. One winner from each group advances to the Finals.
Club Chairs must reach out to High Schools and establish relationships with Principals and a Point of Contact (could be a teacher or an administrator). Please feel free to customize the ‘Invitation letter to Principal’ and PowerPoint presentation to cultivate relationships with schools.

Each club must decide what it thinks are appropriate prizes, and how many prizes are to be awarded.  Clubs are eligible to advance two (2) winners per school to the District level contest. Clubs that have more than 1 school in their jurisdiction can determine the number of students that they send to the District contest (subject to the two (2) winners per school rule).

Clubs are responsible to register and pay admission fees for students to participate at the District level contest, prior to March 25, 2024.

Prizes at the District level are:  
1st place: $1,200.00
2nd place: $900.00
3rd place: $700.00
Honorable Mentions:  $200.00 
The purpose of the speech is to apply the principles of Rotary International’s 4 Way Test to a current ethical issue. Students are challenged to identify a topic they feel passionate about and to adopt a point of view from which they will seek to persuade others. It should be something from the speaker’s personal experience or general knowledge. There are no restrictions regarding the choice of topic as long as it is not blatantly offensive.

Each part of the Four-Way Test should be addressed during the speech. They should be specifically stated, as the intent of the speech is to use the 4 Way Test to resolve an issue. Each part could be used to prove either a positive or negative point.