Strengthen Rotary’s image
by delivering a clear and compelling message
that conveys what we do and
how people can engage with us.
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Our identity is more than our logo and colors. It is the essence of who we are and what we do. The Strengthening Rotary initiative helps us tell that story in a compelling way. By providing a clear and consistent image of what Rotary stands for and how we differ from other charitable organizations, we offer prospective members, donors, and other stakeholders a compelling reason to engage with us.

Research conducted among Rotary members worldwide revealed insights about who we are

  • Rotary members are responsible leaders, both socially and ethically. We define leadership by mindset and approach, not labels or titles.
  • Connecting with each other and our communities will always be the driving force behind Rotary.
  • Rotary affects local communities on a global scale to create lasting change.

We found our voice:

  • Smart — we are insightful and discerning
  • Compassionate — we tackle community challenges with empathy and understanding
  • Persevering — we find lasting solutions to systemic problems
  • Inspiring — we encourage others to take action, conveying hope, enthusiasm, and passion

We defined three core ideas to help you describe Rotary to a new audience:

  • Rotary joins leaders from all continents, cultures, and occupations. 
  • Rotary exchanges ideas, bringing our expertise and diverse perspectives to help solve some of the world’s toughest problems.
  • Rotary takes action to bring lasting change to communities around the world.

Our story hasn’t changed. But how we share it with the world is vital to our future. Through a unified Rotary look and clear and compelling voice, we are enhancing our legacy as one of the most widely recognized and respected organizations in the world.