July 1, 2021- June 30, 2024

District 6630 3 Year Planning
  1. Increase Our Impact
    • Develop a district-wide or cluster-based service project
      • Create a yearly event that promotes a different cause in the community
        • Encourage clusters and clubs to participate on a designated day
          • Perhaps on the RI designated Rotary Day
        • Focus on causes that benefit the children in the district
    • Do more recognitions of club/Rotarian activity to raise awareness among Rotarians
    • Emphasize the added value of district and global grants to clubs
    • Share/set up a database of successful district/global grant projects – including a place to seek funding/help small clubs
      • Create a grant recipient’s speaker’s circuit on Zoom
    • Create greater awareness for Peace Fellowships
    • Identify a priority/focus for district grants and programs
    • Identify a young Rotarian pledge program for the Rotary Foundation
    • Create greater awareness of how foundation contributions are spent
    • Create strategic relationships with other organizations - promote projects/events
  • Leverage the contacts/networks of well-connected Rotarians
  • Survey communities for partners with similar goals/shared needs
  • Bring community leaders together to identify common needs
  • Survey communities for partners with similar goals/shared needs
  • Bring community leaders together to identify common needs
  • Communicate with legislators about projects in their areas
  1. Expand our Reach
    • Better communicate our accomplishments (service, Foundation, polio) to both Rotarians and the general public
    • Provide public image, social media training/support to clubs
    • Spotlight local Rotarians in the local press
    • Implement district-level marketing and PR/ include in the district budget
    • Identify Rotarians with marketing/ PR/ social media skills
    • Better use of social media platforms (2)
  • Develop media contacts
  • Ask partner organizations to post joint projects on social media
  • Promote Rotary to the underserved (do with not do to)
  • Develop a model to tell success stories of our projects with community partners
  • Promote and encourage diversity in all that we do
  • Streamline communications – fewer emails, more focused communications
  1.  Enhance Participant Engagement
    • Create a culture of Innovation in clubs and in the district
    • Educate clubs on how to attract/retain members and “reshape” their clubs
    • Encourage formation of new clubs
    • Create more Rotaract clubs
    • Standing weekly/monthly district Zoom meeting to discuss new club development
    • Promote and market leadership opportunities to attract more members
    • Create relationships between Rotaract/Rotary clubs
    • Partner with Interact and Rotaract clubs on joint events
    • Establish a Rotaract committee
    • Keep better track of/follow up with Interact students
    • Stronger ties to clubs through more organized communications and activities/events/committee training
    • Analyze the emerging leader opportunities in the district and zone (RLI, OneRotary, PETS One, etc.)
    • Develop a Leadership Academy that combines the best of current leadership opportunities
    • Create a vocational directory/Rotary Works
    • Support the new e-club
    • Develop district Interest groups (like fellowships)
    • Implement Find and Share a Speaker
    • Host district-wide new member meetings
    • Create a mechanism to get club input on focus areas for projects
    • Include key committee chairs in PETS training
    • Share club meeting links on district website
    • Open district committee meetings to club member observers
  1. Increase Our Ability to Adapt
    • Develop a District Club Expert Team to help clubs (beyond AG role)
    • Use technology to interact/train clubs – technology can be our friend – find software options for collaboration and meetings
    • Make district Zoom meetings fun vs. work
    • Continue/expand Zoom for district          committee meetings
    • Assess and document successful meeting structures that have emerged in COVID-19
    • Host speakers on innovation and change
    • Encourage action planning