Give Everyone a Job

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Give Everyone a Job, Especially Newer Members

Let them serve! Consider Smaller Jobs.

Members should feel like they are needed and wanted. The best way to do this is have members participate, be involved in specific valuable actions, particularly in an area of interest to the member.

Participation does not have to involve an extensive commitment. It can involve small but important jobs. Each President should establish their own priorities. Be creative!

For Example-Some Ideas for Small Valuable Participation:

  • Do a classification survey
  • Assemble various types of club newsletters. Make suggestions for yours.
  • Investigate various kind of club directories. Recommend changes.
  • Take your club directory and convert it to one page for easy storage.
  • Assign members to visit other club ("Make-Ups") and report back.
  • Assign members to go to club fundraisers and report back.
  • Recommend locations for Rotary signs in the community.
  • Organize badges, recommend changes.
  • Conduct a club surveys of needs of members.
  • Conduct a community needs assessment
  • International (World Community Service) projects-Identify some options.
  • Make recommendations for funding WCS projects through RI
  • Create a "greeters" list.
  • Create an email distribution list of club members.
  • Critique the meeting location in terms of Rotary identification.
  • Create a mailing list for press releases.
  • Assign members to learn and understand various Rotary Foundation matters such as Annual Giving, Permanent Fund, Share Program.
  • Assign different members to understand, report on, and obtain guest speakers from Group Study Exchange, Ambassadorial Scholarships, Rotary Youth Exchange, RYLA, Rotoract, Interact.
  • Assign responsibility for completing the forms for the Presidential Citation and the AZ Baker Awards
  • Establish a mentoring program for new members.
  • Make recommendations for spouse involvement
  • Make recommendations for social events
  • Evaluate the use of money donated to certain community projects
  • Investigate establishment of a club foundation