1. Provide labor for clean-up of an RTA rapid station area
  2. Paint a home for an elderly couple
  3. Do yard work for elderly or physically challenged
  4. Do end of season landscaping for a youth center
  5. Build/install a ramp for physically challenged
  6. Fabricate indoor wheel chair lift in multi-story home
  7. For adult shelter: Set-up electrical / mechanicals for laundry room, install washers/dryers, supply laundry detergent/laundry products,
  8. Supply dictionaries for local public/parochial students third grade
  9. Fund purchase of defibrillators for local schools and civic centers
  10. Fund park benches in a nature center
  11. Landscaping and benches for public library
  12. Fund for multiple flag display at sports center
  13. Fund informational signs for a nature center
  14. Fund purchase of trees & plant in a city park
  15. Fund telemetry equipment for 911 communication center
  16. Participate in a Habitat for Humanity type project
  17. Participate in preparing area for a bike / jogging path
  18. Hold ice cream party & entertainment for nursing home residents
  19. Purchase catered meals and serve to nursing home residents and provide for entertainment
  20. Mentoring for youth
  21. Literacy program tutors
  22. Reading stories to children
  23. Delivery of food/toiletries for shut-ins
  24. Holiday gift boxes
  25. Deliver holiday packages assisting a prison family relief project
  26. Participate in programs with a Rotary Partners (see Rotary Partners on www.Rotary.org)
  27. Assist public library moving to a new location
  28. Assist library in disposing of outdated books
  29. Youth intervention work with social agency
  30. Work with Big Brother and Big Sister programs
  31. Act as officials at a Special Olympics event
  32. Assist in crowd control at a civic event
  33. Ask your local community what they need
  34. Go to Rotary.org and search for project ideas
  35. Work with your Cluster on a project
Contributed by Barry A. Becker PAG 6630 Cuyahoga NW,  Past District Community Service Committee Chairperson and other clubs and clusters in District 6630