Minimum Requirements:


<<<Complete and Submit "On-line Long Term Application"


· Between 15 and 18½ before September 7, 2024*

· Generally in the upper 1/3 of their class (but may make an exception for outstanding candidates in the upper ½ of the class.

· Acceptance and Sponsorship by Rotary Club, District 6630, and O-E Rotary Multi-district Exchange Programs

· Accepted and hosted by foreign Rotary District, Club, School, and Government

· Participate in all orientation and training programs*

· Certain countries require minimum language proficiency or lower maximum age cap requirements

· Comply with foreign language learning program requirements

· Compliance with Its Your World Travel requirements and fees

Submit ALL the following documents signed by sponsoring local Rotary Club to District before December 20, 2023*

· SUBMIT completed and signed Long-Term Application (for the Web-based Form, go to "How to Apply" subpage)

· SUBMIT completed Hosting Application forms for three (3) families within your Ohio sponsoring Rotary Clubs school district(s)

(for Form, send each family to and follow directions:

· SUBMIT country preference form (This form will be emailed to you at a later date during the online application process)

Foreign Rotary Club Scholarship in 33[+/-] Countries Includes the following: 

· Hosting by Foreign Rotary Club on a space available condition

· Primary tuition and Placement in School approved by foreign Rotary Club

· Home-stay accommodation including meals with your foreign host family chosen by your host Rotary Club

· Small monetary monthly stipend from hosting Rotary Club

· Airport transfers on arrival and departure (i.e. met at the airport or final destination by a hosting representative)

· 24-hour worldwide emergency assistance throughout the program

· Rotary Blazer, Blazer Emblem, Name badge, Calling Cards, Blazer trading pins, and Rotary back-pack

· Pre-departure and some in-country orientations (but see exception below)

· Local Rotarian Counselor

· Exchange Student Handbook

Program does not include: (Student's Responsible for the following costs)

· $1,700 Fee paid to "RYE-OB DISTRICT 6630" at time of District Interview (Fully refundable up to District Acceptance)

· Special Rotary International limited medical and liability insurance policy (about $1,000 +/-)

· Primary (and some foreign country/Rotary required) insurance for Travel and medical, accident, ill health, repatriation, and additional coverage against third party liability

· Airfare/transportation and all additional It's Your World Travel Agency fees

· Passport and visa application fees and travel costs, if required, as applicable

· Personal expenses (e.g., toiletries, clothing, internet, telephone, sport/club fees, activities, miscellaneous)

· School expenses (e.g., uniform/lunches, supplies, bus pass, transport to and from school, school activities)

· Approved free-time travel, pocket money

· Any other item not otherwise specified

· Academic Credit (Consult your state/local Ohio school regulations regarding academic credit)

· Some foreign Rotary required in-country orientations and language schooling/camps at additional expense

             *Dates are subject to change