Posted on May 22, 2019
May is Youth Service Month
Dear Family of Rotary:
In my opinion “every month” in Rotary is dedicated to Youth Service.  Not a day goes by that at least one Rotary club in District 6630 celebrates their commitment to youth through programs such as Interact, Rotaract, RYLA and our short and long-term Youth Exchange programs, to name just a few.  After what I have witnessed this year – no one does it better.   Our Presidents of Action and their clubs, our District Chairs and their committees have all done an excellent job.      
“We cannot always build the future for our youth, but we can
build our youth for the future.”
- Franklin D. Roosevelt
We work hard to empower our young people; provide mentoring opportunities; heroes to emulate; ethical standards to guide their business and personal lives; tracks to leadership development; scholarships to advance their education and we “give them a voice” that might otherwise not be heard with our 4-Way Test Speech Contests.  
“When educating the minds of our youth, we must not forget
to educate their hearts”
- Dalai Lama
We consistently demonstrate the importance of “taking care of our own.” Rotarians are fierce in their compassion for those less fortunate and continue to fight battles on their behalf when there is no one else “to be their voice.” That is one of the greatest gifts Rotarians can share with our youth and young professionals – the belief in the importance and worth of all people everywhere
Our youth are our future, our peacemakers and do change this incredible and complex world of ours.    If you look through their eyes, there really are no “boundaries” whether they be cultural, political, religious or geographical – they all really do speak the same language called “Rotary.” 
It was our District’s Interactors who had the vision to reach out their hands in support and friendship to their fellow youth in hurricane-ravaged St. Thomas, resulting in a Global Grant spearheaded by the Rotary Club of Chesterland and supported by so many.  Organized by the Rotary Club of Westlake-Bay Village, once again the Children of the Dump in Chinandega, Nicaragua knew that “Rotary cares” when they received their shoeboxes filled with items that give them hope and packed with love.  Our 53,000 Points of Light initiative has, to date, because of your generosity enabled 700,000 children to receive the polio vaccine so that they need never fear the scourges of that dreaded disease ever again. 
I have witnessed this year the power of the youth in this district and am constantly impressed with their creativity, maturity, “take charge” attitude and ability to guide and challenge one other.   They have been my teachers and my inspiration in so many ways. 
We Rotarians have spent a lot of time this year continuing to ensure that our humanitarian service is sustainable, but it is important for us to always remember that our young people are what make Rotary and its future sustainable.  
 Thank you to each of you for your continued dedication and commitment to our youth.    
“The youth of today are the leaders of tomorrow.”
- Nelson Mandela
Save travels to the 40+ Rotarians and their family members who will be joining David and me at the RI Convention in Hamburg, Germany, at the end of the month – what a great representation for our district!
Warmest regards,
Governor Bev
Thank you District 6630!