Posted by Stuart Miller
Our club in the last week, in response to the Covid-19 out break, purchased 30 of these Aerosol Boxes to be donated to area hospitals that are currently treating Covid-19 patients.  This was out of a request from local anesthesiologist to find a manufacture for the Aerosol Boxes.  In quick fashion we were able to find a manufacture and purchase the material and get these boxes made.  The manufacturer is continuing to produce the Aerosol Boxes.  
These boxes were created by a Dr. who has been fighting Covid-19 in China and Taiwan.  This is a new technology and something that we should be working to spread the word about.
I believe that other clubs could step-up and purchase these boxes for their hospitals.  At the very least Rotary could act as a conduit to get the word out that we have a local manufacturer that is producing these critical protective equipment.  I just spoke with the president of Lake Health Foundation, they are requesting 6 from the lot that our club had manufactured.  We are also providing these to UH Geauga Hospital.  
The need for these boxes are both locally in our district but also in other areas of the country and the world.  Please take a minute and the click here to read more about the product.
If you have questions about how our club is involved feel free to contact me here via email or by phone at 440 384 2230.
Thank you,
Stuart Miller