Posted by Susan Colville-Hall
At District 6630’s Rotary Youth Exchange planning meeting,  Bob Heydorn, District Chair, explained the significance of this year for reinstating and building the District’s RYE program after the COVID recess.  Although there are no exchanges for 2021-2022, the program will be in full operation in 2022-2023.   The district is eager to find local students (ages 15-18 1/2 years) who want to and would benefit from study abroad.  The district would like to make it easier for clubs to participate in the Youth Exchange by making information available to students on line and to clubs at district events.  All clubs are encouraged to explore adding a RYE committee if they don’t already have one and to offer the exchange program as a scholarship valued at $25,000 that costs clubs almost nothing and students, very little in comparison.  
Attending: District Governor Larry Lohman; District Governor Elect, David Jones; District Governor Nominee, Julie Brandle; David Vogelgesang, Rotex Chair; from Chagrin Valley Club, Richard Leskovec, President, and Albert Tien; Roger Cline, Short-Term Chair, connected via internet. Patrick Kelley, Outbound Chair; Bob Heydorn, RYE Chair.  Susan Colville-Hall, Culture Trainer was the photographer!