The Jefferson Rotary Club is very proud of their Fountain Project. In beautiful downtown Jefferson at the Ashtabula County Courthouse stands the statue of a Civil War Soldier that was erected in 1914. Rumor has it that the Soldier was purchased through Sears. It was originally built as a beautiful fountain. The fountain came into disrepair and was them turned into a giant flower bed. The flower bed wasn't tended to regularly and weeds began to take over. In the early 1990's the Jefferson Rotary Club got permission from the County to take over care of the Soldier and decided to try and repair the fountain. The club sold personalized bricks that form a walk way around the soldier to help with costs. In 1996 the fountain was restored and is now a centerpiece for the community. More recently the Jefferson Rotary Club has had to replace the pump and reseal the concrete to prevent leaks. The Jefferson Garden Club also donated beautiful Day Lillie's that surround the exterior. Every spring the Rotary Club cleans and fills the fountain and every fall the Club drains it and collects the coins that people may drop in. The Treasurer will count the coins , add $100 and send a donation to Make A Wish Foundation.  It's a great service project that all the members and the community enjoy.