Rotary Club Grant Supports WES Butterfly Pollinator Garden
It is believed that students learn by doing. With that in mind, the 3rd and 5th grade students at Woodridge Elementary School will benefit from the hands-on learning experience that the newly installed Butterfly Pollinator Garden will bring.
Sponsored by a grant from the Northampton Rotary Club, the planning for this project began long before the first shovel hit the dirt. Plants native to Ohio were researched for durability and sustainability as the site on the north side of Woodridge Elementary School was prepared for the new garden.
Concurrent with the Nature of Science standards for Ohio’s Learning Standards, learning about the butterfly and pollinator garden brings to life the concepts of ecosystems, scientific investigations, life cycles of species, and observation of wildlife.
Students from Mrs. Smagola's and Mrs. Cole’s 3rd and 5th grade classes were chosen to implement the garden plans by digging, planting and watering the garden. Volunteers from the Rotary Club included project coordinator Ray Krusinski, who led the charge of designing the garden and bringing the vision to life. On Oct. 4, Suncrest Gardens and the Woodridge facilities team worked diligently with the students to ensure proper depth and spacing for each planting.
“This is a great chance for students to get their hands dirty and use this as a live learning lab” said Krusinski. The finished project left a smile on everyone’s face.
A crushed stone path wanders through the garden, offering space for students to study each plant closely. Three benches will be added for students and community members to enjoy the tranquility of the space. Students and Rotary Club members will collaborate to water and maintain the garden so it can be enjoyed for years to come!
Permission for use of photos approved  by Woodridge Elementary School