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July 2020

Dear fellow Rotarians and other Friends:
The district’s Rotary club Presidents and I have been preparing all year to assume the titles and responsibilities of our year, in order to lead our clubs and the district.  We are honored to have been chosen, and have realized that some of our longstanding club and district events and traditions have to be set aside. So, how do we function in our clubs and communities while following the laws and keeping all safe during this year? It is stretching us in a difficult time.
But we are Rotarians, and this is what we do, when we see a need or challenge among our communities and others. As the cover of the August issue of The Rotarian magazine says, “This is our moment.” “We do the hard work – we bring people together-we solve problems.”
As R.I. President Holger Knaack’s theme says, “Rotary Opens Opportunities,” your district, club, and international officers are seeking from you and others new ideas for opportunities of service and yes-even virtual fundraising in order to meet the needs of others.
The district website will illustrate the opportunities. One such opportunity on the home page of District 6630 is the sign up for the Zone 30-31 seminars – easy to do and they have been very helpful and free – no travel and no cost to register. Note the time zone it is one hour later for us. In addition, Zone 30-31 will be holding a virtual summit on October 20, 2020. It is free and virtual.
Remember the great Tri-District Membership Summit last year?  We are building on it this year on September 15 and September 23, 2020. Look for the registration soon.
Every time I talk with a club President, I am so impressed with all the creative activities, and ways you are reaching out to each other and to your communities with offers of help. The sharing of these ideas may be very helpful opportunities to others in your cluster of clubs and can be shared throughout the district.  The district public image committee is always ready to assist you. All of our current officers and chairs can be found by clicking here.
I wish each of you and your families, a safe and successful year.
Pat Myers
District 6630 Governor 2020-2021
c. 330-388-2635
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We raised over $13,500!!!  


  Akron Club Members Stepping Up To Help The Akron Urban League  

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) Distribution Project

The Akron Urban League is part of an initiative with all Urban Leagues in the State of Ohio to assist with the distribution of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) for those in need in our community.  We have received hand sanitizer and over 7,000 masks to give away. The corporations of Proctor & Gamble and Cleveland Whiskey teamed up with The Manufacturing Advocacy and Growth Network (MAGNET) and the Greater Cleveland Urban League, to manufacture and provide these needed items to cities across Ohio served by Urban Leagues. All of that is wonderful news and this is where we come in! 

This week, the staff will fill 500+ 12 oz. bottles with hand sanitizer so that we can distribute to households, but we also have gallon containers that will be distributed to minority businesses, churches, non-profit agencies, etc.

Our members will distribute the PPE on Tuesday, July 28th and Saturday August 1st from 11am – 3pm in the AUL parking lot. 

Sanitizer kits will be loaded into car trunks that pull in so that there is “no touch”. 

A flyer will be distributed this week to WFD clients, minority businesses, barber shops, hair salons, day cares, AMHA, Head Start, non profits and churches, inviting them to register and plan to drive through and get their FREE PPE. 

If you have questions about this project, please contact - or 330.858.6672

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David Lariviere has successfully completed the Local Coordinator Training (U.S. Department of State) course in Public Diplomacy  and federal regulations governing the Exchange Visitor Program with a score of 100%. 

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View Online
The updated My Rotary is coming soon
From General Secretary John Hewko 
An updated My Rotary that’s faster, easier to navigate, and accessible on your mobile devices launches later this month. What can you expect from this improved site? Quite a bit.

Here are five ways the new My Rotary will make your job as a club officer a bit easier:
  1. Streamline accounts with ease. The updated registration process makes it possible to match existing records and eliminate duplicate accounts for the same person.
  2. Quick access to your club pages. When a member signs in, their home menu will provide access to pages that display information about their club, including its finances, goals, and reports. As a club officer, you can easily update meeting information, add club officers, and make changes to your club’s roster right from your homepage.
  3. Add detailed meeting information. Not only can you add the time, place, and format of your club meetings, you can also list the many ways your club interacts. This level of detail makes the new meeting search capabilities more robust.
  4. Find members and clubs quickly. Looking for a Rotarian you met at the Rotary International Convention? Thinking of visiting another club’s meeting during your vacation? You can use My Rotary to search for a member or club. Member profiles may include a person’s name, club, role, and contact information, depending on their settings. Club profiles, which are displayed on a map, include meeting times, locations, and the meeting language.
  5. Secure your personal information. When you create your member profile, you determine what information you want to share and with whom.
Learning resources will be available
Next week, the My Rotary: Club Administration course in the Learning Center will have how-to guides that will help you use the new My Rotary.
Get ready

If you don’t already have a My Rotary account, create one now.


Posted by Jack Young
On July 8, our Zones 30 and 31 had set up a zoom meeting with Past Rotary International President and Scout Icon Cliff Dochterman from his retirement home facility in California.  His presentation was about his  experiences as a Rotarian and Past Rotary International President in 1992-93..  After the meeting, Cliff and I talked further about some of his experiences, especially since he had lived in Ohio for several years.  Marsha and I have know for a number of years and he is one of the finest and down to earth person that I have known.
Since he had lived in the Buckeye State for several years, it was great to go over some of the memories.  Cliff later became a club member of the RC of Berkley, California and it so happened that I lived in Barstow, California for several years when I was in the Air Force.
Cliff at the age of 94, shared several additional comments about his  time in Rotary and serving the world.  AS everyone knows, he was not only a Rotarian but a youth and adult leader in Scouting, receiving a number of honors and awards.  Just listening to his sharing stories is an honor and time that I will always remember.  When I do an new installation of Rotary Club Officers, I use several of Cliff's comments to share with the club  . regarding his devotion to Rotary and Scouting.
I suggest that if you have anyone in your Rotary Club who has gone above and beyond in serving both Rotary and Scouting, may I suggest you consider nominating them to receive the special Cliff Dochterman International Fellowship of Scouting Rotarian award.  If selected that person will always have a cherished peace of history and it will be a special part of your life.  
There is no question that everyone in the IFSR loves and admires him and is grateful for the selfless example Cliff sets for "Service Above Self"  From the International Fellowship of Scouting Rotarians from all over the world, we wish Cliff all of the best and thank him for his service to Rotary and our youth.
Jack A Young,.PDG 2005-06
Ohio Rotary District 6630
International Fellowship of Scouting Rotarians
Chair 2018-20 InterAmerican Region (North,
Central and South America)l     


Posted by David Lariviere

Medina Rotarians among VIPs who welcomed Ms. Wheelchair USA July 20, 2020.
City of Medina and Medina Creative Housing was first official stop for new Ms. Wheelchair USA and titleholders.


A wonderful story was published in the Medina-Gazette (click here to view)

Medina Mayor Dennis Hanwell – Speaker/ MC

Executive Producer Ms. Wheelchair USA Lowery Lockard

Executive Director Client Services Dane Foundation Patty Moser

Congressman Anthony Gonzalez Representative Brandon Gibson

Medina County Common Pleas Judge Joyce Kimbler

US Navy Commander, Medina County Auditor Michael Kovack

Medina County Commissioner William Hutson

Medina County Prosecutor Forrest Thompson

Main Street Medina Board Kevin  Rych

US Military Chaplain Dr. Reid Miller

Executive Director of Medina Creative Housing Dianne DePasquale-Hagerty

Past Judge Ms. America  Lynda Bowers

President of Medina Sunrise Rotary Kevin Wermer

Rotary International Director for Wheelchairs in Latin America Jack Young

President of SACS Consulting Tim Dimoff

Operations Director of Medina TV & Videographer Miles Reed

Rotary Youth Exchange Student (Medina Sunrise Rotary) Sergio Neto from Brazil and his host brother Medina High School Freshman Dominik Takacs (son of Joseph and Judit Takacs) worked together with Sergeant Jeff Cain and the Ohio Army National Guard, and other volunteers from Feeding Medina County to pack 1,000 Weekender bags of food for children in Medina County.
Sergio, flew over 4,000 miles from his home in Londrina, Brazil, to study as a Rotary Youth Exchange Student at Medina High School (2019-2020).  Graduating this spring, he and his family were honored to learn that he had been accepted into one of the US News & World Report's Best Ranked Colleges of Engineering at the University of Toledo.
"Rotary represents 'Service above Self'," said Sergio and his host brother Dominik. "We volunteered over the Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays and wanted to help out today during our summer break because there is still such a great need in Medina County among some of the students who would go hungry without Feeding Medina County."
Sergio added, "I learned always to say, 'Obrigado' -Thank you.  Thank you to my parents. Thank you to my teachers and friends. And thank you to Rotary for helping make my dreams come true in America!"
Sergio Neto and Dominik Takacs
Sergeant Jeff Cain & the Ohio Army National Guard
Feeding Medina County Weekender Program Volunteers
Dane Sandridge, VP at Sandridge Food Corporation and Board Member of Feeding Medina County, thanked Medina Sunrise Rotary, the Ohio Army National Guard and all the Feeding Medina County volunteers this morning who worked together for the weekly packing of 1,000 Weekender Bags for children in Medina County.
"As Sandridge celebrates 50 years in Medina as a family business, we were happy to donate the large walk-in freezer to Feeding Medina County. My family has helped shape our core values of being a caring environment for all our employees and customers.  Dad (Mark Sandridge, CEO of Sandridge Food) grades our executive team on our values and how we contribute to our business, customers, employees and our community. He says that when you have a family business, you have the privilege of running it the way you want. It’s not just passing it down to family members. It’s about creating a close family with everyone you work with."
Dane Sandridge, VP and brother Jordan Sandridge, COO
Feeding Medina County Weekender Program Volunteers

Sgt-Jeff Cain and the Ohio Army National Guard are honored by Medina Sunrise Rotary for "Service above Self" to Feeding Medina County during the C-19 pandemic. 


MEDINA CLUB NEWS David Lariviere 2020-07-24 04:00:00Z 0


The Lakewood Rocky River Sunrise Rotary Club successfully led the Cuyahoga County Northwest-Lorain County Cluster in receiving a District Matching Grant to secure funding for the purchase and installation of a walk-in freezer at the headquarters of the Trials for Hope.  Pictured above are representatives of the Clubs involved.   Jason Pickering, Trials for Hope project coordinator and member of Lakewood Rocky River Sunrise, Adam Sonnhalter, Assistant Governor of the Cluster and member of the North Ridgeville Club, Johnathan Gray, Executive Director of the Trials for Hope, Marjorie Corrigan of the Lakewood Rocky River Club, Mallory Mertz, Treasurer of the Lakewood Rocky River Sunrise Club, and Eric Jolly, President of the Lakewood Rocky River Sunrise Club.
Director Gray started out by passing out trial size toiletries; soap, toothpaste, shampoo, at homeless camps in Cleveland. The homeless were so appreciative of Johnathan’s outreach, that they remarked “you give us hope”. Johnathan formalized his outreach forming the non-profit: Trials for Hope. Eight years later, Trials for Hope is bringing fresh produce, non-perishables and toiletries to hundreds of homeless individuals/families in poverty every week.
With the gift of this walk-in freezer, the organization will be able to expand its outreach to the homeless and needy on the near west side of Cleveland with frozen meals and other items that will be stored in the freezer.  Director Gray was able to show the group that the freezer was already nearing full capacity of items that will be distributed in the next few weeks.
The District Grant programs gives local Rotary Clubs the opportunity to take advantage of their support of the Rotary International Foundation.  In the case of the Freezer, $2,800 was received as Matching Grant Funds as part of the total cost of the purchase and installation of the freezer for Trials for Hope.
Sunrise Rotary Members will also continue to support Trials for Hope by helping out monthly at food and toiletry item packing.  This is just one of the many Community, Vocational and Youth Service Activities of the Lakewood Rocky River Rotary Clubs.  A Noon Club meets every Monday and a morning club meets every Wednesday, both at Don Umerley Hall of the Rocky River Civic Center. 
Stop in or contact Kathy Berkshire at to learn more and find out how you can join with men and women in your area to give back through service in your community, and internationally.


Posted by James Yard
Rotary Helps Rescue Hudson EMS
Over $6000 was raised to help Hudson EMS purchase Personal Protective Equipment
Rotary is teaming with various Hudson community organizations to support the EMS first-responder volunteers as they deal with Covid-19 emergencies.
The Rotary Club of Hudson hosted Hudson EMS and Fire Chief Jerry Varnes on April 22 who spoke of the EMS response to the Coronavirus Pandemic and its severe impact on the operations and supply needs of the department. The news was alarming. In prior years, EMS used approximately 5 N-95 medical grade protective masks per month. But then, many emergency calls did not require the use of extensive Personal Protective Equipment(PPE).
With the onset of the Coronavirus Pandemic, each patient encountered requires the use of PPE by each member of the EMS response team. The needs of the department have grown exponentially. Early in the pandemic, a large shipment of masks was received but subsequent orders have been placed on back order. A request made to the Strategic National Supply resulted in only 8 masks received. All items routinely required by safety forces (masks, gloves, gowns, eye protection, etc.) are in need. Unfortunately, an EMS volunteer actually contracted the virus from a patient and had to be quarantined for two weeks.
Chief Varnes expressed gratitude for previous donations of hand sanitizers, masks, face shields, gowns and gloves received from various community members and organizations. Asked after his Rotary presentation: “Is there anything we can do as a club to support your efforts?”, Chief Varnes requested financial support to establish a 90 day supply of necessary Personal Protective Equipment for all safety departments. The Rotary Club of Hudson took that as a call to action. Together with the Rotary Clocktower Club and the generous support of Northwest Bank, University Hospitals Portage Medical Center, the Tobin Family Foundation and the Rotary Club of Hudson Foundation, Rotary will provide a substantial grant exceeding $6000. This contribution will enhance the efforts of an upcoming direct letter appeal to individual Hudson citizens by the President of EMS Outreach of Hudson, Heidi Schweighoefer.
The President of the Rotary Club of Hudson, Marilyn Orr and the President of the Rotary Club of Hudson Clocktower, Cheryl Maimona “welcome the opportunity to participate in this important outreach for the EMS volunteers and are very thankful for the service they provide to the Hudson community”.
A video of Chief Varnes’ presentation to the Rotary Club of Hudson can be viewed below or on YouTube by clicking here or Facebook Rotary Club of Hudson.
HUDSON CLUB NEWS James Yard 2020-07-24 04:00:00Z 0


The Rotary Club of Wadsworth recently hosted a city-wide paper shredding event in conjunction with the City of Wadsworth. On a rainy Saturday morning, we had 18 Rotarians, Interact students and friends of Rotarians get together for a 3-hour event and it was declared a very successful event. Cars were lined up more than hour before the event was scheduled to start and we collected 14,500 lbs. of paper! Our club plans to do it again in the spring for the community.
Tim Manion, Past President
Rotary Club of Wadsworth
WADSWORTH CLUB NEWS 2020-07-24 04:00:00Z 0


Posted by Jim Lechko
Here’s what’s happening in the Foundation Committee:
Grant committee:  The Grant Committee has been hard at work the last couple of months reviewing the grant inquiries submitted by clubs throughout the District hoping to obtain matching grant funds for their club projects.  It looks like our total District Grant Spending Plan will include grant requests from 20 clubs totaling $57,476.
To qualify for matching grants, clubs must do the following:
Have at least two club members attend a Grant Management Seminar
Be current on reporting for any existing grants
Be current on District and International dues
Have Foundation goals entered in Club Central
Have a level of $35 per capita giving to The Rotary Foundation Annual Fund based on club membership as of July 1st of the previous Rotary year.  $40 for the 2020-21 Rotary year for grant requests in the 2021-22 Rotary year.
Disaster Response Grant (DRG) The Rotary Foundation (TRF) made Disaster Response Grants available to Districts around the world for projects focused on fighting the COVID-19 pandemic.  The Grants were for up to $25,000 and funded by the Disaster Response Fund.
District 6630 applied for a DRG earlier this year but all available funds had already been used.  When additional funding became available, our grant request was approved.
We surveyed the clubs in the district to determine the needs of the local hospitals.  Several clubs responded to our request for information and it was determined that level 2 safety gowns which can be used throughout the hospital except in surgery was the common need among the hospitals. 
We will be purchasing somewhere between 7700 – 7800 gowns to be distributed between seven local hospitals that indicated a need for assistance:
Akron Children’s Hospital                             
Cleveland Clinic Main Campus
Southwest General                                        
University Hospital Bedford
University Hospital Geauga
Western Reserve Hospital
Ashtabula Medical Center 
This project should be completed by the end of July.
Foundation Giving:  Here is a summary of the District 6630 contributions to TRF for the 2019-20 Rotary year:
Annual Fund: $204,195
Polio Plus:      $121,579
    Other Funds:  $20,675
Endowment Fund:      $0
Total Giving:       $347,169
This represents a slight increase from the 2018-19 Rotary year total of $347,028.  All Rotarians are to be commended for their ongoing commitment to TRF even during this time of the COVID-19 pandemic crisis where many of us have been challenged financially due to loss of jobs.
Other TRF stats
  • We have 68 Paul Harris Society members in the District.  The PHS members have committed to contributing a minimum of $1,000 annually to the TRF Annual Fund and/or Polio Plus.
  • We have 153 Benefactors who have committed to leave at least $1,000 to TRF through Estate Planning.
  • We have 36 Bequest Society members who have committed at least $10,000 to TRF through Estate Planning.
  • We have 57 Major Donors who have contributed a minimum of $10,000 to TRF.          
  • 3,734 all- time Paul Harris Fellows in the District
  • We have 87 Rotarians who participate in Rotary Direct, an automatic payment system for Rotary contributions.
  • We had 11 Rotary Clubs with 100% member giving to TRF.
  • We had 7 Rotary Clubs with 0% member giving to TRF.
  • 41% of District 6630 Rotarians contributed to TRF during the 2019-20 Rotary year.
  • 59% of District 6630 Rotarian contributed $0 to TRF during the 2019-20 Rotary year.
THE ROTARY FOUNDATION (TRF) Jim Lechko 2020-07-24 04:00:00Z 0


Our 2019-2020 District Governor, John Reyes, presented clubs and individuals with awards earned during his year.
We were honored to have PDG Elizabeth Usovicz, Rotary International Director-Elect 2021-2023
install our 2020-2021 District Governor Pat Myers.
DG Pat in turn installed her District Governor Elect, Larry Lohman and District Governor Nominee, David Jones.
This event was held virtually due to this unprecedented time in our lives.
Congratulations to all those who received awards and to our 2020-2021 District Governor, Pat Myers.
If you cannot view the video below: CLICK HERE

Rotary's New Area of Focus

Providing our members more ways to bring about positive change in the world. Learn more:

The Trustees and Directors have unanimously accepted our recommendation to create a 7th Area of Focus of our Rotary Foundation, being the Environment.  As Chair of the Task Force that put together and argued for this decision, I'm enormously proud today.  This photo is of the 4 Trustees, 1 Director and 1 Rotaractor who comprised the Task Force plus the outstanding and dedicated staff who assisted us in arriving at our recommendation.  We still have lots of work to do, including finalizing the Area of Focus statement and getting the fundraising going to support the grant applications that are sure to come flooding in after 1st July 2021.  Congratulations team, we just made Rotary history!
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ShelterBox - June 2020

Posted by Jack Young on Jun 20, 2020
SHELTER BOX USA MOVES OFFICE  Effective July 1, 2020
For the past 2 and 1/2 years, Kerri Murray ShelterBox USA was been the President and CEO has been managing the operations of the United States affiliate from her home located in Santa Barbara California. After discussion by the Board of Directors in the U.S. the decision has been made to move the operations and headquarter of the office of ShelterBox USA to California from Florida.  The effective date of this move will be July 1, 2020. .
The new address will be:  ShelterBox USA, P.O 5055, Santa Barbara, California    93150
The new telephone number as of June 30, 2020 :1-805-608-2400
Mail will be forwarded from the Florida address for a period of time as well as to the old phone number.
If you have questions please feel free to CONTACT District 6630 PDG and past ShelterBox Board of Director member, Jack A. Young at 440-759-4000 or   
As always, ShelterBox appreciates the support of all Rotarians and Rotary Clubs for helping those who have been affected by disasters.
With all of the challenges going on in our world today, your help and support is truly needed.  
Be Safe,
Jack a. Young, PDG 2005-06
ShelterBox USA Board of Directors 2007-14
ShelterBox - June 2020 Jack Young 2020-06-20 04:00:00Z 0


Posted on Jun 11, 2020
June 11, 2020 was another milestone day for District 6630.  During the noon meeting of the Rotary Club of Northampton-Cuyahoga Valley, District Governor John Reyes commissioned the new Rotary E-ClubNEO.  Paying off two years of hard work by many people, the new hybrid E-Club became a reality.  The idea of the hybrid Club is to have both online and in-person interaction.  Business meetings, guest speakers, Rotary education and other relevant presentations will be available online (something we are all getting used to these days) while social events and service projects can happen “in person” (when it’s again safe to do so.)
The idea was formulated early in the tenure of PDG Beverly Ghent-Skrzynski’s year as Governor.  Recognizing that there are many current and potential Rotarians whose schedules and lives don’t permit them to be as actively involved with Rotary as they would like, Bev tabbed Kathryn Craig (spouse of PDG Steve Zabor) to pick up the reigns and begin to pull the new hybrid E-Club together.  Kathryn teamed up with Juleta Craig (whose husband Tom is a member of the recently chartered RC of Green) and the two of them got busy recruiting potential members, planning, and doing a TON of research.
As the Rotary calendar flipped over, District Governor John Reyes continued to encourage and support the formation of the new Club.  PDG and District Membership Chair Jim McKee got very involved and his home Club, RC of Northampton-Cuyahoga Valley agreed to be the host Club with E-ClubNEO organizing under their wings as a Satellite Club. With guidance from Jim and the RC of Northampton-Cuyahoga Valley, all the paperwork was completed, forms filed and Rotary E-ClubNEO was officially commissioned.
DG Reyes said, “this visionary club came to fruition because of the heart, soul, enthusiasm and tenacity of Kathryn Craig and Juleta Craig, along with the support of the entire Northampton-Cuyahoga Valley Club.”  
6 new Rotarians were inducted and the Club was commissioned during a Zoom meeting with dignitaries from RI, Zone, District and other Rotarians from across the state (and one from Pakistan!) looking on. 
Steve Warren, who was elected as President/Chair of the new Satellite Club said, “I’m honored and excited to be part of the formation of this historic new way to be a Rotarian.  My work schedule has precluded me from attending most of the weekly meetings of my former Club.  By transferring my membership to E-ClubNEO, I have been able to attend all the meetings and am anxiously awaiting our next service project, with all of our new Rotarians participating.” 
Many of our Clubs have experienced the flexibility of meeting “virtually” during the COVID-19 pandemic.  A hybrid E-Club is a great alternative for people who can’t get to traditional Club meetings due to work, school schedules or transportation issues. 
This is an opportunity to participate in a Rotary Club and its service projects – for busy professionals, homemakers, individuals with health needs that limit mobility, caregivers who cannot be away from home, individuals who now live outside of Rotary District 6630 boundaries but want to stay involved in this area, business owners who find it difficult to attend traditional meetings, college students who do not have access to Rotaract club and so many others.
This focus on making Rotary more flexible and therefore more accessible has the potential of significantly growing membership in Rotary with quality individuals.
The future is looking good for Rotary – all you need is innovative thinking and people of action! 
If you are interested in learning more, visit for information.  Congratulations to the new Rotarians and members of E-ClubNEO… welcome to District 6630!  
DISTRICT 6630 COMMISSIONS E-ClubNEO 2020-06-11 04:00:00Z 0 District 6630,eclubneo,steve warren


Posted by Linda Kramer
To help First Responders sanitize vehicles and equipment, the Rotary Club of Berea has donated a mobile disinfection device to the Berea Fire Department.
The Diversey MoonBeam 3 uses ultraviolet light to kill bacteria and viruses on hard surfaces.
Assistant Fire Chief Tom Emling said that ambulances are wiped down after each run with sanitary wipes. “They kill about 50 percent of the bacteria and viruses,” Emling said. “This (the MoonBeam 3) kills 99.9 percent.”
This method also takes less time. Hand-cleaning a squad can take 20 minutes or more to get to hard-to-reach areas. The MoonBeam takes 3-5 minutes. That means firefighters and paramedics have less turnaround time to handle runs for emergency calls.
Fire Chief Mark Kaufhold said that Southwest General Health Center uses a MoonBeam 3 in operating rooms and the emergency room. The hospital has purchased a second unit to be used by local fire departments when they deliver patients to the ER. The Middleburg Heights Fire Department also uses a Moonbeam 3.
Kaufhold said Berea’s MoonBeam will be used throughout the fire station to make sure living areas are germ-free.
Emling said the unit is “much like a tanning bed only stronger. It’ll kill C. diff (Clostridioides difficile – a bacteria that causes diarrhea and colitis). That’s how strong it is.”
The three arms of the MoonBeam each emit ultraviolet light. The arms can be adjusted to multiple directions – up, down and sideways – to reach all the nooks and crannies. The ultraviolet light bulbs are good for around 600 hours.
The unit is operated remotely. During a demonstration, Emling placed the unit in a squad, shutting all the doors tightly. He programmed the timer and pressed the start button from a remote control nearby. The unit has a motion sensor. If someone opens the door or a person is detected within the squad, the MoonBeam automatically shuts off. The MoonBeam must be operated in unoccupied areas because of the intensity of the UVC.
The MoonBeam 3 is manufactured by Codonics Inc. and distributed by Daylight Medical – both based in Middleburg Heights. The unit retails for $31,000.  As a special during the coronavirus pandemic, Codonics offered the device to Berea for $24,900. The Berea Rotary Foundation picked up the cost.
Berea Rotarian David Skrzynski, a past club president and past district governor, said he saw a story on a television newscast about the Middleburg Heights MoonBeam and brought the idea to the Berea Club to consider. “It was the right thing to do,” he said.
Berea Assistant Fire Chief Tom Emling, left, and Fire Chief Mark Kaufhold, right,
demonstrate the MoonBeam 3 for Bob Huge, president of the Rotary Club of Berea.


Posted by Jeananne Chadsey
The Rotary Club of Green donates masks and hand sanitizer to the Summit County Sheriff’s office
The Rotary Club of Green donated a reusable, washable mask for each of the 350 Summit County Sheriff Deputies. In addition to that donation, the club purchased 250 personal bottles of hand sanitizer for the Deputies.
This project was the result of fundraising efforts the club has done throughout the year and due to a matching grant received from Rotary District 6630.
This donation came together through the coordination of businesses and entities switching operations during the COVID-19 pandemic.
The Rotary Club of Green worked with local business, Liquid located in Canton, Ohio, to make the customized SHERIFF masks. Liquid; normally a t-shirt and custom gift company; switched operations to mask making since the pandemic.
The hand sanitizer was produced by Rootstown Community Pharmacy at NEOMED in Portage County. Once the COVID pandemic hit, they started producing hand sanitizer and was happy to help the Rotary Club facilitate this purchase for the Deputies.
“Our Club was excited to provide these frontline heroes with something they can wear every day to help keep people safe during this unprecedented time,” Jeananne Chadsey said, Chadsey is President of the club.  Jeananne added that the Club is very proud to have added 6 new members since January!
The Summit County Sheriff's office wrote on Facebook:  This group of generous individuals heard we needed masks and sanitizer so they scrambled to provide both for our men and women in Patrol. Using monies from fundraising events and a grant from Rotary District 6630, the club worked with Liquid - a tee shirt maker in Canton, to produce 350 customized Sheriff masks. The club also arranged for Rootstown Community Pharmacy at NEOMED in Portage County to provide 250 bottles of sanitizer.
The Rotary Club of Green is committed to helping the Green community in any way possible during this challenging time. The Club was chartered in 2018 and continues to be a club of action with different efforts to further Rotary’s mission of “service above self.”
GREEN CLUB TAKES ACTION Jeananne Chadsey 2020-05-20 04:00:00Z 0


Posted by Pat Costanza
There is an old saying:  “Actions speak louder than words”.
However, with the current social restrictions caused by the pandemic, in some instances, the reverse may be more true….words are actually becoming more powerful.  With fewer personal interactions, the written word (texted or emailed) is having more & more of an impact…both positive & negative.  Our words are now highlighted by inanimate emoji to express our feelings & are sent with lightening speed without accompanying body language or emotional content.
So before pressing the ‘Send’ key, consider this:
Words are powerful.
They can be a gift or a weapon, depending on how, when, & where they are used.
Words can lift your spirits or crush your hopes.
So think before you speak, write, or text them.
Know both the meaning of the words & your intention for using them.
Use words to inform…not insult;  to comfort…not coerce;  to create…not destroy.
AURORA CLUB SHARES A WORD (or 2) ABOUT WORDS Pat Costanza 2020-05-20 04:00:00Z 0


Young Leaders in Action
May 2020
Engaging the next generation of Rotary leaders
Celebrating Youth Service Month
Youth Service Month is a special time in Rotary. Throughout the month of May, members of Rotary clubs, Rotaract, Interact, and those involved in Rotary Youth Leadership Awards and Rotary Youth Exchange celebrate the opportunities Rotary provides to connect, grow through service, develop leadership skills, mentor or be mentored, and have fun.

The outbreak of COVID-19, the disease caused by the novel coronavirus, may alter the way we observe Youth Service Month this year. But it need not dampen our enthusiasm, excitement, and gratitude for these programs and the volunteers who make them possible.

Check out four ways to safely celebrate Youth Service Month and share your celebrations with #RotaryYouthService. 

  Taking Action  
5 questions about organizing a RYLA
The Rotarian Magazine asks Lynda Rocha, RYLA chair, District 5040 (British Columbia), five questions about organizing a RYLA event. 

Interested in hosting a virtual RYLA? Get tips for adapting in-person training to online learning. Visit the Meeting Online learning topic to find and share resources, join discussions, and ask for expert advice about creating online meeting spaces.
Rotary Youth Exchange Annual Report
The newly designed Rotary Youth Exchange Annual Report for the 2018-19 Rotary year is now available! Read a message from Past Rotary International President Barry Rassin, along with inspiring stories and statistics about the program (available in English only).
Interact and Positive Peace
"When we thought about how we as Interact Club members could bring about Positive Peace, we thought about our desire to give back to the community, our drive to work with organizations that also promote peace, and our efforts to run our club in a way that builds harmony. We realized that there were many similarities between what is important to us and the eight pillars of Positive Peace."

Learn more about how Interact clubs can get involved with Positive Peace. 
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Rotary in Review
15 May 2020A roundup of Rotary news
Italian Rotarians aid in coronavirus fight 
While Italy has been largely locked down to fight the coronavirus, members of the Rotary Club of Morimondo Abbazia have provided support for people and businesses reeling from the effects of the pandemic. Their efforts are addressing both immediate and long-term needs including donating meals to health care workers, organizing a supply chain to get ingredients for liquid sanitizer, and helping businesses that depend on in-person commerce move their operations online. Read more
 This week's stories 
How to support Rotary Youth Exchange students during COVID-19 

Rotary Youth Exchange students are facing unique challenges as the COVID-19 pandemic radically altered the realities of their exchange year. Some returned home, where they faced recommended periods of quarantine, while others stayed with their hosts but in a much different experience than they expected with online classes and social distancing. Rotary’s youth exchange and youth protection staff gathered advice from two district leaders on how to support exchange students in these unusual times.

Interactors share thoughts about positive peace 

During Youth Service Month, we celebrate the many opportunities Rotary provides for youth and young adults to connect, develop leadership skills, and grow through service. Recently, co-presidents of the Interact Club of South Delta Secondary, British Columbia, Canada, shared what Positive Peace means to them and how Interact gives youth the opportunity to contribute to peace beyond the borders of their local communities. 

Join our Facebook Live series 
Join our next #RotaryResponds Facebook Live event 20 May to make connections and take part in engaging conversation. The series features Rotary leaders, members, and leaders from partner organizations sharing how they're taking action in their communities during the COVID-19 pandemic.
2020 Rotary Virtual Convention 
Join the family of Rotary at the 2020 Rotary Virtual Convention 20-26 June. Learn more.

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June 2020

Dear District 6630 fellow Rotarians and Friends:
As every outgoing District Governor realizes at this point, the year advanced with incredible speed. There is always much more to accomplish, but the time for me to assist in those accomplishments as your Governor has passed. I am both humble and thankful for the opportunities that have presented themselves in the past year and very much look forward to our future.
This year has really been two separate years. There is the relatively “conventional” Rotary year as it took place from July 1, 2019 through March 13, 2020. And then “COVID” descended upon us, and we moved to an entirely different year.
I would like to focus for a few minutes on the “COVID” year. In March of 2020, we all found ourselves in what appeared to be a very unique situation—something that has not occurred in one hundred years. However, as I learned reviewing a City of Cleveland Department of Public Welfare communication from October 15, 1918, our parents and grandparents (not to mention our early Rotary family members) experienced this too. I have included the communication for you to review and reflect upon (click here to view).
Reflections aside, because of COVID the District made a tremendous pivot. By way of example 45 clubs now meet virtually and on a regular basis. In a very real way, this change has moved our District into the 21st Century. That movement has not taken place without loss or difficulty, but it is still a great achievement and one that we are still in the process of shaping, directing, and moving forward.
So what now? We face a world full of turmoil, both with regard to racial injustice and the impact of the COVID pandemic. We can retreat, wring our hands and give up, or we can take these challenges as opportunity, and one that Rotary is particularly well positioned to attack.
What is more deeply engrained in Rotary’s “DNA” than conflict resolution? We routinely sponsor Rotary Peace Fellows and we have for the last several decades participated in peace days in areas of conflict throughout the world so that Polio immunizations can take place. And what else is more deeply engrained in Rotary’s “DNA” than our concern with health and safety of all Rotarians, family, and friends? To borrow the recent comments of Rotary International Holger Knaack, “We [Rotarians] also have a special responsibility to be an international leader in public health.” Rotary has, for years, worked to improve public health through polio immunizations, fighting malaria, working on clean water projects, and many other health-oriented activities.
Thus, each of us and each of our clubs have an opportunity to continue to meet the challenges we face in our world today. We should do so with confidence, compassion, and energy. My best wishes to all of you in this endeavor and I look forward to working with you in Rotary service.
Yours in Rotary Service,
John Reyes
Rotary District 6630 Governor 2019-2020

Tel: 330.258.6469
June 2020 2020-05-15 04:00:00Z 0


Posted by David Lariviere
Medina Sunrise Rotary proudly announces ‘Rotary Woman of Action’, Paula Knizner, will become the club's next Chairperson of International Service. As a highly respected Cleveland Public School teacher who brings her knowledge, time and passion for helping children in countries around the world, Paula exemplifies the 2018-2020 Rotary International Theme - "Rotary Connects the World”.
Paula recently spent a six-week sabbatical at St. Adrian's School for orphans in Uganda. There she tutored, farmed, did daily chores, and most importantly – nurtured and mentored children from Pre-K to 18 years of age. She returned to Medina in April 2020, with a heart full of love, and a Memorandum of Understanding from the Rotary Club of Kajjansi to initiate a Rotary 2020-2021 International Literacy, Vocational and Basic Educational Global Grant. This Grant is in partnership with Medina Sunrise Rotary and the Rotary Club of San Luis Obispo, California. Rotary Global Grants support large international activities with sustainable and measurable outcomes in Rotary's areas of focus, working with other Rotarians to respond to real community needs.
"My own life's mission has always been to join with others to make a difference in the lives of children in our community and beyond, through our time, talents and treasures," said Paula. "Rotary has a heart and is the perfect fit for me and other people of action."



On his day off from work at Lowe's in Dublin, Ohio, SPC Lucas Hammond drives over 100 miles to Medina, Ohio, to volunteer alongside his father, Sergeant First Class Eric Hammond. Together they join the National Guard, Medina County Sheriff, Ohio State Highway Patrol, and other volunteers in packing 1,500 school meals at Feeding Medina County during the COVID-19 pandemic.
"I am excited for the opportunity to serve in the National Guard with my son, Lucas, who is a construction and engineering Specialist," Sergeant Hammond stated proudly.  "It's an honor to have him follow my path in the National Guard and watch him progress as an adult and a Soldier while he serves our state and nation.  Lucas is the third oldest of our 12 children, and he sets a great example for his younger siblings."
The National Guard is as proud of the legacy of the Hammond family as Sergeant Hammond is of his son Lucas. They represent both the history and the future of men and women in meaningful service. Can you see yourself serving your country and community in the National Guard?  If you can, please contact Sergeant Jeff Cain: 330-631-5836, or

Feeding Medina County free food drive-through was made possible by the selfless service of The Medina County Sheriff, The Medina Post of the Ohio State Highway Patrol, Community Emergency Response Team - CERT, Rotary Club of Medina Sunrise, Kiwanis, and loyal Feeding Medina County volunteers.
"We provided food to 265 households this morning," stated Sergeant Jeff Cain from the Ohio Army National Guard. "During this COVID-19 crisis, we are grateful to be able to bring help and hope to our friends and neighbors in Medina County, where we live and serve.  We look forward to serving you at the next drive-through."
If you are interested in volunteering at Feeding Medina County, please contact Dan Meagher: tel 330.421.3051 or email
For more information about registering for food at Feeding Medina County, please contact Michelle Cottrell:  tel 330.421.4816 or

to Rotary District 6630 Youth Exchange Student Sergio Neto (Brazil) on his acceptance to UT
MEDINA SUNRISE NEWS David Lariviere 2020-05-15 04:00:00Z 0

May 2020

Challenges of the Pandemic—How to Cope
Dear District 6630 fellow Rotarians and Friends:
All of us in Rotary (and beyond) have now been dealing with the challenges of the COVID-19 Pandemic for what seems like a very long time. The challenges, difficulties, and ramifications of the pandemic, both for our personal health and economic well-being as well as for our Clubs, have been severe and will likely continue for months.
This raises an especially important question—how do we deal with these challenges without allowing them to become overwhelming?
I was recently privileged enough to attend the Rotary Club of Rocky-River Sunrise meeting on April 29, 2020. As part of the virtual meeting, Dr. Robert (Bob) Smith, a psychologist at Metro General, spoke. Dr. Smith gave a truly inspiring talk about the concept of “Positive Psychology.” This approach to psychology is based on training your brain (something we can all do, regardless of age) to focus on the positive.
As I understand “Dr. Bob,” emotions follow thoughts. Thus, the more positive thoughts you have, the greater likelihood that your emotions will follow suit and be positive. While your life may not change, it will certainly seem much better.
Thus, the basic question becomes, what are you going to focus upon? As Dr. Bob points out, the brain changes and grows constantly. The direction in which it grows, that is which “muscles” strengthen, is based upon the “muscles” you choose to train. If all you do is look at the negative events you encounter, you are training your brain to focus on the negative.
Dr. Bob’s suggestion is while we cannot ignore problems, we also cannot afford to miss the “good stuff” that occurs all the time. It may be something as simple as a great sunrise, something your spouse, children, grandchildren, or a co-worker happened to do in the moment, or even the birds at the birdfeeder outside of your window. Many of these things come and go in an instant and may never be repeated. Thus it is extremely important to be looking for these things every day.
Dr. Bob, in a very frank set of comments, pointed out that there are only four “absolutes” in life. One is that it is in our nature to age. The second is, it is our nature to become sick as our bodies are frail. Third, it is in our nature to die. And fourth, it is in our nature that everything we care about will change and eventually go away.
Thus, the question becomes not how to avoid these immutable facts, but what we are going to do with the time in between these events? You want to train to look for balance. Enjoy your family, friends, and the things in life that make you feel good every day.
The key concept in this process is “mindfulness.” It is easy in concept, but hard to do. You need to live in the moment with no judgment. While living in the moment, use all of your senses to experience what is happening now.
In this process, you will want to avoid worrying about past events which you can no longer change or fix. Simply learn the lesson from them and move on. Further, excessive worry about the future will also divert you from living in the moment. We certainly all plan, but we need to understand that plans are just that, and we will need to actually live the events as they occur.
One way to help train your mind to focus on the good stuff is a really simple exercise. Get in the habit of writing down three good things that happened each day, and share those with someone close to you. In Dr. Bob’s experience, the first week of this undertaking can be difficult. The second week it gets a little better. The third week, you generally start to enjoy the process. By the fourth week, you have built this into your brain, and you recognize more and more good things that happen every day. This is a great way to have positive emotions built by those good thoughts.
Give it a try! Oh, and thank you to Dr. Bob and the Rotary Club of Rocky-River Sunrise!
The Immediate Future of In-Person Meetings
As all of you know, in-person club meetings, District Committee meetings, and other Rotary events are currently not permitted. I hope to be somewhat helpful to all of you by providing the most recent information I have received on when such meetings may become possible again. Of course, the situation is and will continue to be fluid and will require further updates as we move forward.
Governor DeWine’s Stay Safe Ohio Order entered April 30, 2020 extends the limitation upon public gatherings of unrelated individuals, together with social distancing requirements, through May 29, 2020. This continues the prohibition on in-person Rotary meetings in Ohio for at least that period of time.
Rotary International’s Board met virtually on April 21-24, 2020. The Board issued several important statements/instructions, including the following:
  • The health and safety of all participants in Rotary programs, meetings, and events is of paramount importance
  • No in-person meeting or event shall be mandatory for any Rotary participant who may feel uncomfortable because of the pandemic
  • All conveners and organizers of Rotary meetings are strongly encouraged to consider all health concerns in deciding whether to hold in-person meetings
  • All conveners and organizers of Rotary meetings should fully comply with all health and safety rules in effect in that location
The Board further decided that with these principles in mind, the Board adopted the following rules and guidance for Rotary activity.
  • All R.I. Board meetings shall be conducted virtually (and not in-person) for the remainder of the calendar year 2020
  • All R.I. Committee meetings shall be conducted virtually (and not in-person) for the remainder of the calendar year, 2020
  • ***
  • Governors are strongly encouraged to use virtual meetings for club visits during calendar year 2020
  • Regional leaders are strongly encouraged to use virtual meetings for training seminars and other events during calendar year 2020
As noted, updates and revisions will be forthcoming as warranted. In the interim, please continue your adherence to these rules—the protection of fellow Rotarians, friends, and neighbors continues to be important and we have and can do our part to help. Here at Buckingham, we are slowly re-opening our office and we are now all wearing masks and maintain our social distance (and some wags would say lawyers should always have worn masks) and it’s working out rather well. Hopefully all of you are encountering similar success.
Yours in Rotary Service,
John Reyes
Rotary District 6630 Governor 2019-2020

Tel: 330.258.6469
May 2020 2020-05-15 04:00:00Z 0


Now More Than Ever, Rotary Connects the World: The 2020 Rotary Virtual Convention will join you with Rotary participants around the world during a time of unprecedented challenges.

Together, we’ll still experience the spirit of Rotary, be inspired by innovation, celebrate our resilience, and explore how clubs are addressing COVID-19. Experience Rotary in action during our Flag Ceremony, witness the power of connection during our general sessions, learn new ways to engage with Rotary during our breakout sessions, find inspiration from our global speakers, and much more.

We have never needed Rotary — and we have never needed each other — more than we do now. We hope to see you online, because Now More Than Ever, Rotary Connects the World.
Below is a list of dates and times for Virtual Convention programming.  As you can see, the convention does not run the entire day, but instead will be broadcast at a few set times each day. Additionally, if you miss the live broadcasts, they will be readily available on the convention website, providing some flexibility for you and event attendees to participate at your own convenience. The Virtual Convention is free to all attendees, however, there will be a sign in process in order to access the programming. Detailed Instructions for this process will be provided before the event.  

We hope that you will participate in some of the fun features of the Virtual Convention: wearing and sharing photos and videos of us in our Aloha wear, the Virtual Walking Challenge, and interacting with others in the virtual House of Friendship. Please know that we understand and appreciate that you are looking for more detailed information about the Featured Breakouts, the platform that will be utilized, and instructions for accessing the programming and transitioning back and forth between events. That information will be shared with you as soon as it is available. Look for additional messages in the coming weeks and check the convention website regularly.

Kindest regards, 

Mark Daniel Maloney
2019-2020 President, Rotary International 

Saturday 20 June
  • 8:00 – 9:15 Chicago Time (UTC-5) – Together We Connect – Virtual Convention General Session 1
  • 14:00 - 15:15 – London/Lagos Time
  • 21:00 - 22:15 – Taipei Time
Sunday 21 June
  • 8:00 – 9:15 Chicago Time (UTC-5) – Together We Learn – Virtual Convention General Session 2
  • 14:00 - 15:15 – London/Lagos Time
  • 21:00 - 22:15 – Taipei Time

Monday 22 June – Friday 26 June – Featured Breakouts (more details coming soon)
Daily, one breakout will be offered at each of the following times*:
  • 8:00 – 9:00 Chicago Time (UTC-5)
  • 12:00 – 13:00 Chicago Time (UTC-5)
  • 18:00 – 19:00 Chicago Time (UTC-5)
*Please be sure to check the date and time that is equivalent to the Chicago date and time in your area
2020 RI VIRTUAL CONVENTION Cheryl Ann Warren 2020-05-14 04:00:00Z 0


Posted by Ruth Kaser
Barberton Schools have been distributing food to families during the school closure. The Rotary Club of Barberton wanted to help ease the strain of the school closure with some fun. Club members brought game packs to be distributed with the May 11th food distribution consisting of a deck of cards and an instruction sheet. The instruction sheet contained the rules of some simple card games as well as a magic trick.
The club also tried to help the area food insecurity with two donations: a $2500 donation was sent to Barberton Area Community Ministries (BACM), and a $2500 donation was sent to the Ben Curtis Family Foundation. BACM serves the residents of the Barberton area, providing food assistance and other programs though the support of individual donors, churches, community groups, businesses, foundations and volunteers. No child should worry about when they’ll get their next meal. The Ben Curtis Family Foundation started the Birdie Bag Program to send packages of food and toiletries home with food insecure kids over long weekends during the school year.
The photo is of from left to right : Dorothy Suchka Somerville, Executive Director of Barberton Area Community Ministries and David Stephens, BACM board member and member of the Rotary Club of Barberton.
BARBERTON CLUB HELPS COMMUNITY IN NEED Ruth Kaser 2020-05-13 04:00:00Z 0


Posted by Peter Tuttle

Hats off to Skip Claypool, Terry Palermo, 
and Bob Piecenski.   

Caretakers at University Hospitals Geauga Medical Center did not know why firetrucks from five different cities were parked outside the main entrance to the hospital last Thursday morning.

A few nurses trickled outside to take pictures of the large U.S. flag suspended in the air between the ladders of two trucks.

The grand display was part of a lunch delivery the Chesterland Rotary Club provided — 300 pizzas to feed the entire hospital staff.

With a police escort, rotary club President Walter “Skip” Claypool led a procession of club members who honked and yelled “Thank you!” from their cars to the cheering hospital staff.

Claypool (affectionately known as Bada Bob) drove to the front door of UH to make the drop off, his car sporting a Bada Bing Pizza delivery sign.

CHESTERLAND CLUB DONATES LUNCH Peter Tuttle 2020-05-13 04:00:00Z 0


PDG Jack Young, a Air Force Veteran and Viet Nam Era Veteran has been working for the past 4  years with Rotary clubs to honor Rotarians who are Veterans.  One of the areas that he has been working on is supporting Medina Country Veterans who are adding several HISTORICAL displays to honor Veterans.  (More Information will follow)
Working with Dave Taylor Commander, Legion Post 202 in Medina, Dave has arranged a Vitural Meeting with Ohio Congressman Anthony Gonzalez and his staff to answer various Questions for Veterans to learn more about their COVID-19 benefits and concerns.
If anyone, especially Veterans and or their families would like to be part of this virtual meeting, please contact PDG Young wirh you contact information so that you can be added to the list.   This meeting is being planned for June 10th in the PM.  If you are not sure you can join the meeting and have questions, please contact PDG Young with your questions by June 1st so that he can ask them on your behalf.  (
 BEST  wishes and thank you, our Veterans, for your service to our country. 
VETERANS OF DISTRICT 6630 Jack Young 2020-05-13 04:00:00Z 0


Posted by Julie Brouhard
The RC Cleveland has started holding its weekly meetings via Zoom with over 50 members and guests attending each meeting. On April 16, 2020, their guest speaker was Jennifer Andress, Executive Director of Medworks. Medworks traditionally offers 100% free medical, dental and vision care to anyone who needs it. They have shut down all of their clinics during the COVID-19 pandemic, because their platform would be difficult to manage during this time of social distancing. Instead, they have turned their focus to providing food to those in need and the front line healthcare workers. The COVID-19 Relief Fund is used to purchase gift cards and meals from local restaurants to distribute to vulnerable families and those on the front lines, helping not only those in need but the restaurants too.
During our meeting one of our members offered to match the first $1,000 pledged to the Medworks Relief Fund. Rotarians and the guests stepped up and pledged $1,000, triggering the matching gift. THIS is the power of Rotary and shows both the compassion and generosity of our Club. All of the funds raised will be put back into the community. Anyone who is interested in finding out more about Medworks and donating to the COVID-19 Relief Fund can go to their website:
CLEVELAND CLUB RAISES FUNDS VIRTUALLY Julie Brouhard 2020-05-01 04:00:00Z 0


Dear grant sponsors:

Last month I wrote to tell you that all grant-funded travel planned for March and April was postponed because of the COVID-19 pandemic. Since then, Rotary has extended its travel ban to every country. If your grant involves travel to another country, you will need to wait until this global travel restriction is lifted and make sure that your destination country is not still on the Travel Ban List then. I encourage you to check the list often.

Your regional grants officer is always available to answer questions. Stay safe and well.


Abby McNear
Director of Grants
Tel +1-847-425-5656

cc: Rotary International Board of Directors, The Rotary Foundation Trustees, Rotary Foundation Programs Committee, regional Rotary Foundation coordinators, district governors, district governors-elect, district Rotary Foundation chairs, district grants subcommittee chairs
GRANTS NEWS 2020-04-30 04:00:00Z 0


We continue to deal with the extraordinary situation brought on by the COVID-19 Virus. My thanks to all of you for finding ways to help your fellow Rotarians, friends and neighbors. If we continue to work together we can and will accomplish much in spite of the challenges we face. District leadership will try to keep you apprised of opportunities to help and areas of need such as the message recently circled concerning the needs of the Red Cross in northern Ohio for blood donations and the relaxed grant requirements recently announced by The Rotary International Foundation.

I will also, unfortunately, keep you apprised of future District events that are canceled or postponed.

Cancellations thus far include those listed below.   Chairs for all events will follow up with further information. While no one can see into the future we hope and plan to hold events as usual in 2021. 

For PEs, Pat Myers and the LEAD Committee are looking at further remote training opportunities at this time.

Thank you for your patience and persistence. Stay well.

John Reyes
Rotary District 6630 Governor 2019-2020





  • PETS-2


  • RYLA



IMPORTANT CANCELLATIONS due to COVID-19 2020-04-23 04:00:00Z 0


We are pleased to invite you to participate in a COVID-19 #RotaryResponds one-hour Telethon to raise critical funds for disaster response. This Facebook Live event will be simulcast on the Rotary International Facebook page. The goal is to raise more than $1 million dollars.

Rotary’s 1.2 million members across the globe have taken swift action to respond to the COVID-19 pandemic. More than $3.4 million in Rotary Disaster Response Grants have already been put into action on the frontlines to battle COVID-19.

Additionally, millions more have been raised by our #PeopleofAction - they have responded quickly and are truly saving lives. Now, we need to do more and the need for additional funding is a priority.

Join this live event to hear stories of hope, inspiration and gratitude from Rotarians, Rotaractors and friends of Rotary from across the globe as they share what they are doing to help their communities. The telethon will also showcase how our polio eradication infrastructure is helping to combat COVID-19.

How can you participate:

1. Participate in the telethon on Facebook Live on 2 May at Rotary International's Facebook Page ( The live stream will be simulcast in eight languages.

2. Share this event & spread the word through your social media channels.

3. Invite friends, family, and members of your community to watch and see first-hand what Rotary's People of Action are doing to combat COVID-19.

4. Post on social media during the broadcast and on the day of the event using the hashtag #RotaryResponds.

5. Donate as an individual or as a club at

6. Encourage your Rotary District to donate District Designated Funds (DDF) at (Note: DDF received between April 22st and May 3rd will be considered part of the telethon fundraising total.)
ROTARY COVID-19  TELETHON 2020-04-23 04:00:00Z 0

ShelterBox NEWS

Posted by Jack Young on Apr 15, 2020
The Coronavirus 19 is affecting all of us in some way and I hope you and your family remain well.
The following is an update regarding how ShelterBox continues to respond in a safe manner and is providing support to the best that we can with our Rotary Partners can do in these difficult times to those who need our support in the world.  
Kerri Murray, Shelterbox USA Presidents reminds us that Shelter is a critical need for people who are simply struggling to survive after loosing their home due to a natural disaster and even war.  The outbreak reminds us of the fundamental importance of home is to our health and well being.  Our continued work to provide shelter can help slow down the spread of this disease.  Unfortunately, disasters and conflict do not stop even during these difficult times.  
We are currently responding the best that we can to Ethiopia, Syria, Nigeria, Cameroon,  Somililand, Malawi and the Philippines.  


I have received word that 13 clubs in Ohio, 6 Rotary clubs from our district, have been recognized as HERO AWARD Clubs, of Shelter Box USA. During the Rotary Year 2019-2020 the following clubs have donated at least $ 1,000 to ShelterBox to continue the efforts of providing hope to others in the world.

Congratulations to
Rotary Clubs 
in our District
who have recently supported our efforts:

Solon, Burton-Middlefield, Westlake Bay Village, Fairlawn,
Northhampton Cuyahoga Valley and Painesville.


If there are any other Rotary Clubs in our district who have responded during this time to ShetlerBox, please let me know.  Even though I am not a member of my hometown Rotary Club of Marietta in the Southwest Ohio, I am pleased to note that they recently raised over $ 12,000 dollars since late last year for ShelterBox.
As in any organization, we do not want to put our response team members in harms way.  We will do everything we can to accomplish our miss,ion and protect our staff and volunteers.  With that below is the message from our President Kerri Murray of ShelterBox USA that was conveyed in a recent conversation with me about our current world issue.
"ShelterBox" is a critical need for those people who are simply struggling to survive after loosing their home due to a disaster or war.  Now with this outbreak, it reminds us of the fundamental importance of home is to our health and well being.  The continued work of ShelterBox to provide basic shelter can help slow down the spread of this disease.  Unfortunately, disasters and conflict to not stop even during this stressful times."
"She further adds that for Rotary Clubs and Rotarians, the first thing that we need is your continued support MORE THAN EVER.  As this virus continues to spread in the United States and around the World, our goal is to not only to continue to provide basic shelter but to make sure our volunteer response team s and their families remain Safe."
"In many countries, they have sealed their boards and impose quarantines of unprecedented .scale to flatten the curve.  The key issue then is what is a family to do when they have no home, clean water a a structure to protect them.  Therefore, the Coronavirus has the potential to ravage the most vulnerable."
Please know that ShelterBox, staff, and volunteers remains committed to helping those in the world who need our help,  For more information as to how you or your club can help, please feel free to contact PDG Jack Young, Past Board of Directors and Board of Director Emeritus. 
( or 440-759-4000)
Be Safe,
Jack a. Young, PDG 2005-06
ShelterBox USA Board of Directors 2007-14
ShelterBox NEWS Jack Young 2020-04-15 04:00:00Z 0


Posted by Lynda Farkas on Apr 15, 2020
Congratulations to the Akron Rotary Club/Akron Rotary Camp for the generous $5,000.00 donation has been received from the 2019 Bridgestone Senior Players Championship Tournament.
A friend of Akron Rotary member, Lynda Farkas, Karen Keasling, member of the Messiah Lutheran Church, longtime volunteer of the tournament and Tournament Board member immediately thought of the Camp as her choice of charities to receive the donation. 
Our thanks are extended to Karen for thinking of the Akron Rotary Camp. 
Due to the generosity of our 1,000 volunteers,
$825,000 went to Northeast Ohio non-profits!
Due to the success of the 2019 Bridgestone SENIOR PLAYERS additional funds became available for charitable proceeds. Northern Ohio Golf Charities Foundation recently announced that ten past grant recipients were selected to receive a one-time discretionary grant. We commend these groups on the work they are doing to improve the lives of residents of our community and we are thrilled to have the opportunity to help fund their mission.
The selected charities include; Big Brothers Big Sisters of Summit, Medina and Stark Counties, City of Akron Fire Department’s REACH Program, Elves and More of Northeast Ohio, Embrace Clinic and Care Center, Embracing Futures, Faithful Servants Care Center, First Tee of Canton, Open M, Rotary Camp for Children with Special Needs  ($5,000.00), and Summit Choral Society.
AKRON CLUB NEWS Lynda Farkas 2020-04-15 04:00:00Z 0


Brand News
Ideas for Strengthening Rotary's Brand                   April 2020
Have you promoted your club as People of Action, making a difference in your community?  We want to hear from you!  Share examples of what you have done by submitting your People of Action digital or print ads, social media graphics, videos or other examples via the link below by 26 April, and your project might be featured in an upcoming advertisement or Rotary Voices story.  Help us show the world we are People of Action!
New! Area of focus banners available for download

Showcase Rotary's six areas of focus at your next club or district event. Work with your local printer to create new roll-up banners.

New! Images added to the Brand Center

Find new images on the Brand Center library, highlighting stories from Germany, the Netherlands, and Poland.


Identify your clubs in your communications

Rotary clubs around the world are mobilizing to fight COVID-19. Make sure your club gets recognized for its efforts to keep our communities safe by using your club or district logo in all your communications.

If you don’t have a logo, you can create one using the logo template on the Brand Center. The Rotary club or district logo comprises the Masterbrand Signature plus the club or district name. The Masterbrand Signature should not be used alone on club or district communications.
Also, please do not adapt Rotary’s End Polio Now logo or phrasing for use in communications your club is sending that relate to COVID-19. Manipulation of the End Polio Now logo can confuse our messaging about our polio eradication effort and weaken our branding for that work.


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April 2020

Dear District 6630 fellow Rotarians and Friends:
I hope you were able to celebrate the recent holidays, including Passover and Easter, in the best fashion available in this new Coronavirus era. These holidays have given all of us a chance to reflect on the blessings we retain, and perhaps more importantly, to reflect upon the blessings we hope to provide others.
This era presents challenges, but it also presents opportunities. For instance, an impressive number of clubs, clusters, and committees all over the world are meeting virtually on a regular basis. The platforms used (Zoom, GoToMeeting, Google Meets, etc.) are varied, as are meetings themselves—some being simple phone calls, and even an email meeting. In this time of physical isolation we can do much to support each other through these (virtual) contacts and I encourage all of you to do so with particular attention to your fellow Rotarians, friends, and neighbors who are most vulnerable.
The list of challenges that are being turned into opportunities is lengthy. Some districts and clubs planned events using a Netflix Party to help stay in touch. At least one club raised money to buy lunches for local grocery store workers, local school workers, and emergency medical staff. As John Hannes pointed out, this is a great way to thank others for their hard work and support local businesses.
At least one district found an E-Club President and I.T. professional who have offered to get smaller clubs online and comfortable with available resources. This is something our District is working on very hard (thanks to Cheryl Warren, David Jones, and many others).
In many districts, smaller clubs are starting to hold joint meetings, alternating the responsibilities of programs and running the meeting each week. Perhaps we can take advantage of this as well.
The Rotary Foundation is no exception. As the COVID-19 pandemic has spread hardship around the world, Rotary members in rising to the challenge have been innovative in helping care for those affected and showing that even at a distance there are ways to help.
I have received reports that in Italy, one of the most heavily affected countries, clubs in District 2080 are raising funds to purchase ventilators and protective gear for over-extended hospitals. In addition, when the outbreak was as its worst in China, the same District’s clubs raised more than $21,000 for protective masks to prevent the spread of the disease there.
Reports have also come in that Rotary clubs in Sri Lanka installed thermometers in airport restroom facilities and produced posters to raise awareness of the Coronavirus for schools across the country.
The Rotary Club of Metro Bethesda, Maryland, is contacting neighbors who live alone and are quarantined. Volunteers are asked to contact at least five of these people each week to ask how they are and if they need anything. Members are also leaving flowers on their doorsteps.
In our own district, Peter Tuttle of the Chesterland club, together with his club members, came up with the Every Rotarian Every Week program. By now I hope all of you have heard of it. The idea is to make sure that every Rotarian in your club is contacted at least once a week by a fellow club member. The methods of doing this are varied.
Your District Foundation Committee is also active. As all of you should know by now, Foundation Club Chair Jim Lechko recently reached out to all club leaders pointing out the availability of Disaster Response Grants (The Rotary Foundation is making available to each District a single DRG in the amount of $25,000). District 6630’s intent is to purchase as many N95 masks, face shields, gowns, nitro gloves, sanitizer, or other Personal Protective Equipment as the $25,000 can buy. Hopefully your club is taking part.
Jim and his team (Matt Liebson, Rick Pollak, and the entire committee) also point out that COVID-19 District Grants 2020-2021 are also available. That is, clubs can request District Grant funds to support local activities like purchasing thermometers, protective medical gear, or other items to donate to medical professionals or first responders who need them. As a one-time exception, the Rotary Foundation will allow expenses related to COVID-19 which were incurred since March 15, 2020 to be reimbursed through 2020-2021 District Grants. In other words, once a grant is approved, clubs can spend this project money even though the project will be treated (and funded) in the upcoming Rotary Year. (For details on all of this, contact Jim Lechko, District Foundation Chair Coordinator, Matt Liebson Grant Committee Chair, and Rick Pollak)
Last but not least, DGE Pat Myers and the LEADS Committee are in the process of working with the District’s Assistant Governors to provide the necessary preparation to Presidents-Elect they otherwise would have lost through the cancellation of All Ohio PETS and the District Leadership Assembly. The work done in creating the curriculum, preparing the AGs, and conducting multiple cluster meetings is an impressive example of what we can achieve to overcome a challenge.
In closing, my best wishes to all of you, your family, and friends, as we move through these uncharted waters. Please stay safe, continue to work with Rotary at all levels, and there are great things we can achieve.
Yours in Rotary Service,
John Reyes
Rotary District 6630 Governor 2019-2020

Tel: 330.258.6469
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Posted by Jim Lechko on Apr 14, 2020
Article written by Mike McGovern, Chair of the Rotary International PolioPlus Committee and John Germ, Past Rotary International President and Chair of the Polio Countdown to History Committee
A program begun by Rotary is employing thousands of health workers to address the Covid-19 pandemic.  The program is the Global Polio Eradication Initiative (GPEI) which includes Rotary’s PolioPlus program.   From the earliest days of polio eradication in the Philippines, the generosity and advocacy of Rotarians and our partners has nearly stopped polio, stopped Ebola from becoming an epidemic in Nigeria and now responds to Covid-19.  

Over the next four to six months the polio program is offering its tools, workforce and extensive surveillance network to support countries as they respond.  Globally, the polio surveillance network is being trained on Covid case detection, contact tracing, laboratory testing and data management.  GPEI is deploying its coordination mechanisms such as emergency operations centers and sharing physical assets like vehicles, computers and mobile phones to combat the pandemic.  In Nigeria, an extensive network of polio communication assets including 20,000 volunteer community mobilizers are working across the country to promote hand washing to reduce transmission. In Pakistan, polio staff have sensitized more than 6,000 health workers on Covid-19 and re-purposed a helpline originally used for polio related calls to also address Covid questions. The polio surveillance team in Angola is training health care staff on case management of Covid-19. Polio staff in Benin are developing a pandemic preparedness plan for that country.  Each day we hear of more deployments of polio staff to address Covid issues in additional countries.

So what about polio itself?  The Polio Oversight Board made the hard decision to pause house to house vaccinations knowing that this may lead to an increase in polio cases. Polio surveillance will continue while also supporting Covid surveillance. The GPEI is working to ensure that once it is safe to do so, countries can be supported to rapidly resume polio immunization campaigns.   We will have a message in every country that vaccines, including the polio vaccine, stop viruses from attacking children and adults.  We must seize the moment to let every village understand that the polio vaccine saves lives.

For over 40 years, Rotarians have never wavered in fulfilling our commitment to the children of the world to end polio.  Today, in contributing to PolioPlus we are also addressing this evil Covid-19 pandemic.  The goals this year for contributions to PolioPlus have not changed.  The opportunity to do good in the world has only increased. If you or your club have not given to PolioPlus lately, today is the day to do so.  All funds donated are matched 2 to 1 by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation.  If your District has underutilized District Designated Funds, any allocation is matched 6 to 1 by the Rotary Foundation World Fund and the Gates Foundation.   And if you want to know more about how Rotary and the GPEI are addressing Covid-19 while not losing focus on eradicating polio, see  
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We Are Here For You
We are currently operating with minimal staff as a result of a regional stay-at-home order which runs through April 22. We will be doing everything in our power to meet your need-by date and we will keep you updated during this period. We ask for your patience as we navigate these extraordinary times together. We continue to be available by email, fax and phone, and will respond as quickly as possible. Placing your order online continues to be the best option. Even as this pandemic displaces "normal" and causes so much suffering in our world, we are here for you and we will stay in touch.
Order your outgoing officer and Rotarian of the Year awards, gifts and pins by April 20 and

Receive a $10 Russell-Hampton Gift Card FREE

(one per Club - $50 on a single order to qualify)


Posted by Dale Smith on Apr 08, 2020
The Mentor Rotary Club has repurposed the funds from our planned 2019/2020 grant for COVID-19 relief. Our project - Lake County COVID-19 Superhero Supplies -  will purchase personal protective equipment to protect those helping persons especially vulnerable to COVID-19 or with limited ability to help themselves.  In particular, the funds will purchase KN95 and cloth masks, PPE, thermometers and other needed equipment to 
1.  Protect Deepwood Foundation/Lake County Board of Developmental Disabilities personnel as they assist their residents who fall ill but are not eligible for hospitalization  
2.  Prevent the spread of COVID-19 by providing LCCOA and Project Hope for the Homeless volunteers and guests with cloth masks.
3.  Protect Meals on Wheels and other Lake County Council on Aging volunteers and personnel and their clients from the spread of COVID-19 by providing cloth masks.
We will spend at least 33% more than the original grant budget budget ($6054) - the vast majority of our members are donating their pre-paid lunch costs from our cancelled meetings toward this effort.   As of April 7, $8,154 have been committed to purchases for equipment.
Rotary District 6630 Leadership and Rotary International's great sense of urgency in helping us to re-purpose this grant and rapidly approve the same was vital to our response.  The grant was approved at 9:23 PM Friday April 3.  As of April 7, all materials are on order and in transit to provide a ten week supply of PPE as currently known.  In addition to member donations, the Mentor Rotary Club is requesting donations for future supplies for this project at  If these funds are not used in the current outbreak, they will be used to create contingency sets of equipment for future outbreaks.


Posted by Lynda Carter on Apr 08, 2020
The Lakewood Rocky River Sunrise Club created a food pantry that is hosted by Lakewood United Methodist Church. The club paid for and built the pantry. The church youth painted the pantry and the church had it installed last week. The contents of the food pantry has been emptied and refilled many times already. This is a photo of the pantry the day it was installed.


Posted by Jack Young on Apr 05, 2020
With all of the challenges of the Coronavirus in our world and with many Rotarians and their families are doing in house activities, one might want to learn more about the Fellowships in Rotary.  In addition you may want to educate yourself, your children along with your club  and at the same time  learn from others throughout the world those who have some of the same interest. 
With that I have listed below some of the various Rotary Fellowships for you to review.  All you have to do is go to Rotary Fellowships to connect to learn more about what they do throughout the world. Take care as we go through these challenging times and be safe.
Explore our fellowships - Interested in a particular subject?
Visit the group's website or email it to learn more.
Even though we are in a time where there are temporary changes in our life style, this might be the right time to educate our clubs, young people, Rotarians and Family members on the diversity of Rotary and how we can and have changed the lives of others through our Service Above Self.     
If you have any questions about these International Fellowships, please feel free to contact Rotary or me.  ( or 440-759-400)   Let us all use this time to further educate us on Rotary and how we connect the World as Rotarians.  Take care and be safe.
Jack A. Young, PDG 2005-06
Ohio Rotary District 6630
Chair - Rotary Fellowships
District 6630  2018-20
Fellowship of Scouting Rotarins - Chair 2018-20
InterAmerican Region (North, Central and South America)
Rotary International - Fellowship of Past District Governors (2019-21)
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Posted on Apr 03, 2020

We know that disasters can devastate a community, leaving people in urgent need of medical care, housing, and other necessities. Unlike most natural disasters, the COVID-19 pandemic is having a global impact that affects all of us. Rotarians like you are people of action even in a time of crisis, and Rotary is uniquely prepared to help communities around the world. 

Clubs and districts can apply for Rotary disaster response grants to support COVID-19 relief efforts. These grants can be used to provide supplies and medical care and to support rebuilding efforts. 

The Rotary Foundation Trustees recently approved placing $1 million in our Disaster Response Fund to make these grants immediately available for applications related to COVID-19. To make sure these grants can remain available, we’re asking for personal contributions to the Disaster Response Fund. Your contribution will support grants that help Rotarians care for and protect people in their local communities and around the world. Make a gift to the Disaster Response Fund now.

Thank you for your dedication and service on behalf of Rotary.

Gary C.K. Huang
Chair, The Rotary Foundation 2019-20
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Posted by Stuart Miller
Our club in the last week, in response to the Covid-19 out break, purchased 30 of these Aerosol Boxes to be donated to area hospitals that are currently treating Covid-19 patients.  This was out of a request from local anesthesiologist to find a manufacture for the Aerosol Boxes.  In quick fashion we were able to find a manufacture and purchase the material and get these boxes made.  The manufacturer is continuing to produce the Aerosol Boxes.  
These boxes were created by a Dr. who has been fighting Covid-19 in China and Taiwan.  This is a new technology and something that we should be working to spread the word about.
I believe that other clubs could step-up and purchase these boxes for their hospitals.  At the very least Rotary could act as a conduit to get the word out that we have a local manufacturer that is producing these critical protective equipment.  I just spoke with the president of Lake Health Foundation, they are requesting 6 from the lot that our club had manufactured.  We are also providing these to UH Geauga Hospital.  
The need for these boxes are both locally in our district but also in other areas of the country and the world.  Please take a minute and the click here to read more about the product.
If you have questions about how our club is involved feel free to contact me here via email or by phone at 440 384 2230.
Thank you,
Stuart Miller


Posted by Jack Young on Mar 30, 2020
In the March 2020 of our District Newsletter, I indicated there was going to be a special dinner event Sponsored by the Medina Legion on May 9, at Williams on the Lake for all Veterans.  I am working with all Rotarians of the District who are Veterans. 
Unfortunately, with all of the challenges with the current Coronavirus, the event for May 9th will be 

As soon as a new date has been established for this special Veterans Event, we will notify all clubs in the district to encourage their Veterans and family members to attend.  
Just like Rotary, the health and welfare of all veterans and their families is our primary concern.
If you have any questions, please feel free to contact PDG Jack Young   (440-759-4000 or  
Yours in Rotary Spirit and Friendship,
Jack A. Young, PDG 2005-06
Ohio Rotary District 6630
USAF Veteran 
Event Planning Committee


Posted by Dan Reynolds on Mar 30, 2020
Dear Fellow Rotarians!
Greetings from the budding shores of Rex Lake!
I am sure many of you are not surprised; camp is unusually quiet these days! Due to the COVID-19 outbreak we have cancelled programs from mid-March through the end of April.  We will continue to follow the guidelines from Governor DeWine and his team as when to consider reopening.  Our camp team is planning out different scenarios as to what camp will look like this summer.  Our goal is to begin providing meaningful programs to our campers and families as quickly and safely as possible.  Today, we are still planning on moving forward with summer camp as scheduled; we are hiring counselors and planning programs. 
Thank you to everyone who has reached out to the camp team.  We appreciate your support and love for our campers.  We look forward to seeing you at camp this summer for a Thursday Cookout and other events. 
If there is anything that you need, please do not hesitate to contact me. 
Be well!
Dan Reynolds 
Director of Endless Possibilities. Akron Rotary Camp


Posted on Mar 26, 2020
If you are having trouble viewing this email, view it online
Membership Minute
March 2020Ideas for strengthening membership
Connecting during the COVID-19 response
For more than a century, Rotary has connected the world through fellowship and service. The COVID-19 pandemic has altered our daily routines and forced the cancellation of many in-person Rotary and Rotaract club meetings and events. But even when we can’t hold our usual events, members have lots of ways to stay engaged, connect with one another, and serve their communities. 

Clubs can meet online using services such as 
ZoomSkype or GoToMeeting. All three platforms offer robust support, from their directions for setting up an account to helping with technical issues. Rotary and Rotaract members get a discount on Zoom through Rotary Global Rewards. Members can also connect with each other on social media and with services such as FaceTime, Google Hangouts, or WhatsApp groups. 

Learn how Rotarians and Rotaractors are staying in contact and keeping members engaged during these difficult times:
  • Read how the Zone 34 Rotary coordinators are maintaining membership engagement (hint: ingenuity and adaptability) and download their COVID-19 response guide
  • See how Big West Rotaract, a multidistrict information organization in the western region of North America, is connecting Rotarians and Rotaractors who are experiencing difficulties with others who can help. Look at its Rotary and Rotaract COVID-19 Mutual Aid form. 
  • Read advice from Charlotte Ahlberg, past chair of the Rotary International E-Club Committee, on taking your club online. 
  • Visit Rotary’s website to get more tips and guidance for holding online club meetings.
How is your club or district keeping your members engaged during the COVID-19 response? Share your ideas and resources or participate in a discussion in the Meeting Online group in Learning Topics. 
Professional and personal development opportunities

If you and your members are staying home and have time to acquire a new skill, remember the many professional and personal development opportunities available in the Learning Center. Online courses include options such as Mentoring Basics and Becoming an Effective Facilitator

Connect with prospective members

This may be a good time for you to contact prospective members who have expressed an interest in joining Rotary. Use this time as a chance to connect with potential members who may be feeling isolated right now. A simple phone call could increase their awareness of Rotary and help them feel connected. Tell the prospective member how Rotary clubs in the area are responding to the crisis and how they could help. Learn how to find them by managing your membership leads.   

Membership Minute is a bimonthly newsletter that provides the latest membership trends, strategies, best practices, and resources to help strengthen membership in your clubs. The newsletter is sent to Rotary coordinators, district governors, district membership chairs, club membership chairs, club presidents and subscribers. Please forward this to anyone who may be interested. 

One Rotary Center, 1560 Sherman Ave., Evanston, IL 60201-3698, USA

© Rotary International

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Posted by Jim Lechko on Mar 21, 2020
Over the next three months, I will be providing graphics for your club to use in your newsletters and on your website to promote a Paul Harris Society Campaign our District is participating in, along with our fellow districts in Zones 30/31.
Please include them in your newsletters and on your websites (CLICK TO DOWNLOAD THE ONE SHOWN BELOW).  I will be in touch with further details about the campaign in the near future.
Thanks in advance for your cooperation.  Contact me with an questions.
District 6630 Foundation Chair
PAUL HARRIS SOCIETY CAMPAIGN Jim Lechko 2020-03-21 04:00:00Z 0
TASTE OF THE WESTERN RESERVE Pat Costanza 2020-03-20 04:00:00Z 0
ROTARY IN ACTION Julie West 2020-03-20 04:00:00Z 0

Mark Daniel Maloney
President, 2019-2020
Dear Rotarians, Rotaractors, and friends,

Let me get right to the unfortunate news — the RI Board of Directors has decided to cancel the 2020 Rotary International Convention in Honolulu, Hawaii, USA. We are all part of the Rotary family, and your safety remains our highest priority. Like the more than 20,000 registrants who planned to attend this year’s convention, I am very disappointed. However, this is the right and necessary decision to protect the health and safety of convention attendees, as well as those who call Honolulu home.

At this point, we are unsure that Rotary could adequately protect convention-goers from the risk of COVID-19 infection en route to, during, and after the convention. We are also unsure if restrictions on travel to the United States will be lifted by June. We have heard from a number of you who voiced concerns about gathering at the convention this year. I also heard from many who were hopeful that we could continue with the convention as planned. The Board was very diligent and considered all the facts before taking this decision.

At this time, we kindly ask that you do not contact RI Registration to inquire about your registration, ticket or housing cancellations as we work diligently to inform all attendees. Here is an overview of our plans for handling refunds and travel logistics.

SPECIAL MESSAGES  from Governor John Reyes 3-18-20

Dear District 6630 fellow Rotarians and Friends:
I recently circulated a memo notice to all of you concerning Governor DeWine’s orders limiting public gatherings to those involving 100 or fewer people. Since that time, the Governor has issued multiple additional orders closing restaurants, bars, gymnasiums, and a variety of other types of facilities. Under the circumstances, in-person meetings are probably virtually impossible for all clubs at this time.
This of course leaves Club Presidents and club members with questions about what to do. Peter Tuttle (and all of your AGs) have been circulating a “Every Rotarian Every Week” proposal, which is one way to organize reaching out to all of your members on an organized basis. I highly recommend you look at it, or consider a similar approach. Check with your AG.
Beyond that, with the Governor’s mandatory reduction in meeting size to 50 or fewer, and with the Governor’s “strong” recommendation that no in-person meetings of 10 or more persons take place, I again ask you to consider holding virtually no in-person meetings. This recommendation is also supported by the special consideration to protect individuals who are at higher risk (60 years or older and/or with an underlying health condition). Please use your best judgment but also please err on the side of sustaining Rotary’s goal of disease prevention, and protecting our fellow Rotarians, families, and friends.
If any of you have other creative ideas like Peter Tuttle’s “Every Rotarian Every Week,” I ask that you share them with your AGs so the ideas can be a collection for further distribution. I am attaching suggestions (click here) we received from District 6690 for your review and consideration as well.
I look forward to working with you.
Yours in Rotary Service,
John Reyes
Rotary District 6630 Governor 2019-2020

Tel: 330.258.6469
View prior Messages on COVID-19 from Governor Reyes (click on date):
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Posted by Jack Young
Several weeks before attending the 20th Anniversary celebration of Shelter Box International, Ohio Rotary District 6630  PDG Jack Young, Chair of the International Region (North, Central and South America) was informed of a scouting Museum located Las Vegas.  Since he was speaking at the conference  celebration of SB  in Las Vegas and was not aware of the scouting Museum.  he contacted  Rotarian, Robert Lynn Horn in Las Vegas.
Jack learned that Lynn was also a scout, Executive Director and Founder of this Scouting Museum in Las Vegas. The museum is home of the World's largest collection of Boy Scout, Girl Scout and Girl Guide Memorabilia.  Jack indicates that the two story, 3,500 Square foot building on West Shara Avenue is one to see.  
There were items such as the Scouting Patch which went around the Moon on Apollo 8 with James Lovell; a scouting belt buckle that saved the life a a scout; an Extensive Display from all 23 World Jamborees 1920-2015; Lady Baden-Powell 1924 World Jamboree; over 450 Girl Scout Dolls; 4 Automatons of Scouting dolls from the Swiss Marchal Museum; the Golden Eagle of  Merit Top Girl Scout Award 1916-1919 (Only 1 known to Exist), a scouting crocheted emblem done by an Austrian Scout while in Auschwitz and scouting uniforms from 165 countries are on display.
There are also the largest collection of the Order of the Arrow patches ever assembled; individual  name  patches of those who lost their lives responding to 9-11 helping others; the actual Silver Buffalo Awarded to Burl Ives in 1986 along with thousands of other items and signed paperwork, scouting books and other items that are meaningful to scouts and scouting leaders throughout the world.  
In addition, there are at least 3 other rooms that have items are are being planned for future display.  Lynn spent over 3 hours going through the museum and with his knowledge and experience in scouting I could have easily spent another 3-4 hours looking at and hearing about what he has collected over the years to preserve scouting history and its impact on the world.  As a final comment, the museum is a first class facility,  well maintained by the several people who work there and certainly is a credit to both Scouting and Rotary. I also saw one document that had the name of Brian Thiessen on it.   If you or others are in the area of Las Vegas, I would recommend you take time to visit this facility.
One final comment, in the two pictures with this article is a special frame of pictures of patches from Ohio and sent to me from Brian and I presented them on behalf of all of you who are in the Fellowship of Scouting Rotarians. Therefore, this picture frame and patches from the FSR is now in this historical museum.  Thank you for all that you do for our young people throughout the world.  And thank you to Lynn who started this remarkable Museum.
Yours in Rotary Spirit and Friendship,
Jack A. Young, PDG 2005-06
Ohio Rotary District 6630
Fellowship of Scouting Rotarians - Chair
InterAmerican Region ( North, Central &
South America) 2018-20
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Posted by Steve Smetana
Chris Fulton, of the Fairlawn Club receives the
 'Unsung Heros' award from DG John Reyes.
FAIRLAWN ROTARY NEWS Steve Smetana 2020-03-15 04:00:00Z 0


Posted by James Yard
Rotary Club of Hudson Invites All District Rotarians
to its Thirty Sixth Annual Gala and 90th Year Celebration
The Rotary Club of Hudson announced that it will honor its past Club Presidents and Gala Chairs at this year’s celebration to be held May 15 at the Hilton Garden Inn, Twinsburg. It will also recognize the many Hudson citizens that have faithfully supported the Gala over 35 years by sponsoring, donating auction gifts and regularly participating in the silent and live auctions. As a result of the Gala and other fund raisers, $1,000,000 plus has been donated by Rotary to local and international charities and to college scholarships over the 35 year period.    
With Ron Strobl, Marilyn Orr and Kris Barker co-chairing last year’s Gala, over $45,000 net was generated for grants to Community First, The Gift of Life of Northeast Ohio, Boy Scout Troop 321, Hudson High School college scholarships and Service Learning programs and many community activities. Marilyn and Kris along with the Gala Committee will continue their dedicated efforts this year.
The featured beneficiaries of the Gala sponsorships and auction in 2020 will be:
  • The Gift of Life of Northeast Ohio, a program that the Rotary of Hudson has supported for many years. Funds raised at the Gala provide needed heart surgeries for medically struggling children in underdeveloped countries such as Haiti. Doctors from the area, some of whom live in Hudson, as well as local hospitals, donate their skills and provide facility access.
  • Hudson Community First’s “Uncharted Waters: What Every Senior Needs to Know Before Entering College”, a comprehensive full day workshop for all Hudson High School seniors to examine the challenges young people may face upon starting their college years. Topics include anxiety and depression, binge drinking, drugs, date rape, fire safety and overall wellness. Speakers include psychologists, lawyers, safety counselors, college administrators and college students.
  • Boy Scout Troop 321’s planned restoration of the historic Boy Scout Cabin located at Hudson’s Green on Main street downtown used by the Scouts for meetings and by the Hudson community for various activities. The log cabin was originally built by the Hudson Rotary in 1931 and is considered an important Hudson landmark. Founded in 1918, Troop 321 has developed leadership, personal and life skills in thousands of Scouts. Over the years, 145 local members have achieved Eagle Scout, a rank attained by less than two percent of all Scouts nationally.
Major sponsors for the 2020 Gala are currently being developed with the following committed to supporting Rotary again this year:
  • Kaulig Giving of Hudson-Platinum, lead sponsor, supports more than 30 non-profit organizations that assist the well-being of children, educational and health care institutions and non-profit organizations having a positive impact on the local community. Kaulig Cos. operates brands across a spectrum of businesses including consumer discretionary products, sports and entertainment, media and marketing services and finance and financial services. Some of their high profile brands include LeafFilter, Kaulig Racing, Kaulig Media, Kaulig Capital, LLC and Ellsworth Advisors.
  • Northwest Bank-Silver sponsor, providing J.D. Power award-winning retail banking services in the region, offers a team of people that like to take problems off their clients’ shoulders, “doing what it takes to make something happen, even when it is not easy”.
  • Akron Children’s Hospital-Silver sponsor, ranked among the best children’s hospitals in the country, taking a compassionate approach to treatment. Through a combination of treatments and patient experiences, their care does more than heal--it brings the entire family together for emotional support and understanding across multiple locations. A new facility opened in Hudson late 2019.
  • Forhan Family Foundation-Silver sponsor, established by Drew Forhan founder, President and CEO of ForTec Medical Inc, created to provide mobile access to technology and highly trained technicians on an as-needed basis for hospitals, surgical centers, medical offices and patients in more than 40 states.
  • University Hospitals, Portage Medical Center-Silver sponsor. UH, one of the nation’s leading health care systems, provides high quality, patient-centered medical care throughout Northeast Ohio. They offer the region’s largest network of primary care physicians, outpatient centers and hospitals and is an affiliate of Case Western Reserve University.
Major gifts for the live auction have already been announced including:
  • A comprehensive orthodontic care package for a child or an adult provided by John White DDS, MSD, owner of Smiles by White, worth $6500. White offers both Invisalign and traditional metal braces in that he can achieve the same results with both options at the same cost. He lets patients choose which treatment they prefer. White is recognized as one of the top orthodontists in the country.
  • An overnight stay, dinner and breakfast at the Spread Eagle Tavern and Inn, Hanoverton, valued at $500. Golf at the Zoar Golf Club, rafting on the Tuscarawas river and tickets to the Football Hall of Fame are available.
  • A sports convertible for the month of June or July generously donated by Don Sitts Auto Sales in Cuyahoga Falls, valued at $2500. Last year’s “ride” was a red 2019 Camaro convertible.
  • A unique dining experience for up to 14 guests created by celebrity chef Mitch Firis of The Blue Door in Cuyahoga Falls. Prepared at the host’s home, dinner will feature 4-5 courses of paired food and wine valued at $150 per guest.
  • A basket of assorted vintage wines chosen by Rotarians to please a range of palates, donated by the Rotary Club of Hudson Board and the Gala Committee valued at $500.
For information about becoming a sponsor, providing auction gifts or attending, please go to or contact Marilyn Orr at or Kris Barker at
HUDSON ROTARY NEWS James Yard 2020-03-15 04:00:00Z 0



At the Friday Saturday night Banquet of the 20th Anniversary Celebration of Shelter Box International, Ohio Rotary District 6630 PDG, Jack Young was presented ShelterBox's VISIONARY AWARD for 2019 in appreciation of his extraordinary service and Dedication to Shelter Box USA and Shelter Box International. Since 2005, PDG Jack Young has served on the Board of Directors of SB USA for 7 years; was chair of the Rotary Relations Committee, served on 2 CEO Search Committees for a new CEO and along with Rotarian Marsha Pappalardo, Jack were personally invited by the founder of ShelterBox to visit their home site in Cornwall, England in 2010.
Since his selection to the Board of Directors, he has been selected into the ShelterBox USA  Hall of Fame, is one of only 7 SB Ambassadors who has raised over $ 300,000 for ShelterBox in the past 12.years, and is currently the SB Ambassador for Ohio and surrounding States in the Mid West.
At the Celebration Event held last month Jack had the opportunity of meeting the co-founder of LuminAID, Andrea Sreshta and her husband John.  Andrea was the Key Note dinner speaker Saturday night.  LuminAID is the Solar light that goes into the Shelter Box that gives of light especially for the children to read in the darkness but also can serve as a small water proof pillow for sleeping.  Within the last year, Andrea and her business partner were featured on SHARK TANK IN WHICH THEY RECEIVED SIGNIFICANT FUNDING  FROM THE SHARKS TO TAKE THEIR ORGANIZATION TO THE NEXT LEVEL.
According to Jack, her presentation was very inspiring and it shows that through determination and hard work one can be successful.  Now at least one LuminAID Solar light is placed in each ShelterBox.  
Picture 1  PDG Jack Young is presented the Shelter Box Visionary Award, by ShelterBox USA CEO Kerri Murry.
Picture 2  PDG Jack Young with LuminAid Co-Founder Andrea Shreshta and her husband, John  Alum


Posted by Wayne Brodnan
Our Money is in Good Hands
Did you know for 11 consecutive years The Rotary Foundation has received the highest rating of “Four Stars” from the Charity Navigator.  This is a BIG deal because only around 1% of US charities are awarded “Four Stars”.  The Charity Navigator is an independent evaluator of charities in the US.  This organization finds TRF has a high commitment to accountability and transparency and strong financial health.  I am proud to be associated with a foundation held in such high regard!
So, how were our donations put to good use last year (2019 fiscal year)?  A total of $335M expenditures:
                $151M – PolioPlus
                $87M – Global Grants
                $26M – District Grants
                $5M – Rotary Peace Centers
                $12M – Other Grants
                $20M – Program Operations
                $34M – Fund development & General administration
If you have had the chance to be involved in a District or Global Grant you know there is much emphasis placed on sustainability and accountability.  TRF has developed a process which assures oversite by several Rotarians including club, district and RI.  I came across a quote from a regional Rotary Foundation Coordinator, Eric Kimani who said: “Anyone who knows Rotarians sees how we give of our time and resources. They know their money is in good hands”.   That says it all!
THE ROTARY FOUNDATION Wayne Brodnan 2020-03-15 04:00:00Z 0


This week's stories
Rotary is monitoring coronavirus outbreak
Rotary is closely monitoring the outbreak of COVID-19, the illness caused by the novel coronavirus, and continuously assessing the potential impact on Rotary operations, events, and training meetings. The annual convention is still scheduled for 6-10 June in Honolulu, Hawaii, USA.
Becoming active peace builders
Rotary’s peace program is expanding, pushing us from the point of being mere advocates for peace to being active and effective peace builders. Canadian Rotarian Chris Offer, a past district governor, writes about the exciting new programs that are making that happen.

SPECIAL MESSAGES  from Governor John Reyes 3-13-20

Dear District 6630 fellow Rotarians and Friends:
We are all aware of the extraordinary situation that is developing around us literally hourly. Many of these developments impact us not only personally but also in our role as Rotarians.
Our District has many activities that are in various stages of development or being carried out. At this point, we are systematically evaluating these in light of developments including Governor DeWine’s recent Order banning virtually all public meetings over 100 people, and closing schools for the next three weeks. Both the District and all clubs need to review and follow this order. The District Executive Committee is meeting on March 16, 2020 and additional announcements will follow. At this time, two important and difficult decisions have been made.
First, the All Ohio PETS conference has been cancelled, as previously announced.
Second, the 4-Way Speech Contest was to have occurred, at the District level, on April 11, 2020. Under the combined circumstances, the contest is indefinitely postponed.
As noted above, further information will be forthcoming. In the interim, please check with your local health department or the Ohio Department of Health for specific advice. My general recommendation, subject to Executive Committee review, is serious consideration be given to cancelling any meeting or gathering that will involve more than 25 people, with particular concern for those who are at higher risk which includes individuals 60 years of age or older and who have underlying health issues.
I thank you for your consideration and cooperation.
These decisions are difficult. Much time and effort have gone into planning and execution of many activities. But the situation is complex and not without risk to the health of our fellow Rotarians, families, and friends. We will all do our best under these circumstances and hopefully will all be guided by one of the Rotary’s primary goals, which is disease prevention. During this time, we need to make smart, challenging choices for the greater good, and I look forward to working with you to do that.
Yours in Rotary Service,
John Reyes
Rotary District 6630 Governor 2019-2020

Tel: 330.258.6469
SPECIAL MESSAGES  from Governor John Reyes 3-13-20 2020-03-13 04:00:00Z 0


Posted by PDG Jack Young
Just wanted to share the latest information from Kerri Murray, CEO of ShelterBox USA.  The ShelterBox team is being cautioned regarding giving presentations over the next month or so.  All team members are encouraged to call, text, email members and club regarding providing updated information on deployments and updated information on disasters occurring throughout the world.  We are also in continued contact with the World Health Organization regarding updates and suggestions on sending our response team members.  
With all of this going on in the world, ShelterBox, more than ever, needs the continual support of Rotarians, Rotary Clubs and Friends of Rotary to provide the basic support of shelter and giving those we serve the dignity of providing for their families.  Therefore, we encourage all of you to help in the financial effort of supporting our mission.
If you have any questions or would like to discuss further ways to help, please contact SB Past Board of Director and Ambassador, PDG Jack Young ( or 440-759-4000.  With everything that is happening, we as Rotarians and supporters of ShelterBox we will become stronger in helping those who need our support.    
SHELTER BOX NEWS - COVID-19 RESPONSE PDG Jack Young 2020-03-13 04:00:00Z 0


Akron Rotarians supporting Harvest for Hunger! — attending Harvest for Hunger Campaign Kick-Off Breakfast with Mella Hawk Castner, Julie Brandle, Nichole Major, Lynda C. Farkas and Christina Horak at John S Knight Center.

Thank you Wayne Homes, for your amazing support for
 Rotary Camp for Children with Special Needs!


Wayne Homes is at it again supporting the rotary camp! This year’s Portage Lakes Polar Bear Club Jump benefitted the Akron Rotary Camp and Ronald McDonald House of Akron. This year we had 8 jumpers and one chicken and we raised $785 as a team!! 
AKRON CLUB NEWS 2020-03-05 05:00:00Z 0


Posted by Steve Zabor
The Leadership Education and Development Committee (LEAD) is in the process of creating a exciting and informative program for the District Leadership Assembly (DLA) Saturday morning of the District Conference (April 25th).  Presidents Elect of all clubs should encourage their committee chairs, committee members and all interested club members to attend the program. 
There will be separate sessions  on Community Service Projects – learn about successful projects and how to implement one, Youth Programs – learn how clubs have engaged their members, schools and community in their programs, Fundraising Ideas – hear how clubs have raised the image of their club’s activities and raised funds, Growing Membership – successful clubs will share their best practices, and Public Image – learn about creative and successful public image efforts.
All five of these areas are critical to creating a Vibrant Club that engages its members, provides service to its community close to home and far away, maintains and grows its membership.
After participants have heard from other clubs in each area and had an opportunity to share their ideas and concerns with those in attendance time will be available for all members of a club to sit together to share what they have learned and to plan for the coming year.
The more members of a club that attend the greater the impact will be in the coming year.  We learn from other’s successes and failures and when we share our hopes and frustrations in an open, supportive environment.
Hope to see you on the 25th of April.
DISTRICT LEADERSHIP ASSEMBLY 2020 Steve Zabor 2020-03-02 05:00:00Z 0


Posted by Larry Faulhaber
The 2020 Annual Dinner and Auction Fund Raiser will be Friday, May 1 at 6:00pm at the Don Umerley Center in the City of Rocky River Civic Center complex at West 210 and Hilliard Blvd.  It will include a full course served dinner with cash bar, silent and live auction raffles.  Trials of Hope will be a major benefactor of this year’s event.   Tickets are just $30 per person.
The mission statement of Trials for Hope is to deliver dignity and hope to those who fall between the cracks, bringing wholesome food, personal care items, and warmth to the great Cleveland area.
In 2010, Trials of Hope founder, Johnathan Gray was gifted a large donation of trial-sized toiletries and decided to bring it to a local community meal. A line quickly formed, and the expressions of gratitude were encouraging, but a greater need was also revealed. Many in the community had needs and requirements that weren't being met by assistance programs and they had fallen between the cracks. Whether it was the inability or lack of funding to provide medical, clothing, or personal care - the community was struggling, and Jon saw a way to answer the need. Through dedication, personal connections, and tireless outreach to both the giving communities and those in need he has been able to continually answer 'yes' when those who struggle reach out for help.
As Johnathan began regularly passing out these trial-sized toiletry donations to various homeless camps throughout Cleveland, the individuals served began remarking “you give us hope.” Johnathan knew he had found a calling and formalized his outreach by forming the non-profit: Trials for Hope.  Ten years later, Trials for Hope continues to provide unending support to those in need. Johnathan Gray (founder and CEO) donates the most valuable asset anyone has - time - and does this tirelessly without taking any sort of salary for himself. Not only does Johnathon give his time to helping those who are most in need but he knows how to connect with those he helps as he was once in similar circumstances as them.
The Lakewood / Rocky River Sunshine Rotary club has been so moved by the work of Trials for Hope that they have joined in to help. The club packed over 200 toiletry bags at their last weekly meeting. In addition, on select Saturdays, the club assists in packing additional toiletry bags and frozen meat bags as well as helping to organize the Trials for Hope storage basement. While Johnathan is out distributing his donations to the community and purchasing more supplies from the food bank, he has little time to organize his inventory and the Rotary club has volunteered to help alleviate this issue.
In addition to volunteering time, the Sunrise Rotary club worked with neighboring clubs to help fund a walk-in freezer that will make short term storage of food easier. The funding was approved this past year and the freezer has been ordered, pending installation once the concrete pad is poured for installation.  The photo above shows Sunrise Rotary Club’s President, Lynda Carter giving a $6,600 check to Trials of Hope founder for the freezer purchase and installation.   Rotary believes in service before self and working with Trials for Hope is a perfect fit for our club.
You can help by supporting the May 1 Sunrise Dinner and Auction as a sponsor, auction item donor, and or attending the Event on May 1.  Tickets are just $30 per person. Contact Lynda Carter, or Jim Rowe
LAKEWOOD ROCKY RIVER SUNRISE NEWS Larry Faulhaber 2020-02-23 05:00:00Z 0


Posted by David Lariviere
Rotary Youth Exchange (RYE) Students enjoy a fun winter afternoon on the toboggan chutes and warming up with hot cocoa in front of the fireplaces at the Chalet in Strongsville. "They are midway through their academic year, 2019-20, living with their host families and attending schools in North East Ohio," said Robert Heydorn, Ohio Erie - District 6630 Chairman. "We are very proud that these highly qualified international students have been selected to be with us as we continue our year of adventure with the inbound, outbound and rebound students, families and Rotarians.  I am delighted by how well they are speaking English now, and wish them a safe, happy and exciting spring term. They are all splendid representatives of their respective countries and the Rotary Youth Exchange Program."
Alexis Lewis - Cuyahoga Falls, Auri Gaston - Cuyahoga Falls, Elin Na - S. Korea, Serena Abritta - Spain, Konsta Keranen - Finland, Christian Hoefman - Germany, Sergio Neto - Brazil/Medina, Thomas Packard - Aurora, Giulia Giugianpletro - Brazil, Kylee Maibach - Wadsworth, Jacob Vogelgesang - Medina/Chile, JP - Chile/Medina, Lydia Olin-Hitt - Akron, Viet Nguien - Cuyahoga Falls, Audrey Caroll - Akron, Casie Ackerman - Hudson, Phakawan - Thailand, Zoe Mayeur - France, Margaux Faure - Belgium, Juliet Aini - Aurora, Estefania Orpheu - Brazil, Zoe - Belgium, Julia Syme - Medina, Patrick Kelly - RYE, Bob Heydorn - RYE, David Vogelgesang - RYE, David Lariviere - RYE
RYE STUDENTS HAVE SOME WINTER FUN David Lariviere 2020-02-20 05:00:00Z 0


End Polio Now Indians game
July 29, 2020 against the Kansas City Royals.
The flyer is being finalized and will be out soon.
SAVE THE DATE 2020-02-20 05:00:00Z 0


Posted by Chelsea Talty
This year’s Interaction event at Aurora High School hosted approximately 300 students from more than 15 different Interact clubs. It was a huge success! For this year’s district project, students almost unanimously decided to support women’s shelters by donating needed items to help the shelters run as well as help women and children get back on their feet after a traumatizing experience. Our Interact clubs have already started collecting items to donate. All items will be brought together at the District Conference of Clubs on Saturday, April 25th, and Rotarians and Interact students will spend part of the afternoon that day organizing the donations to make them ready for delivery. Please consider helping the cause by donating items or making a monetary donation as an individual or a club! There are several items that are more valuable that we need the most help collecting, and we would love the help of every Rotary club in the district. We are working on an Amazon Wishlist to share with all Rotarians that will be available soon.
Higher value items are: Twin & Full Size Sheets, Twin & Full Size Comforters, New Bed Pillows, Coffee Makers, Toasters, Pots & Pans, Baking Dishes, and Tall Kitchen Trash Cans.
Additional items: Trash Bags (13 gallon and 30 gallon), Paper Towels, General Cleaning Products, Kleenex, Hand Sanitizer, Disinfectant Wipes, Liquid Dish Soap, Ziploc Freezer and Storage Bags, Bleach, Laundry Detergent, Mop & Bucket, Sponges, Hair Brushes, Hair Ties, Size 5 & 6 Diapers, Baby Wipes, Bath Towels, Shower Curtain Liners and Rings, Winter clothing, Bathing suits, Flip flops, and Pajamas/leggings.
Please contact Chelsea Talty at if you have any questions.
INTERACT/ROTARACT DISTRICT PROJECT Chelsea Talty 2020-02-19 05:00:00Z 0


Wow, “give where the need is greatest”, amazing how 6 little words can mean so much! When we give to The Rotary Foundation, we fuel our service projects not only locally but around the World. Projects that support our six areas of focus; Peace and conflict prevention/resolution, Disease prevention and treatment, Water and sanitation, Maternal and child health, Basic education and literacy. In other words,” we’re giving where the need is greatest”. Help support our humanitarian activities from local service project to global initiatives, by donating to The Rotary Foundation Annual fund.
Annual Fund contributions are eligible for the following donor recognition opportunities: Every Rotarian/Every Year; Rotary Foundation Sustaining Member; Paul Harris Fellow; Paul Harris Society; Major Donor; Arch Klumph Society.
Please join me this year and every year by supporting our Foundation. Visit our Foundation needs our support to give where the need is greatest- donate today!
Randy Rininger TRC of Port-Summit, District 6630 Annual Giving Chair
"GIVE WHERE THE NEED IS GREATEST" Randy Rininger 2020-02-19 05:00:00Z 0


As we approach our District Conference, let us Connect to each other by sharing our projects and experiences in the House of Friendship. This area gives our clubs not only the avenue to share their projects, but also the opportunity to meet other clubs that may be interested in helping. Many different types of media have been used for the table displays.  Fire up your imaginations and be the talk of our conference.
I have been a part of the House of Friendship at our past six District Conferences.  Each year I have set up tables for both my Club, The Rotary Club of Kent, and for the water projects that my club participates in, in El Salvador.   I have had the pleasure of talking with many Rotarians about our projects and through these discussion have been able to form new partnerships for these projects.  This has been a key fundraising strategy for our projects.  Let me ask this where else do you have the chance to reach 200 + individuals, who are focused on “Service Above Self”?   
Last year I made the challenge to our district for the clubs to be the most creative with their displays.  That was accomplished, we had 28 of the best, and most informative tables I have ever seen in the House of Friendship.  This year I am making another challenge!  This year let us all, whether you have a table or not, visit all the tables and find a club to partner with in their project(s).   Keeping in mind that this year’s Rotary International Theme is “Rotary Connects the World”.   Isn’t connecting our District the first step in connecting the world?
I look Forward to seeing you all on April 24 and 25 at OUR District 6630 Conference.
Lawrence Lohman
DGN, District 6630
Past-President, Rotary Club of Kent


Posted by Claudine Schooley
The theme of our Rotary year is “Rotary Connect the World”. Let’s make those connections in the program and by attending the conference!  
All Clubs, individuals and businesses are all invited to participate as sponsors in the District Conference program.  See the options below or click here!
There is a special offer only for Clubs that is  called Presidents of Action. For $100 your club can be listed in the conference program to show your support.
Registration to attend will open soon!
Claudine Schooley
Member of Akron Rotary Club
Steering Committee for the District Conference/Sponsorship


If you are having trouble viewing this email, view it online
 This is a partial excerpt from the
Rotary Service and Engagement news
February, 2020
Creating a more peaceful world
Through service projects, peace fellowships, and scholarships, our members are addressing underlying causes of conflict, including poverty, inequality, ethnic tension, poor access to education, and unequal distribution of resources.

During February, which is Rotary’s Peacebuilding and Conflict Prevention Month, you can build peace and mitigate conflict:
  1. Incorporate conflict resolution and mediation into service projects that involve local schools, orphanages, workplaces, and community centers.
  2. Support groups that are at risk of violence or persecution by providing relief to those who have fled areas of conflict.
  3. Participate in fellowship and service activities with Rotary clubs in other parts of the world to promote greater international understanding.
  4. Recruit candidates for a Rotary Peace Fellowship. Up to 100 peace fellowships are offered each year at Rotary Peace Centers at universities around the world.
  5. Support your district’s participation in the Rotary Youth Exchange program, which sends students ages 15 to 19 abroad to live in another culture and build international bridges.
  6. Join your district’s Rotary Friendship Exchange program to experience service, fellowship, or a profession in a different country while making new friends and fostering international awareness.
  7. Start an Intercountry Committee: a network of clubs or districts in two or more countries that strengthens global goodwill and service.
Below are some resources to help you get started.
Take action
Bring your project ideas to life with guidance from a Rotary Action Group:
Get support for your initiatives from these partners, too:
  • The Institute for Economics and Peace, an independent think tank, helps Rotarians, Rotaractors, and Rotary alumni address the causes of conflict and create conditions that foster peace. Use IEP’s Rotary Peace Academy — a free, online learning platform that includes interactive lessons and tools — to learn how to apply new peacebuilding methods and mobilize communities to address underlying causes of conflict. Learn more and contact the Rotary-IEP coordinator to get involved
  • Mediators Beyond Borders International works with clubs, districts, and Rotary alumni to build a more stable future by improving a community’s capacity to heal from conflict, reconcile differences, and prevent the escalation of issues. MBBI trains Rotarians, Rotaractors, and alumni to be peace facilitators and project leaders who can assist clubs with community assessments and peace projects and connect them with peacebuilding resources. Learn more (PDF) and contact MBBI to get involved.
  • Peace Corps provides opportunities for Rotary and Rotaract clubs to work alongside U.S. Peace Corps volunteers, training in humanitarian development to empower communities and connect them to resources that can brighten their future. By working together on water and sanitation, economic and community development, or basic education and literacy projects, Rotarians, Rotaractors, and Peace Corps volunteers lay the foundation for peace, stability, and prosperity. Read the Rotary-Peace Corps partnership fact sheet and inspirational stories of Rotary members who have been affected by the partnership.
Join the conversation in a peace-related discussion group and post your club’s completed project on Rotary Showcase.
Building Positive Peace in Venezuela
Through real statistics, Positive Peace helps identify the factors that make societies peaceful, prosperous, and resilient. As a professor of law, Mauricio R. Pernía-Reyes, president of the Rotary Club of San Cristóbal Metropolitano in Táchira, Venezuela, saw this as an opportunity to use data and tested procedures to start building Positive Peace in his community.
Read more about his efforts.
Some of our newest fellowships
Working together for peace
The Rotary Peace Fellow Alumni Association aims to unite peace fellow alumni, increase their networking opportunities, and facilitate their collaboration with clubs and districts to promote peace around the world.

Read more.
ROTARY SERVICE and ENGAGEMENT 2020-02-19 05:00:00Z 0

Message from Governor John Reyes February 2020

Dear District 6630 fellow Rotarians and Friends:
It is hard to believe that we are now well into the second half of the Rotary year—All Ohio PETS is less than a month away and spring will soon be here! In the past, many of our families engaged in “spring cleaning” to get our homes in order for the spring and summer seasons. A similar “spring cleaning” is a good idea for a Rotary club.
A Rotary club spring-cleaning should include making sure the “administrative” and “governance” rooms in your house are in good order. Transition to a new leadership team is not that far away and it will be helpful to existing and incoming leaders that these important details have been looked after effectively.
A checklist of governance items could be long and rather tedious. But it is important to focus on at least a few basics. My list is in part based on my experience in traveling the District these past few months and meeting with club leaders. From time to time I have come across a few administrative items that need attention.
First, on a “spring cleaning” checklist would be a review of club finances and club financial procedures. All clubs, regardless of size, handle money for a wide variety of reasons whether it is collecting dues, administering fundraisers, and even collecting “happy dollars.” These activities raise a number of questions. Does your club have an effective system in place to handle these monies? Is there a Finance Committee? Does your Treasurer provide regular reporting to the club’s Board and/or Finance Committee? Good governance requires a significant financial review and periodic audit, such as when changing Treasurers. Does your club operate in that fashion? Of course, there are a number of basic accounting procedures that need to be followed, such as term limits for Treasurers, double signature requirements for check, and the like. Does your club follow these procedures? If you have not reviewed these questions, now would be a good time to do so.
Another area that suggests “spring cleaning” tasks is your club’s Form 990. The Form 990 filed with the IRS asks a series of questions about policies that your club does or does not have. While the list is somewhat long, a few are relevant to every club. For instance, does your club have a conflict of interest policy? Does your club have a document retention policy? Basic good governance strongly suggests that all clubs should have these basic policies in place, as well as others that are appropriate to individual clubs and their individual circumstances.
Assistant Governors have been circulating the new Rotary International Policy on Adult Harassment. As all of you know by now, this policy in an effective form, must be adopted by all clubs in the District. In addition to adopting the policy, all clubs in the District must also be prepared to implement it effectively. If your club has not taken active steps to meet these requirements, I ask that you do so. If you need assistance, please reach out to your Assistant Governor for support, input, and reference to further help should you need it.
Good governance is not always “exciting,” but it is critical to an effective Rotary club and to attracting and keeping good members. Good Rotary members are rarely interested in remaining with an organization that is not effectively run.
On a different note, there are sure signs of spring popping up all around us. As I prepare this article, the Cleveland Indians are only a few days away from their first spring training game in Arizona. The days are getting longer, and as noted, All Ohio PETS (AOP) is less than a month away. AOP is scheduled at the Renaissance Columbus on March 13 and 14, 2020. District Governor-Elect Pat Myers and her classmates have been busy assembling an extremely impressive list of speakers, including Mike DeWine, the Governor of the state of Ohio, Holger Knaack, Rotary International President-Elect, Rob Raylman, CEO, Gift of Life International, and David Brown, Founder/CEO of the Harmony Project. The opportunities presented by these speakers are amazing.
In addition, Pat and her classmates, together with Steve Zabor and Alison Frye, have been working on creating an excellent curriculum for both Presidents-Elect and Assistant Governors. Of course, President-Elect Knaack will be commissioning club presidents on Saturday evening, March 14, 2020. This ceremony is not to be missed.
If you have not registered, please do so today (click here). The opportunity to learn with the best is available to you and I look forward to seeing you there.
Yours in Rotary Service,
John Reyes
Rotary District 6630 Governor 2019-2020

Tel: 330.258.6469
Message from Governor John Reyes February 2020 2020-02-19 05:00:00Z 0


Posted by PDG Jack Young
New CEO of ShelterBox International
Sanj Srikanthan
Past District  6630 Governor Jack Young, USA ShelterBox Hall of Fame member and former ShelterBox USA Board of Director was one of the presenters at the February 20th Anniversary Celebration of ShelterBox International in Las Vegas, Nevada.  During the conference, he met with the new CEO of ShelterBox International, Sanj Srikanthan of Cornwall, England.
Before Sanj joined ShelterBox International, he was the Senior Vice President of the International Rescue Committee for 10 years, worked at the United Nations office for coordination of Humanitarian Affairs, a Captain in the British Army and was the Emergency Field Director for responses in Mali, Liberia, Lebanon, Syria and Turkey.
20 years after ShelterBox was started by Rotarian Tom Henderson in Cornwall, England and with Global Rotary support, it has developed into an independent International Disaster Relief Organization that specializes in Emergency Shelter.  In 2010 PDG Jack Young and Rotarian Marsha Pappalardo were invited by the founder to come to the UK to visit ShelterBox International offices and the place where it started with the vision of one Rotarian.
During the first 20 years of its supporting those individuals  who have lost everything during a disaster, the staff and volunteers throughout the world, several key points are noted.
     1.  ShelterBox has supported over 1.5 million people around the world with emergency shelter
     2.  We have supported communities in 100 countries 
    .3.  We have responded to over 300 disasters in the world.
     4.  We have responded in the Philippines more than any other country, (27 times)
     5.  Our work in Syria is the largest and longest running response,  Since 2012 ShelterBox has helped over
          250,000 people during their conflict.
     6.  ShelterBox is a cutting Edge Charity that hand delivers Emergency Shelter and Tools.
     7.  Right now there are around 88 million people who have been displaced by Natural Disaster or Conflict.
     8.  In 2019, we have responded in 11 countries and provided aid to over 145,000 people.  
Jack gave a special thank you to all of the Rotarians, Rotary Clubs, friends of Rotary and the young people  who were concerned about helping those in the world who truly have needed our help during difficult times.
Rotarians and Rotary Clubs have been a significant part of the fellowship who has been able to help ShelterBox carry on its mission as a project partner of Rotary International.  It also should be noted that our partners in the field include:
     A.  United Nationals Human Refugee Council
     B.  International Federation of the Red Cross
     C.  International Organization for Migration
     D.  Handicap International
     E.  Habitat for Humanity
Along with this ShelterBox has received the high est Ratings from Charity Navigator (4 Stars) and was nominated in both 2018 and 2019 for the Nobel Peace Prize.  For those who would like more information on ShelterBox and how they can support this effort or who would like to have a speaker, please contact PDG Jack Young at 440-759-4000 or
Pictured above L-R:
 Beth Palmer, Founding member from the RC of Lakewood Ranch Florida who first brought ShelterBox to the United States and contacted Jack about serving on the board of directors in 2005.
Sanj Srikanthan, New CEO of Shelter Box International.
PDG Jack Young, Former Board of Director for ShelterBox USA and Hall of Fame Member.
Kerri Murray, President of ShelterBox USA

ShelterBox Deployment Update
Twenty years ago this year this year there was a gap in Emergency Shelter.  ShelterBox was created by a Rotarian in England to fulfill that need.  Today we are still passionate to see a world whee no family is without Shelter.   Our volunteers are at the heart of our mission and working with Rotary is both an honor and pleasure.
The Philippines:  We have finished our latest distribution.  After back to back disasters (3 earthquakes in October and 1 Typhoon in December) ShelterBox has provided over 4,200 families with Shelter
Syria:  We are finishing our distribution this month and will have provided aid to over 4,400 families. Since 2012, we have provided shelter to well over 50,000 families.
Ethiopia: Millions of People have been forced to flee their homes to the violent crimes and climate change. We have helped shelter over 3,000 families with Shelter Aid.
Nigeria:  Since 2009 the extremist group Boko Haram has been committing deadly attacks across Nigeria. The conflict in Nigeria continues to impact structures/villages and 7.7 million people are in need of shelter.  We have helped provide over 12,500 families in various camps with basic shelter.
Cameroon:  An area that is also supporting refugees, we have provided housing for over 7,000 families in several areas.
Somaliland:  Severe drought is devastating thousands of families forcing many of them to leave their homes and move to other parts of the country.  We have been able to support over 4,000 families with the basic items found in the shelter box to help them survive.
I have been asked about several other disasters occurring in the world.  At this time we have not been asked by the country to become involved.  Most of you know that before Shelter Box can go into a disaster area, we have to be invited into that country by the government.  If you have any questions please feel free to contact me.  (Jack A. Young, SB USA Board of Director 2007-14 440-759-4000 or  
We still need your advanced support so that we can respond in a timely fashion when we can help those in need.
Jack A. Young, PDG and SB USA Board of Director 2007-14
SHELTER BOX NEWS - FEBRUARY 2020 PDG Jack Young 2020-02-17 05:00:00Z 0


Posted by Dave Jones
Aloha Rotary District 6630:
Please join us at the 2020 Rotary International Convention, 6-10 June in Honolulu, Hawaii, to find and share your aloha. We hope to make it the most memorable convention yet and, with your help, have a record number of members from around the globe attend.
  • Be inspired by world leaders, philanthropists, and celebrities during general sessions.
  • Learn about international and local projects, enjoy live entertainment, and sample regional cuisine within the House of Friendship.
  • Experience the heart of Hawaii through a rich mix of cultures, cuisines, and traditions.
  • Explore thought-provoking topics and learn skills to strengthen your club through lively discussions, seminars, and workshops.
  • Connect with people of action from around the globe.
  • Form new friendships that last a lifetime.
As you plan your trip Consider:
Travel - Save between 2-10% on select airfares* when booking convention travel with United Airlines and select members of the Star Alliance network.
Visit the United meetings travel page and enter ZHJA582224 in the Offer Code box to receive your discount.
Accommodations - Get the best value in Honolulu by booking your hotel through Experient, Rotary’s official housing partner.
 See a full list of hotels and check current availability.
Other benefits of booking through Rotary’s official housing partner include:
  • One low rate, including taxes and fees
  • Transportation to convention facilities provided by Rotary shuttle service
  • Amenities including free Wi-Fi (vary by hotel, so please review the hotel description)
  • Discounted resort fees
  • Support before, during, and after your stay, including hotel staff who can answer questions about event hours and transportation
  • Options to fit every budget
  • Flexible payment options
  • Ability to manage your reservation online
Registration - If you have not registered consider the following dates and registration timelines
16 DECEMBER 2019 -
31 MARCH 2020
online, mail, fax
10 JUNE 2020
online, on-site
  • Rotarian
  • Spouse of deceased Rotarian
  • Rotary club or district employee
  • Guest age 31 or older
  • Rotarian 30 or under
  • Guest age 19 to 30
    (discount only available through paper form)
  • Rotaractor
  • Non-Rotarian alumnus
David E Jones
Rotary District 6630 on to Hawaii Chair
ALOHA! Dave Jones 2020-02-17 05:00:00Z 0


Posted by Susan Colville-Hall
Lydia Olin-Hitt (US to France) , Elin Na (S. Korea), Auri Gaston  (returned from S. Korea) prepare itineraries of their home town or host town.
Learning a song in Portuguese.
Teaching/learning Korean and Finnish:  Elin Na, Auri Gaston, Konsta Keränen
Learning Thai and German:  Phleng Theerawatananon, Christian  Hoefner,Audrey Carroll,
Molly  Kleintop, Zoé Mayeur, Margaux Faure, Lydia Olin-Hitt, Juliet Pintos, Claudine Schooley (Rotarian)
RYE students writing notes of gratitude
Phakawan Theerawatananon, Zoé Mayeur, Sergio  Neto, Auri Gaston and Juliet Aini  present "Be First"
Molly Kleintop, Audrey Carroll, Elin Na , Margaux  Faure, and Gulia present one of the Six Be's
RYE STUDENTS ENJOY CULTURE TRAINING Susan Colville-Hall 2020-02-17 05:00:00Z 0


Posted by Stew Buchanan on Feb 17, 2020
The CAVS, an exciting young team, and, The Rotary Youth Exchange students!
Come see the Rotary Youth Exchange Students participate in the “High Five Tunnel” for the CAVS players before the game with the Boston Celtics at 7pm on March 4, 2020.
Come watch Larry Nance Jr, Collin Sexton, Kevin Love , the newest CAV Andre Drummond and the rest of the CAVS team on March 4, 2020 at 7 pm against the Boston Celtics.
We have some great mezzanine level seats – Section M 203-rows 11, 12 and 13, for our Rotary and Rotary Youth Exchange game.
We will also have a pre-game get together for our group with a raffle for some CAVS items before the game. The get together will be on the Loudville level (Level 5) in the Overlook Lounge area located at the top of the escalator.  Take the escalator by the team shop on the main level to get to the Loudville area. Food and drink are available for purchase by the Overlook Lounge.
A great deal to see the CAVS and greet our exchange students.
Be sure to sign up soon for a great night at the “CAVS” game.
Any questions, call Stew at 330-607-1442.
Please see the flyer BELOW OR  
CAVS NIGHT FOR ROTARY Stew Buchanan 2020-02-17 05:00:00Z 0
ALL OHIO PETS REGISTRATION Pat Myers 2020-01-31 05:00:00Z 0

March 2020

Dear District 6630 fellow Rotarians and Friends:
We are all aware of the extraordinary situation that is developing around us literally hourly. Many of these developments impact us not only personally but also in our role as Rotarians.
Our District has many activities that are in various stages of development or being carried out. At this point, we are systematically evaluating these in light of developments including Governor DeWine’s recent Order banning virtually all public meetings over 100 people, and closing schools for the next three weeks. Both the District and all clubs need to review and follow this order. The District Executive Committee is meeting on March 16, 2020 and additional announcements will follow. At this time, two important and difficult decisions have been made.
First, the All Ohio PETS conference has been cancelled, as previously announced.
Second, the 4-Way Speech Contest was to have occurred, at the District level, on April 11, 2020. Under the combined circumstances, the contest is indefinitely postponed.
As noted above, further information will be forthcoming. In the interim, please check with your local health department or the Ohio Department of Health for specific advice. My general recommendation, subject to Executive Committee review, is serious consideration be given to cancelling any meeting or gathering that will involve more than 25 people, with particular concern for those who are at higher risk which includes individuals 60 years of age or older and who have underlying health issues.
I thank you for your consideration and cooperation.
These decisions are difficult. Much time and effort have gone into planning and execution of many activities. But the situation is complex and not without risk to the health of our fellow Rotarians, families, and friends. We will all do our best under these circumstances and hopefully will all be guided by one of the Rotary’s primary goals, which is disease prevention. During this time, we need to make smart, challenging choices for the greater good, and I look forward to working with you to do that.
Yours in Rotary Service,
John Reyes
Rotary District 6630 Governor 2019-2020

Tel: 330.258.6469
March 2020 2020-01-17 05:00:00Z 0


Posted by Steve Warren
Save up to 20% at, Harry & David, The Popcorn Factory, and more for Valentine’s Day. Rotary will receive up to 8% of your purchase. Use the promo code ROTARY at checkout.
New offers provide up to 5% cash back on purchases from more than 2,000 retailers. You can keep the cash or donate it to Rotary.
Rotary will receive up to 5% of your purchase price. Bookmark this special link — — and use it every time you shop.
Save on hotels by using the discount center powered by Hotel Engine. Members save an average of 26% off of 150,000 hotels worldwide.
A ROTARY MEMBER BENEFIT Steve Warren 2020-01-17 05:00:00Z 0


Posted by Jim Lechko

It's that time again!  Any clubs wishing to participate in The District 6630 Matching Grant Program for a district or global project during the 2020-21 Rotary year must have at least two members attend a Grant Management Seminar (GMS).  Ideally, the 2020-21 President and President Elect should attend but do not have to.  It is also recommended that the club Foundation Liaison or any club member involved in the projects attend also.  All Rotarians are welcome.
Grant Inquiries for district grants must be submitted in ClubRunner by May 15, 2020
Click on the link below to register for the GMS of your choice:
Mayfield Hts. Library
9:30am - 11:30am
In addition to attending the GMS, clubs must also:
-be current on District and International dues.
-be current on reporting for any existing district or global grants.
-in order to qualify for a grant during the 2020-21 Rotary Year, your club must   have an average per capita giving of $35 to the The Rotary Foundation (TRF)   Annual fund during the 2019-20 Rotary year.
-submit the Memorandums of Understanding (MOU) from TRF and (MOUa) from   District 6630 signed by the 2020-21 President and President Elect.
-enter your Club's 2020-21 Foundation Goal on line at the Rotary International   website.
Grant Inquiries for district grants must be submitted in ClubRunner by May 15, 2020.
Grant Inquiries for global grants may be submitted in ClubRunner at any time.
Jim Lechko
District 6630 Foundation Chair
GRANT MANAGEMENT SEMINAR DATES Jim Lechko 2020-01-17 05:00:00Z 0


Posted by Will Underwood on Jan 17, 2020
The 2020 District 6630 4-Way Test Speech Contest will be held on Saturday, April 11 at Theodore Roosevelt High School in Kent. Plans are well under way for another great contest, sponsored by the Rotary Club of Kent, which is celebrating its 100th anniversary this year. Contest Chair Will Underwood and Co-Chair Shawn Gordon have assembled an enthusiastic committee of Kent Rotarians who are working with the administration and staff of Roosevelt High School and local vendors to make this year’s contest a success. “I urge all the clubs in our district to participate,” said Underwood. “Connect with your local high schools and encourage them to sponsor student speakers. The winner(s) of your club’s contest can compete in the district contest in April. I invite Rotarians throughout the district to volunteer as judges and timers on contest day. You can reach me at"
4-WAY TEST SPEECH CONTEST is APRIL 11 Will Underwood 2020-01-17 05:00:00Z 0


Posted by Julie Brandle on Jan 15, 2020


APRIL 24-25, 2020

Registration will open soon. 

Rotary District 6630 Annual Conference of Clubs and  

District Leadership Assembly 

District Governor John Reyes 


Please join Rotarians, Rotaractors, and Interactors from across the district as we gather at the Sheraton Suites in Cuyahoga Falls April 24-25, 2020 for our annual Conference of Clubs and District Leadership Assembly. The theme of this year’s conference focuses upon assisting at risk youth and the keynote speaker will be the nationally award winning Summit County Juvenile Court Judge Linda Tucci Teodosio. Watch for registration details coming soon!!!

For more information: 

Julie Brandle, District Conference Chair 2019-2020

DISTRICT CONFERENCE and DLA Julie Brandle 2020-01-15 05:00:00Z 0

Message from Governor John Reyes December 2019

Dear District 6630 fellow Rotarians and Friends:
In a continuing attempt to focus our interests and efforts in developing membership through new and innovative ways, I need to update you on recent activities of the District’s Strategic Planning Committee. The Strategic Planning Committee has been looking at realigning Clusters in District 6630, beginning its efforts in this regard in the 2018-2019 Rotary year. During that Rotary year, the Strategic Planning Committee, chaired by PDG John Bosco, was asked to look at the question of if and how existing clusters within the District should be re-aligned in light of shifting membership patterns. Simply put, the District has had 11 clusters for a number of years. Those cluster include Ashtabula County (Andover, Ashtabula, Conneaut, Geneva, Jefferson, and Rock Creek Grand Valley); Cuyahoga County Northeast (Cleveland, Hillcrest Sunrise, and the Heights of Greater Cleveland); Cuyahoga County Northwest-Lorain County (Westshore, Lakewood-Rocky River, Lakewood-Rocky River Sunrise, North Ridgeville, Westlake-Bay Village); Cuyahoga County Southeast-Summit (Bedford, Chagrin Highlands, Nordonia Hills, Solon, and Twinsburg); Cuyahoga County Southwest (Berea, North Royalton-Broadview Heights, Parma, Strongsville); Geauga County (Burton-Middlefield, Chagrin Valley, Chardon, and Chesterland); Lake County (Mentor, Painesville, Wickliffe, Willoughby, Willowick-Eastlake ); Medina County (Brunswick, Lodi, Medina, Medina Sunrise, Wadsworth); Portage County (Aurora, Garrettsville-Hiram, Kent, Mantua, Ravenna); Summit County North (Cuyahoga Falls, Hudson, Hudson Clocktower, Northampton-Cuyahoga Valley, Stow-Munroe Falls); and Summit County South (Akron, Barberton, Green, Fairlawn, Port Summit, Tallmadge).
Due to the fluctuation in the number of clubs, what started out a number of years ago as clusters of relatively even size has now shifted so that at least one cluster—Cuyahoga County Northeast has only three clubs, while others, such as Summit County South, have six. Further, and unfortunately, the Medina club recently went out of existence.
As a result of these changes, the Strategic Planning Committee recommended to the District’s Board on October 24, 2019, that the clusters be reorganized, effective December 31, 2019. Most clusters will be unaffected. However, after careful consideration, the Strategic Planning Committee did recommend a number of changes which were adopted by the District Board on October 24, 2019. In the ensuing time, all Assistant Governors have been briefed and have been in the process of describing these changes to the various clusters. A summary of the changes is:
  1. Medina Cluster will be eliminated, effective December 31, 2019.

  2. There will be no change to the composition of the Geauga, Lake, Ashtabula, and Cuyahoga County Northwest—Lorain County clusters.

  3. The Rotary Club of Chagrin-Highlands will move from the Cuyahoga County Southeast Cluster to the Cuyahoga County Northeast Cluster.

  4. The Rotary Club of Tallmadge will move from the Summit County South Cluster to the Summit County North Cluster.

  5. The Rotary Club of Port-Summit will move from the Summit County South Cluster to the Portage County Cluster.

  6. The Rotary Club of Medina-Sunrise, and the Rotary Club of Wadsworth will move from the Medina Cluster to the Summit County South Cluster.

  7. The Rotary Club of Brunswick and the Rotary Club of Lodi will move from the Medina Cluster to the Cuyahoga County Southwest Cluster.

  8. Any Rotaract or Interact Club will remain in the same Cluster as the sponsoring Rotary Club when the changes in the various cluster become effective.

An endeavor has been made to accomplish at least two things. First, to better “equalize” the number of clubs in each cluster. While the perfect balancing is not possible, we have achieved a better balance.
Second, an endeavor has been made to place clubs, to the extent changes were made, where either connections have already developed or where there is the potential for connections to develop between clubs.
These changes, as noted, are the result of shifting membership patterns within our District. This is not the first time clusters have been re-aligned, and probably will not be the last.
You should know that the Strategic Planning Committee is now hard at work on the second portion of its charge originally adopted in 2018-2019. That is to carefully study our entire District to look for locations where new Rotary Clubs, of whatever type, might be started. This gives us even more opportunities to look at how we might grow our District, and thereby expand our reach, impact, vibrancy, and community involvement. We will certainly keep you apprised as these events develop, and if you have questions, do not hesitate to contact either myself or the Assistant Governor in your Cluster.
With regard to membership, has your club assessed its progress in gaining and retaining new member’s year to date? We are nearly at the half-way point in this Rotary year, and while the District has made progress in adding new members, that progress has been limited. Even though virtually all clubs are working hard to gain membership, your Membership Committee continues to work hard (having recently completed a successful Tri-District Membership Conference and having distributed well over two dozen Rotary Leads), our increase in membership has been limited. In fact, as of the time I write this, the District has increased in membership by 23. While that progress is welcome, I think it is fair to say if the District is to end the year with its first “net gain” of members in some time, we all will need to focus a little bit harder and stretch toward the challenge of reaching out for even more people of action to join us.
These are many ways this might be done, but one that your club might consider is looking at this year’s Presidential Citation for Rotary Clubs. As you can see with even a brief glance, the goals President Maloney asked each club to focus on are membership oriented. By example only, one of the five goals of the United People section is to appoint an active Membership Committee comprised of no less than five members, as well as to improve or maintain your club’s retention of current and new members by at least 1%.
With regard to retaining members, there are also multiple goals that clubs can and should focus upon, including increasing the number of members involved in service projects, or arranging for club members to tell your club’s and Rotary’s story. In summary, this year’s Rotary Presidential Citation is a “mini” membership plan in its own right. Consider using it for that purpose, and perhaps win an award in the process.
In closing, I want to wish all of our District members and their families a healthy and happy holiday season. We have much to be grateful for and much to look forward to as we move through the holidays. Please take time to reflect on not only the gifts we have received, but also the gifts we can give as we continue through a very exciting Rotary year.
Yours in Rotary Service,
John Reyes
Rotary District 6630 Governor 2019-2020

Tel: 330.258.6469
Message from Governor John Reyes December 2019 2019-12-22 05:00:00Z 0
Awards Celebration Becomes Party of the Year! 2019-12-05 05:00:00Z 0

DG Class of 2020-2021

Posted by Pat Myers
DGE Patricia Myers and partner John Laird attended the recent Rotary Zone meeting that included the Governors Elect Training Sessions (GETS).  Many others from the District took part in the Zone Institute and attended various sessions to continue to support Rotary and our District  and Club initiatives.
Photos DGE Patricia shared can be viewed by clicking hereIf anyone else has photos from ZONE, send them to us at and we will add them to the photo album.
The 2020-2021 Class will be serving under RI President Elect Holger Knaack (view bio here) who refers to his class as Holger's Heroes
DG Class of 2020-2021 Pat Myers 2019-11-11 05:00:00Z 0

Christmas Tour of Homes November 15, 16 and 17

Posted by Steve Zabor
The Rotary Club of Mantua popular
Christmas Tour of Homes
Four homes in the Mantua and Shalersville area will be open to visitors to tour prior to Christmas.
Each home will be decorated in the distinct style that is reflective the owners, giving visitors abundant ideas to inspire their own preparations for Christmas holiday. Homes on the Christmas Tour will be open November 15, 16 and 17.
Tickets for event will be $20 a person. Tickets will again be on sale at Mantua Station Drug Store in Mantua Village on the day of the event starting 30 minutes before the homes are open for the tour. On Fridays the homes are open to the public from 4:00 to 8:00. Saturdays from 10 Am to 4PM, and Sundays from 12:30 am to 4 pm.
Christmas Tour of Homes November 15, 16 and 17 Steve Zabor 2019-11-11 05:00:00Z 0

A Message from Mayfield HS Interact

Dear Rotary
On the behalf of Mayfield high schools Interact Club we would like to explain to you a little bit about our progress we have made thus far in 2019. Since the beginning of the school year we have gathered over 150 active members. Our club has partaken in many community service events. As the fall started, our club came to visit and help out with senior citizens at a local nursing home called Kemper House. One of our most popular events, Taste of Hillcrest, was a big hit with Interact members helping buss tables and serve drinks. During October, we engaged in many Halloween events by serving food, running games, and wearing spooky costumes at The Elementary and Middle Schools, as well as Mayfield Village.
One of our biggest volunteering events that is coming up this month is Leaf raking for senior citizens. We will be teaming up with three other clubs in our school and raking leaves for senior citizens who are not able to by themselves. The most recent event our club was able to help out with was Highland Hts Lions ClamBake to benefit Millridge elementary hearing program. We helped raise money by selling raffle tickets that was later donated to millridge elementary school. We have been participating in this event for three years now raising more attention and money every year, working with Lions Club of Highland Hts has been an honor and it allowed for an opportunity for our community to come together and help out for a great cause. Looking forward we wish to be more involved in our community and help organizations in our neighborhood that need our help.      
Jerry Turk, Kate McCartney and Mayfield Interact Officers
A Message from Mayfield HS Interact 2019-11-11 05:00:00Z 0

Berea Club News

Posted by Linda Kramer
The legend of Edgar Allan Poe
Tine Hreno tells Rotarians about American author Edgar Allan Poe.
Although American author and poet Edgar Allan Poe is best known for such 19th century macabre works as “The Tell-Tale Heart” and “The Raven,” he actually is considered the Father of the Detective Story. Tine Hreno, literary historian at the University of Akron’s Hower House Museum, told Berea Rotarians on Tuesday, Oct. 29 that Poe was an innovative writer. His “The Murders in the Rue Morgue” is a classic detective story and Arthur Conan Doyle considered Poe his inspiration for the Sherlock Holmes series.
Poe (1809-1849) was orphaned at 3 and felt rejected by his adoptive family. He struggled with alcoholism his entire adult life and probably died of alcohol or drug abuse, although the cause of death is uncertain.
Hreno said Poe’s reputation as a writer of horror fiction stems from a literary rival, Rufus Griswold, who wrote a slanted obituary of Poe, casting him as a depraved, drunken, drug-addled madman. Poe’s friends countered the accusations but Griswold’s obit was widely reprinted and accepted.
Hreno, a native of British Columbia, recently curated an exhibit at the University of Akon on 19th century horror writers, including Mary Shelley, Bram Stoker and Poe. Her husband, Travis Hreno, originally from Manitoba, teaches philosophy at the U of A.
Britnee Davis updates Rotarians on the BW Student Veterans Center.
BW Vet Center ‘feels like home’
Thanks to donations from Berea Rotary and dozens of other organizations and businesses, the new Student Veterans Center on the campus of Baldwin Wallace University “feels like home,” Britnee Davis told Rotarians on Tuesday, Oct. 22. Davis, a Navy veteran, is president of the BW Student Veterans Association.
She said the center is not only a quiet place to study and do homework but a comfortable spot for vets to talk and share common concerns. Randy Stephenson, the vet services coordinator, has an office there to offer counseling and a shoulder to lean on. But the veterans also lean on each other, helping comrades to adjust to civilian life.
“The military offers you structure,” Davis said. “You lose some freedoms – the freedoms to wear what you want, to live where you want, to move where you want.
“One day you have that, the next you don’t. I literally pulled off my boots and pulled on a backpack overnight.”
The transition can be difficult. Many veterans have to deal with the trauma of combat, sexual assault and other mental and emotional issues from their time in the military. The center is “a place to decompress,” Davis said. The veteran suicide rate is much higher than that of the civilian community. In fact, two BW vet students lost their lives in the past. Another was talked down just recently thanks to the vet center. “That’s why this place is important,” Davis said. “This place saves lives.”
BW has around 100 student veterans and another 25 students who are dependents of veterans. All are welcome at the student vet center, which was dedicated this summer with funding from Major League Baseball and the Cleveland Indians.
Berea Rotary Foundation donated $5,000 to furnish the center with comfortable couches, chairs, tables and a conference room on the second floor. Berea Rotary Secretary Jo Ann Solnick crocheted a blue and white blanket, which she presented to Davis for the center. Davis took Rotarians on a tour of the center after the meeting and placed the blanket on a couch in the living room.
Davis, who lives in Stow, was a military police officer for 8 ½ years and now is working toward a degree in human resources. She is interning at MetroHealth Medical Center. Her goal is to keep working on behalf of veterans.
“I have a passion for this,” she said.
Berea Rotary Secretary Jo Ann Solnick presents a hand-made blanket
 to Britnee Davis for the BW Student Veterans Center.
Kiva loans
Berea Rotary made five Kiva loans recently, bringing the total to 791 loans worth $19,825. The loans were made to Burkina Faso (food) and to Kenya (agriculture and retail). All loans were made to entrepreneurs on their third loan cycle.
Ron Isgro and Berea Rotary President Bob Huge
4,000-mile bike ride honors wife’s memory
When Ron Isgro’s wife, Carol, passed away two years, he wanted to do something to pay tribute to her and to thank Southwest General Health Center’s Hospice for caring for her in the Isgros’ home. Ron and Carol were avid long-distance bicyclists and travelers. What better way to honor both than a 4,425-mile trek from Washington State to Maine.
Ron traveled with Bill Myers of Pennsylvania, who planned the trip and made sure everything went smoothly.
Along the way, they visited some spectacular sights, such as Glacier National Park, and met some incredible people. “I fell in love with my country all over again,” Ron said.
His goal was to raise $10,000 for Hospice. So far, the total is more than $22,000. Ron said he is very grateful that the family of Rotarian Dr. Ed White requested memorial contributions in his name be made to Ron’s Ride for Hospice.
Strangers on his journey also donated. One couple wrote a check for $100. When they mete up with Ron again a few miles down the road, they changed the amount to $1,000.
Ron called the trip a metaphor for life. “In the morning, we would see blue skies and hear the birds. By afternoon, there would be hills and headwinds. A tailwind in the evening let us cruise along,” he said. “Isn’t that like life?”
A retired teacher and coach, Ron, 81, said he couldn’t see himself sitting at home watching TV. “That’s not life,” he said. “Look what I’m seeing! And it gives me time to think.”
BW Rotaract adviser Marc West helps Rotaractors Noah Kostick and Drew Kopchak hand out goodies
 to trick-or-treaters at Berea's Harvest Fest at Coe Lake Park on Oct. 12.
Rotaractors Kaylee McKee (in the bee costume), Maddie and Grant staff the BW table. Harvest Fest was along the Nature Trail at Coe Lake.
Berea Club News Linda Kramer 2019-11-11 05:00:00Z 0

Giving and Grants: Helping communities recover

From Rotary International
If you are having trouble viewing this email, view it online
Giving & Grants
November, 2019
Take action to create positive change locally and globally
Helping communities recover after disasters
Rotary members and The Rotary Foundation play a unique role in disaster recovery and rebuilding efforts. Through Rotary’s Disaster Response Fund and disaster response grants, clubs worldwide can now make a tremendous difference in communities affected by disasters like Hurricane Dorian.
Give the gift of Rotary
The charitable season kicks off 3 December with Giving Tuesday, an online movement that celebrates and encourages giving to make the world a better place. This year, make The Rotary Foundation your charity of choice. A donation to the Foundation helps build sustainable communities around the world.

The Rotary Foundation supports the work of Rotarians who provide lasting solutions to their communities’ most pressing needs. But our work is far from finished. You can help us continue to make a difference by giving the gift of Rotary. With your support, we can make lives better in your community and around the world.
Managing your grants using reports
Use the reports on My Rotary to manage your grant activities. A guide to using reports that can help you with grants shows you how to see your grants by sponsor, participation, location, and more. These reports are especially helpful if you’re a district leader who wants to see the status of every grant application in your district. 

Looking for advice on your grant projects? The Rotary Foundation Cadre of Technical Advisers can help! My Rotary also has a report that lists Cadre members. Send any questions you have about these reports to

Programs of scale grants coming soon
Programs of scale grants are a new type of grant from The Rotary Foundation. The Foundation will award one grant to a club or district each year in a competitive, two-step process that includes a proposal and application. The process begins in January, and the Foundation Trustees will award the first grant at their October/November 2020 meeting.

These grants support activities that last three to five years, benefit a large geographic area or a large number of people, and are aligned with one or more of Rotary’s areas of focus. The grant award is $2 million. No additional Rotarian funding is required. However it is anticipated that Rotarians will leverage additional resources from partnering organizations. These grants don’t require an international Rotary partner, but the activities must be implemented by working with a partner organization. They will fund only activities that have been used successfully in the past. New or untested activities aren’t eligible. Send questions to
© Rotary International
One Rotary Center, 1560 Sherman Ave., Evanston, IL 60201-3698, USA
Giving and Grants: Helping communities recover 2019-11-11 05:00:00Z 0

Strongsville forum will address human trafficking

Posted by Ken McEntee
Sex and labor trafficking can happen anywhere, and often happens in plain sight. Knowing what to look for may save the life of a victim – maybe a teenager who you know.
The Strongsville Rotary Club, in cooperation with the Collaborative to End Human Trafficking, will host its Third Annual Community Forum on Human Trafficking on Wednesday, November 13, from 6:30 to 8:30 p.m. at Strongsville Middle School. The free educational event is geared toward adults and teens.
Contrary to what many people believe, human trafficking – a multi-billion dollar criminal activity - doesn't only happen in remote countries or large cities. And it usually doesn't involve snatching victims off the street like it does in the movies. Most often, clever predators manipulate victims into situations in which they become physically and/or emotionally controlled and are unable to escape.
Human trafficking is happening in towns all over Cuyahoga County, said Cleveland Municipal Court Judge Marilyn B. Cassidy, who oversees a special docket for human trafficking cases and is one of the featured speakers at the forum.
Speakers will discuss the current state of human trafficking activity in Greater Cleveland and what parents, teens and other community members can do to help prevent it.
Judge Cassidy will explain how the specialized docket for human trafficking survivors works to help them recover and transition toward normal lives by providing trauma counseling, housing, addiction recovery services and other support services.
She also will talk about bringing consumers to justice and arresting and prosecuting traffickers.
Alicia Ley, senior director of safe housing at Rahab Ministries, of Fairlawn, will discuss:
  • What is human trafficking and what does it actually look like right here in Northeast Ohio?
  • What is Rahab doing to combat this form of modern day slavery?
  • What can you do to be a part of the solution?
Along with other services for sex trafficking victims, Rahab operates a juvenile safe house for females between the ages of 11 and 17.
Dave Frattare, commander of the Ohio Internet Crimes Against Children (ICAC) Task Force, and Kathleen Caffrey, statewide outreach coordinator for ICAC, will discuss:
  • Tools and knowledge to protect yourself and your children from the dangers of the Internet, mobile apps, sharing personal information and online interactions;
  • The the dangers of popular Internet sites and mobile apps, problem areas and potential red flags;
  • Cyberbullying and sexting, and the consequences associated with these dangerous trends.
Social media sites - accessible to any kid with a cell phone - have become the main recruiting tools for child sex traffickers, the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children (NCMEC) warns.
“Traffickers will often seize any available opportunity to seek out a potential victim, including in-person tactics at malls, bus stops, walking to and from school and outside of group homes,” according to an NCMEC fact sheet. “However, the majority of traffickers now recruit children online through social networking apps and sites, and use the information obtained through these methods to relate to and build trust with children more quickly.”
The forum is free and all are invited. The information is targeted to parents and adolescents, but because of the mature subject matter, parents should use their discretion about bringing young children. 
The Strongsville Rotary is one of more than 40 organizations that are a part of the Collaborative's Greater Cleveland's Coordinated Response to Human Trafficking, which includes law enforcement, healthcare, social service, religious groups and business organizations who are working together to provide a safety net in northeast Ohio for those victimized by this crime.
The free public forum will be held on Wednesday, November 13, from 6:30 to 8:30 p.m., at Strongsville Middle School, 13200 Pearl Road, Strongsville, Ohio 44136. An RSVP is not required, but appreciated. To RSVP, or for more information, contact Jeff Ellis ( or Ken McEntee (
Strongsville forum will address human trafficking Ken McEntee 2019-11-11 05:00:00Z 0

Giving Tuesday 

Posted by Wayne Brodnan
Giving Tuesday – December 3rd 
Another opportunity is presenting itself for a way to bolster our Foundation.  This will be the 8th year Giving Tuesday will be celebrated.  Giving Tuesday was founded in 2012 by The United Nations and New York’s 92nd Street Y as a day dedicated to charitable giving.  In 2018 our Foundation received more than 1100 gifts totaling $321,000 on that day.  November, being Rotary Foundation month, is a great time for us to spread the word about the GOOD we do. Please plan to spread that word within your club this month.
Traditionally we give to the Annual Fund and Polio Plus.  The Annual Fund is important because it brings back dollars to our clubs to support our homegrown local and international projects.  Polio Plus is near and dear to each of our hearts as we together fight to eradicate a terrible disease.  Did you know that the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation is matching 3 dollars for every dollar Polio Plus receives this year?
There are 2 easy ways to make your contribution!  Online giving,, is a snap and you can reap the benefits of credit card rewards.  Online giving also benefits the Foundation by reducing administration costs and bringing donations in faster.  Another way to contribute is TRF Direct, which provides a way to give, on an ongoing basis, thereby providing our Foundation a more consistent flow of funding.
Our District 6630 goal this year is that every Rotarian give something (EREY).  Whichever way you decide to give is your choice but consider a donation to help do GOOD!
Wayne Brodnan
District 6630, Fundraising Chair
Giving Tuesday Wayne Brodnan 2019-11-11 05:00:00Z 0
Speaker Suggestion for your Club 2019-11-11 05:00:00Z 0
New Youth Exchange Graphics 2019-11-11 05:00:00Z 0

Medina Rotary Sponsors The Inkspot - Medina County Schools Literary Magazine

Posted by David Lariviere
Superintendent William Koran, Chris Rutledge and Jacinda Yonker, from the Educational Service Center (ESC) of Medina County, present the 31st edition of the INKSPOT to Medina Sunrise Rotary and thanked Rotary for their continued sponsorship of Medina County Schools' Literary Magazine. First published in1986-1987, the INKSPOT showcases exceptional and unique pieces of prose, poetry, and artwork. This literary review highlights the imaginations and creative thoughts of today's youth in Medina County.
The Father of our Country, President George Washington, wrote, "To encourage literature and the arts is a duty which every good citizen owes his country."  "This 31st edition of the INKSPOT proves that the art of writing is alive and well in the schools of Medina County," stated Superintendent Koran.
Medina Sunrise Rotary dedicates the INKSPOT to the 27,000 students in Medina County and to Rotary International's goal of encouraging and achieving global literacy. Whether Rotarians work to eliminate poverty, polio, or hunger, it all starts with education and literacy.  As B. B. King, the King of the Blues, wrote, "The beautiful thing about learning is that no one can take it away from you!"
PHOTO (L to R):
Cloverleaf Schools Superintendent Dr. Daryl Kubilis, Jacinda Yonker - Medina ESC Director of Curriculum & Gifted Programs, Chris Rutledge - Cloverleaf Schools Gifted & Talented Programs, Buckeye Schools Superintendent Kent Morgan, Medina ESC Superintendent William Koran
Medina Rotary Sponsors The Inkspot - Medina County Schools Literary Magazine David Lariviere 2019-11-11 05:00:00Z 0

Understanding the Hudson Rotary Foundation and its Good Works

Posted by James Yard
The Rotary Club of Hudson’s 501©3 Foundation has been an integral part of our community’s civic and charitable well being for over 20 years, granting over three quarters of a million dollars to various projects. Following is a brief overview of the causes supported and the process of Foundation grant making.
What causes do both Rotary International and the Rotary Club of Hudson subscribe to?
  • Promoting peace
  • Fighting disease
  • Providing clean water
  • Saving mothers and children
  • Growing local economies
How much of a local impact has the Rotary Club of Hudson made?
  • Donated over $750,000 to youth education and scholarships, Hudson community projects and local related international health causes.
  • Involved Hudson citizens and leaders in numerous community projects where they contribute their time and talent.
What does the Rotary Club of Hudson provide through its Foundation?
  • College scholarships
  • Hudson High School seniors college preparation
  • Boy Scout facilities and activities support
  • Life saving heart surgeries for third world children
  • Emergency Medical Service equipment and RUOK program
  • Hudson Library and History Center support
  • Hudson Cable TV funding
  • Music from The Western Reserve
  • The Hudson Job Search
  • Santa on the Green
How does the Hudson Rotary Foundation raise funds?
  • The Rotary Club of Hudson Annual Gala which generates approximately $50,000 per year.
  • The Holiday time sale of gourmet popcorn and long stem red roses with over $7,000 in sales.
  • Through joint programs with Rotary International
How do you participate in Rotary Foundation projects and activities?
  • Join the 300 local citizens at the Rotary Gala in May
  • Buy popcorn and roses from Rotarians in November
  • Join the Rotary Club of Hudson to add your talents to our projects
Where can you apply for a Rotary Foundation grant?
For more information about the Rotary Club, its weekly speakers and ongoing community projects, please check our website, The Hudson Hub-Times, Facebook, YouTube and HCTV Channel 1021.Join us as a guest at a weekly breakfast meeting from 7:15 to 8:30 a.m. held at the Laurel Lake Retirement Community by contacting Rich Warfield at
Join us as a guest for Foundations month in November.
Understanding the Hudson Rotary Foundation and its Good Works James Yard 2019-11-11 05:00:00Z 0

Rotary Club of Cuyahoga Falls Sponsors Interact Club

Posted by Rick Pollak
11 October 2019
District: 6630
Rotary Club of Cuyahoga Falls
Dear sponsors:
It is with great pleasure that we send you the enclosed charter certificate for the new Interact Club of Bolich Middle School, sponsored by your club. Please sign the certificate for presentation to the new club.
Congratulations and best wishes to all who worked so hard to establish this Interact club. The investment in these young leaders of your community will undoubtedly produce great rewards in the future!
Please contact us if we can be of further assistance. Sincerely,
Karen Segura-Medina Programs Specialist
Programs for Young Leaders and Alumni Relations
+1 866-976-8279 (toll free) | +1 847-866-3000
Rotary Club of Cuyahoga Falls Sponsors Interact Club Rick Pollak 2019-11-11 05:00:00Z 0

Message from Governor John Reyes November 2019

Dear District 6630 fellow Rotarians and Friends:
I would like to continue to explore potential ways to increase membership in our district.  With one collective goal of extending our reach, increasing our impact and attracting people of action we need to look at new and innovative ways of adding members.  Adding new members in new and innovative ways is central to President Mark Maloney’s goals for this rotary year. 
There are at least eight “models” of a rotary club.  Some are longstanding, others are relatively new.
The “Traditional Rotary Club” has been with us since 1905.  A “traditional” club generally consists of professionals and aspiring leaders who meet regularly for service, connections and personal growth.  This type of club tends to appeal to people looking for connections, service opportunities and traditions.  Learn more at Start a Club.
The second model is a relatively new one known as a Satellite Club.  The Satellite Club is one that is sponsored by a traditional club but has its own meetings, projects, bylaws and board.  It also only takes eight members to charter a Satellite Club as opposed to 20 members to charter a Traditional Rotary Club.  This type of club often appeals to those who want a club experience or meeting format or time other than what’s offered by the traditional clubs in the area.  You can learn more by downloading the Guide to Satellite Clubs
Another relatively new and innovative model is the “E-Club.”  This is a type of club that varies widely in its design but the common thread is that it meets primarily online.  This type of club appeals to people who travel frequently, whose schedules make it difficult to meet in person, or who prefer an online experience.  Juleta Craig and Kathryn Craig are currently working on creating this type of club and if you are interested you can reach them at or  You can also learn more about the E-Club at Online Club Meetings.
A fourth model is a “Passport Club.”  This type of Rotary Club allows members to attend other Rotary Club meetings as long as they attend a specified number of meetings that are in their own club each year.  A Passport Club also appeals to people who travel frequently or those who enjoy trying a variety of club experiences and meeting a lot of new people.  You can learn more about this by downloading the Guide to Passport Club.
Another new and exciting club model is the “Corporate Club.”  This type of club has members (or most of them) who work for the same employer.  This club will appeal to employees of an organization who want to come together to do good in their community. 
Rotary also has “Alumni-based Clubs.”  This type of club is one whose members (or most of them) are former Rotary or Rotary Foundation program participants.  This club generally appeals to people who have participated in Rotary outside of the club setting. 
If any of these models spark your interest, do not hesitate to reach out to me or to Jim McKee ( with questions.
I would be remiss if I did not reference our recently completed Tri-District Membership Summit held at the Stanton Middle School in Kent on October 26, 2019.  Approximately 150 participants from Districts 6600, 6630 and 6500 attended.  We had 100 participants from District 6630 representing 40 of our 52 Clubs!  The work of past district governors Steve Zabor and Mike Davanzo, together with many others who created an innovative and effective curriculum based upon small group discussion, was outstanding.  The results and reviews have been excellent.  My sincere thanks to all of those who took part in preparing and presenting this event and my special thanks to those who attended. 
Remember the rapidly approaching Annual Foundation Awards Celebration.  The event will take place on Thursday, December 5, 2019, beginning at 5:30 p.m. at the Bridge View Room, Windows on the River, 2000 Sycamore Street, Cleveland, OH.  The theme this year is Holidays Around the World and registration is open. 
Much of what we do is supported by and in many instances only possible because of the resources of the Rotary International Foundation.  This Awards Celebration gives us an opportunity to thank the many people whose generosity and continuing support allows the Foundation to assist us all in doing good.  Please take the time to attend and you will not be disappointed.  The famous Dessert Dash is back as is the Ugly Holiday Sweater competition.
You can register at or call 330-495-9814 and I look forward to seeing you there.
John Reyes
Rotary District 6630 Governor 2019-2020

Tel: 330.258.6469
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People of Action 2019-10-24 04:00:00Z 0

LEAD News for October

Posted by Ryan Knotts
Notes from the District 6630 Leadership, Education, and Development (LEAD) Committee.
We are already a third of the way through the Rotary Year. Our ability to make a difference in the lives of others is both finite and substantial. One of those ways to make an impact is the continuous development of existing and future club leaders. How are you evolving in your leadership style? Who are you involving in your leadership journey? Who will be in line to take over when your formal position ends, and what have you done to help prepare them?
I strongly encourage you to visit the Learning Center on Rotary International’s website to find courses that can help you and that you can share with others (  An additional bit of information can make the difference in recruiting one more member, running a successful club meeting, or making a lasting impact through service.
One opportunity where you can gather a myriad of insightful information is the Tri-District Membership Seminar on Saturday, October 26 in Kent. Click to Register to attend this awesome program.
Another place to learn valuable information is PETS 1 on Saturday, November 23 at the Akron Rotary Camp from 7:30 AM – 2:00 PM. Click to Register. We need each club to send their President-Elect or a representative from the club to acquire valuable information on leading your club for the 2020-2021 Rotary Club Year. 
For those already in the President Elect position and looking to get a head start on your year, be sure to review the Lead Your Club President Manual (click here or copy and paste this link into your browser  Before PETS 1, I would suggest reviewing Section 1 (Planning Your Year), Section 2 (Leading Rotarians), and Section 5 (Strengthening Your Membership).
Upcoming Development Opportunities
If there are any additional ways the LEAD Committee can be of help, please reach out to me at
LEAD News for October Ryan Knotts 2019-10-16 04:00:00Z 0


Posted by Beverly Ghent-Skrzynski
Candidate Applications Due for 2022-2023 District 6630 Governor
and must be postmarked no later than October 18, 2019. 
2018-2019 Nominating Committee Chair,
PDG Beverly Ghent-Skrzynski 
at or 440-915-4992 with any questions. 
IMPORTANT REMINDER Beverly Ghent-Skrzynski 2019-10-16 04:00:00Z 0

Celebrating World Polio Day October 24, 2019

Posted by Stew Buchanan
Polio still needs to be eradicated as there are still cases of polio in Afghanistan and Pakistan. Rotary International feels there are 5 reasons to eradicate polio. They are:
  1. To Improve lives
  2. To invest in the future
  3. To improve child health
  4. To save money
  5. To make history
All great reasons which not only address the effects the illness has on children but their parents, village or city and the financial burdens on the economy of the area in which they live. Wouldn’t it be great to make history by getting rid of polio in the world?
October 24th, World Polio Day, is just around the corner and your club’s plan for hosting an event should be well underway. All clubs in District 6630 should be planning an event for World Polio Day. It can be as easy as collecting all of the “ Happy Dollars” in October designating that money for World Polio Day. The Rotary Club of Strongsville is participating in that event. Or you can organize a concert like the Rotary Clubs in Reggio Calabria, Italy are doing. Whatever you are doing, please register the event with Rotary International so the Rotary World can applaud your contribution.
Help eradicate polio world wide—Celebrate World Polio Day on October 24th.   And remember—we are this close!
Celebrating World Polio Day October 24, 2019 Stew Buchanan 2019-10-14 04:00:00Z 0

Berea News in October

Posted by Linda Kramer
Berea Rotary’s Unsung Hero
Berea Rotary President Bob Huge and District Governor John Reyes present Jo Ann Solnick with the Unsung Hero Award for her enthusiasm and volunteerism for Rotary projects. Jo Ann is Berea Rotary’s secretary and all-time cheerleader. Congratulations, Jo Ann!!

The Rotary Club of Berea presents
Author Tine Hreno
Tuesday, Oct. 29
6:30 p.m.
Colony Room, BW’s Strosacker Hall
125 Tressel St., Berea
On 19th Century horror writers
Mary Shelley (“mother” of Frankenstein)
Bram Stoker (Dracula)
Edgar Allen Poe (quoth the Raven ‘Nevermore’)
Tine Hreno currently has an exhibit at the University of Akron’s Hower House Museum
RSVP to Linda Kramer

Fall means it’s clambake time!
Berea Rotary President Bob Huge and Judy Stull hosted the club’s annual clam bake on September 24. Catering was by the Corkscrew Tavern of Medina. Rotarians and guests dined on clam chowder, broth, a dozen clams, chicken, corn on the cob, sweet potatoes, baked potatoes and date and nut cake from Dick’s Bakery in Berea.
Thanks to Bob Huge and Judy Stull for hosting Berea Rotary's annual clambake.
Enjoying the clam chowder are Judy, Bob, Sandy Hammer and Diane White.
PDG Corner: Bev Skrzynski, Jim McKee and Dave Skrzynski.
Hilary Wilson Jr. and Yvonne Fulimeni
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Brandle Accepts AG Position for South Summit Cluster

Julie Brandle was honored to accept the position of AG upon the request of 2019-2020 District Governor John Reyes. The South Summit Cluster includes the clubs of Akron, Fairlawn, Barberton, Green, Port-Summit and Tallmadge. Julie is a Past President of the Rotary Club of Akron, having served her club in a variety of roles including, Chili Open Chair, Public Image Chair, Diversity and Inclusion Chair, and DG Club Representative. At the District level you may know Julie for her service as District Conference Chair for the past 4 years and previously District Public Image Chair. 
Julie is the President and Founder of Metis Construction Services, a female-owned commercial general contractor located in Kent, Ohio. Metis performs renovations, ground-up construction, and facilities maintenance throughout Ohio with a particular focus in camp, office, restaurant, and retail segments. Metis employs 56 team members, including two registered architects who provide our clients with in-house design/build capabilities. Metis has been featured by Crain’s Cleveland Business in 2019 as #28 in women-owned companies and #18 in construction companies and is a recipient of the Cascade Capital Growth Award, Medical Mutual Pillar of Community Service Award, GACC SBC Emerging Business Award, AFPNEO Small Business Leadership Award, Black Pages/Summit Magazine Business Advocacy Award and successfully completed ScaleratorNEO. Metis is certified through NWBOC as a female-owned and operated business.
With over 25 years’ experience in sales, marketing, and public relations, Julie oversees these areas of expertise for Metis along with being an integral part of the management team that designs and manages the overall business strategy.
Julie volunteers with Rebuilding Together, Habitat for Humanity, and the Girl Scouts of Northeast Ohio, where she is a recipient of the Women of Distinction Award and the Thanks Badge for exemplary volunteer service to Girl Scouts. She serves as President of the Board of both Portage Development Board for Economic Development and CREW Greater Akron-Commercial Real Estate Women. Other current board service in addition to Rotary, includes the Greater Akron Chamber of Commerce, Akron Urban League, Akron Civic Theatre and the Coleman Foundation. Julie is a graduate of Goldman Sachs 10k Small Businesses and Leadership Portage County.
Julie graduated from Bowling Green State University with a double major in Interpersonal and Public Communication and Soviet Studies. She resides with her husband Steven, Metis EVP of Construction  Operations, in Brimfield Township. Their daughter, Kimberly, is a Junior at Bowling Green State University Intervention Specialist Education major and a summer camp counselor at the Rotary Camp for children with special needs.
Julie can be reached at 330.858.6672 or
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Congratulations Linda (Schoolcraft) Reyes

Congratulations to our District 6630 First Lady, Linda Reyes for her lifetime achievement award she received from the Cleveland Clinic. You are an amazing, gifted and incredible woman.  What a tremendous accomplishment!

The following was shared: "Your work ethic is second to none and it’s great to see your hard work pay off. We are so lucky to have you, and proud to call you Mom. Love you! Michael Schoolcraft and Sharea Schoolcraft

Congratulations Linda (Schoolcraft) Reyes 2019-10-14 04:00:00Z 0

Medina Rotary Celebrates 25 Years

Posted by David Lariviere on Oct 14, 2019

Medina Sunrise Rotary Celebrates

25th Anniversary of Service with its Community Partners 

Gathered around the Rotary Burr Oak Tree, which is planted on the southwest lawn of Medina's Historic Public Square, Medina Sunrise Rotary celebrates its 25 Years of Service with some of its Past District Governors, fellow Rotarians from Brunswick and Wadsworth, Community Partners - The City of Medina Parks Department, The Children's Center of Medina County, the U.S. Army National Guard, and Rotary Youth Exchange Student from Brazil - Sergio Neto.
"The Burr Oak Tree came from the Morgan Park, Illinois, home of Paul Harris who founded Rotary in 1905," said first president of Medina Sunrise Rotary - Becky Shotwell.  "It was little more than a 12" sprig when the City of Medina received it in the 1990's and, taking root in the community, now stands proudly at nearly 48 feet tall on Public Square.  The Medina Sunrise Rotary Club returns each year in the fall to watch the sun rise over Medina, note the growth of our Rotary tree, and renew our commitment to making a difference in the lives of children in our community and beyond, through our time, talents and treasures."
"Solving real problems takes real commitment and vision. For 25 years, Medina Sunrise Rotary's people of action have used their passion, energy, and intelligence to take action on sustainable projects," stated President Shail Jain. From literacy and peace to children's parks, water and health initiatives, we are always working to better our world, and we stay committed to making a difference in the lives of children in our community and beyond through our time, talents, and treasure. We are part of Rotary International, a global network of 1.2 million neighbors, friends, leaders, and problem-solvers who see a world where people unite and take action to create lasting change – across the globe, in our communities, and in ourselves.  We provide service to others, promote integrity, and advance world understanding, goodwill, and peace through our fellowship of business, professional, and community leaders. Join us. Rotary Connects the World!
Thank you to our Community Partners, all our Rotarians, and thank you MEDINA!
Becky Shotwell, Toby Butt, Roger Hassler, Dr. Mike Davanzo, Jack Young, Anna Guy-Leach, Dr. David Loeper, Sergio Neto, Marsha Pappalardo, COI David Lariviere, Supt. William Koran, SSG Kevin Clark, Janet Newcomer, Kevin Lauterjung, Dr. Shail Jain, Dennis Powers, Julie West, David Sheldon, Frank Festi, Kevin Wermer, Dr. Than Jain, Brendan Rose, Ed Jakubick, Robert Starcher, Dr. Reid Miller, Dale Huefner, Jansen Wehrley, Paula Knizner, Supt. Kent Morgan, Supt. Daryl Kubilus, Rich Pace
Medina Rotary Celebrates 25 Years David Lariviere 2019-10-14 04:00:00Z 0

November is Rotary Foundation Month

Posted by Wayne Brodnan on Oct 14, 2019
This is my 13th November as a Rotarian and as I reminisce about my start in Rotary I can’t help remember a special project our club sponsored.  I joined Rotary because it offered me an opportunity to give back.  I know many of you did for the same reason!  Anyway, the project was a schoolhouse for handicapped children in the Dominican Republic. It may me feel so proud to be a part of an effort so far away to help children far less fortunate than mine.  Every time we had an update from our partner club I felt honored to be a contributor and that my club was involved!
Over the next 13 years my club had many projects both international and local and I experienced the same feeling of helping, even in a small way.  I know today, these projects which are carried out by clubs across District 6630 are funded by me and you through our commitment to giving. A large percentage of our donation to TRF comes back to the district to fund our local and International projects. What other charity offers an opportunity to direct your donation to a project you are personally involved?  I believe being a Rotarian is a commitment of service and giving and that is why I chose to be the 2019-2020 TRF Fundraising Chair for our district. I ask that all Rotarians make a donation this year if you haven’t in previous years and also, increase your donation if you gave in 2018.  Your club will be highlighting the TRF sometime in November.  I am proud to be a partner with you in supporting TRF!  Thank you!
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LEADERSHIP 6630 – One of our district gems

Posted by Bob Johnson
As we head into another recruitment period for the next class of LEADERSHIP 6630 I would like to take a minute to celebrate the success of this committee.  I have been a Rotarian in the RC of Burton-Middlefield and a member of District 6630 for over 30 years.   I am constantly amazed at how this district and its leadership step up to solve problems and accomplish tasks that seem too big to overcome.  Our incredibly successful Centennial Celebration, our unique A. Z. Baker Award,  our Foundation fund raising drive during the Centennial Celebration, Rotary International officers that have come from this district and other accomplishments and achievements too numerous to mention give our district 6630 a distinct level of importance.
Since 2014 we have also had a very successful training program called LEADERSHIP 6630.   This is a yearly (calendar year) group of Rotarians who have shown an interest in becoming more involved in Rotary above their club level and positioning themselves to step into a program or committee that excites them at the district level.  It is not a classroom training as such but concentrates on exposure to all aspects of Rotary and provides speakers from various committees that speak at the LEADERSHIP 6630 meetings while encouraging the class members to reach out on their own to attend various committee meetings, fund raisers and simply visiting other clubs to expand their Rotary horizons.  Members are not expected to move into a district position immediately but to do so at their own pace and schedule. The success has been amazing!  In the six years the program has existed they have had 49 graduates.  These include 2 District Governors, 2 AG Coordinators, 11 AGs, one membership chair, 2 Interact/Rotaract chairs, one Youth Exchange leader, one RYLA chair, 8 Grant Committee members, 10 District Conference Committee members, 2 Rotary Peace Fellowship Committee Members, one 4-WAY Speech Contest Chair and numerous club presidents.  This certainly does not represent all of the dedicated Rotarians who have stepped up and accepted a district level assignment.  But it has made a District Governor’s job of staffing their committees much easier and has identified a great deal of talent that may not have been recognized otherwise.
Rick Pollak, 2019/2020 president of the RC of Cuyahoga Falls is to be commended for leading the LEADERSHIP 6630  group since its inception and making the necessary adjustments over the years to make it more productive  and successful.  As we head towards the next new LEADERSHIP 6630 class that begins 1/1/2020 please contact Rick if you or someone you know exhibits the ambition that makes these class members stand out and show the promise of helping lead District 6630 into the future.
Robert “Bob” Johnson
Past District Governor
Past Foundation Chair
Member- The Centennial Celebration Comm.
Arch Klumph Circle Advisor
LEADERSHIP 6630 – One of our district gems Bob Johnson 2019-10-13 04:00:00Z 0
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October 2019 District eNewsletter

Please enjoy this October edition of the District 6630 Connections eNews. CLICK HERE TO VIEW
Thanks for all the great articles!  
We encourage articles about your Club successes, fundraisers, publicity efforts, service projects, member drives, and more!  
Please email future content to with DISTRICT NEWSLETTER ARTICLE SUBMISSION in the subject line. 
The next deadline is November 8, 2019 (subject to change).
Remember to include your name, the club name, and send pictures as attachments.  Be certain that you have permission to use the photos, and for anyone who is under the age of 18, please confirm that you have a parent/guardian release on file.
Due to the electronic nature of the e-news, we cannot guarantee content will remain formatted as sent, but we do our best.  You can click on most images for a larger view.
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Wreath Sale

Posted by Luisa Heimburger
Contact Luisa Heimburger at to place your orders.  
Deadline November 19th, 2019  
Pick up at Puritas Nursery, 19201 Puritas Ave, Cleveland, OH 44135 
Co-ordinate delivery with Luisa.
Make checks out to The West Shore Rotary Club
Wreath Sale Luisa Heimburger 2019-09-20 04:00:00Z 0

West Shore Reverse Raffle Nov. 2nd

Posted by Luisa Heimburger
The West Shore Rotary Club Reverse Raffle
That 70's Raffle
 $2,000* Top Prize
Saturday, November 2, 2019 ~ 5:30pm to 11:00pm
Fairview Park Gemini Center
21225 Lorain Rd., Fairview Park, OH 
$50.00 each
Includes Full Buffet Dinner, Open Bar & Entry in the Reverse Raffle
Appetizers/Cocktails 5:30pm  ~ Dinner at 7:00pm ~ Raffle to follow
Side Boards ~ Chinese Raffle  ~ Consolation Prize Every 20th Number
*Based on 200 tickets sold 
Contact Steve Owens at, to purchase tickets.
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September 2019 District eNewsletter

Please enjoy this September edition of the District 6630 Connections eNews. CLICK HERE TO VIEW
Thanks for all the articles!  This is a very full edition with many exciting upcoming events and fundraisers.
We encourage articles about your successes, fundraisers, publicity efforts, service projects, member drives, and more!  
Please email future content to with DISTRICT NEWSLETTER ARTICLE SUBMISSION in the subject line. 
The next deadline is October 11, 2019 (subject to change).
Remember to include your name, the club name, and send pictures as attachments.  Be certain that you have permission to use the photos, and for anyone who is under the age of 18, please confirm that you have a parent/guardian release on file.
Due to the electronic nature of the e-news, we cannot guarantee content will remain formatted as sent, but we do our best.  You can click on most images for a larger view.
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PETS-1 Registration is Open!

The District leadership team is very excited about the opportunities for networking, sharing and fun that you, as your club leader, will have at your workshop at 7:30 am on November 23, 2019 at The Akron Rotary Camp.  I am happy to let you know that registration is now open on the Rotary District 6630 website.
There is no charge for PETS-1; however, please complete the registration. We will then know you are attending and be prepared with proper seating, materials and food at Rotary Camp.
In addition, we want you to know about a page on the website you that is dedicated to Presidents Elect (click here).
If you have any challenges with accessing the district registration page, contact PDG and webmaster Cheryl Warren at 330-495-9814 – she graciously works with clubs and each of us whenever we ask. I would be happy to assist in answering any questions you may have.
Enjoy this beautiful fall weather. I look forward to seeing you soon.
Pat Myers 6630 DG (2020-2021)
PETS-1 Registration is Open! 2019-09-20 04:00:00Z 0

Nordonia Club Activities

Posted by Julie D'Aloiso
Pavilion Going in at Veterans Memorial Park Thanks to $2,800 Rotary International Grant
The Nordonia Rotary received a $2,800 grant from the International Rotary Foundation for a pavilion at the Veterans Memorial Park. David Fike a Nordonia Rotary member said today that his company, Fike Developing and Excavating is helping with the project. The VFW volunteers are also helping the project. They were out today cutting up the rebar for the wire mesh. Medina Concrete is donating the footer mix for the foundation.  The next step would be to pour the concrete slab. The local concrete union is donating their time to pour the concrete.  The pavilion, with lights and power, will bring shade to 6 picnic tables.
On site today when I arrived: Alex Posar with dad Frank and Grandfather Frank. Also pictured: David Pristash, Jim Krasnicki and Dave Fike.
There is still more work to do. To help, donate or gain more information, go to:

Nordonia Club was Event Partner for the Macedonia Craft Beer & Food Truck Festival September 15th
Macedonia Mayor Nick Molnar had this to say about the tremendously successful event: “The craft beer and food truck event was a definite success. While we ran out of the specialty brews, no one could have expected the turnout today. I can assure you that we will build on the learnings of our first ever event and continue to improve.”  
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RYE Students Get Some R&R

Enjoying some time on the water
Zoé Mayeur, Elin Na, Audrey Carroll (Rotex-Germany) and the Gedelian's (Elin's host family) at Mantua's Canoeing outing Camp Hi. 

RYE Students and Cleveland Indians Game
On September 17, 2019, the RYE students, Rebounders, and Outbouders , along with host families and counselors enjoyed a night out with the Indians. A beautiful baseball night with all enjoying themselves.
Stew Buchanan took them to the Indians Team Shop, the Bullpen view for one inning, batting practice, and arranged for the Indian’s Ambassadors to visit with first game certificates and gifts for each student.
While the students may not have understood the intricacies of a baseball game, they knew how to start the “ WAVE” !
It was a great night for baseball and Rotary! Thank you Stew!!
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Fellow Rotarian Inducted into Ashtabula Hall of Fame

Congratulations to PDG Jim McKee
Ashtabula High School Class of 1979
Class president upon his graduation from AHS, Jim was the student body president at Kent State University, Ashtabula in 1980-81 when he earned the Outstanding Student Service Award before graduating from Kent’s Main Campus in 1984 where he served as the Executive Director of Student Government. While at Kent, Jim led a delegation of students to Washington, DC to convince Congress to make Martin Luther King Day a National Holiday. During the event, he stood behind Stevie Wonder and between Coretta Scott King and Andrew Young as Stevie led the crowd in “We Shall Overcome”. His efforts led to receiving the John B. Beacom Memorial Award for his civil rights efforts. He later graduated from the University of Akron, School of Law in 1987 where he was also Class President.
In 1986, he began a carpet cleaning business known as SPECIAL TOUCH of Northeast Ohio which services a 9 county area. The business was named a “Beacon’s Best” Business by the Akron Beacon Journal for 8 consecutive years from 2011-18. A tireless entrepreneur, he sold numerous mom and pop businesses that allowed him to package several real estate investments he owns today. A charter member and first president of TEEM (a business networking group in Summit County), he was named the Business Person of the Year in 2014. In 2008, he purchased American Storage Units in Kent.

In 1996, he became a Rotarian and served as his club’s president 4 times culminating in serving as the District Governor for Rotary District 6630 in 2016-17. In 2015 and 2019, he received the District Governor Award for Service acknowledging numerous programs and contributions. He assisted Rotary with making contributions locally and abroad emulating Jim’s philosophy and the Rotary motto of “Service Above Self.” One key program he has championed is SWAG (Student’s With A Goal) which serves Akron’s at-risk students. Jim’s signature project and proudest accomplishment was developing “Rotary Swims” in Cuyahoga Falls, which has taught over 300 youngsters how to swim.

Jim is dedicated to living a “green life.” He operates a farm with free-range eggs and grass fed beef cattle, solar panels to provide electricity, and a private CNG plant that he uses to power his carpet cleaning fleet with clean fuel.

Recently, Jim has been spending more time in Ashtabula looking to make a difference and give back in his home town. He founded the organization, “I’m in…Amazing Ashtabula” to collaborate various community organizations into working collectively on positive projects in Ashtabula, usually focusing on clean-up and beautification. His goal in all his endeavors is “to make a difference.”
Article provided by the AHS/HHS/LHS Alumni Association
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North Ridgeville Club Champions Literacy Via Library

Posted by Traci Von Duyke
On September 6 the Rotary Club of North Ridgeville proudly sponsored the North Ridgeville Library’s Senior Reading Buddies program. Jennifer Winkler, North Ridgeville Branch Manager (pictured with club President Pietro Trunzo), joined the meeting that day and detailed the program itself and how they hoped to use funds to get the project launched. Jennifer is the catalyst and champion for this brand-new program being offered. It is an intergenerational program that pairs young readers (kindergarten through 3rd grade) with a senior reading buddy.
As a club, this was an easy decision to make to support this project. The funds that were donated -- $1,200 -- will go toward purchasing up to 30-book sets to be used in multiple Senior Reading Buddies sessions—these books would be owned by the library and reused, but would not circulate. The funds will also be used to create circulating literacy backpacks that would contain books and literacy-themed games for emerging readers; and to purchase between 60-80 books that will be given away to participating families.
One of the pillars of Rotary International is literacy and our club is delighted to help support that initiative within our community. It is through all of our fundraising events that we are able to give back to the city in such a meaningful way.
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Brunswick Rotarian Recognized by President Trump for ShelterBox Service

PDG Jack Young has received the President's Volunteer Service Award from ShelterBox  
Below is the press release and letter from ShelterBox followed by a letter from the White House along with his certificate of recognition. 
Congratulations Jack and thank you for all of your support and dedication to ShelterBox!  Click on the images below to enlarge.
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Solon Club is In The News

Donation to help Solon area residents take spin on bicycle
by SUE REID The Solon Times

A bike share project in Solon is gaining momentum, thanks in large part to a donation from the Solon Rotary.
Last week, Solon city officials accepted a $7,000 donation from the Rotary to support “Solon Spins,” a project to provide residents of all ages an Opportunity to bicycle.
The project is a joint collaboration between the Solon Senior Center and Solon Recreation Department.
“It fits perfectly for us, and we are excited about it,” Donald W. Holub, recreation director, said.
Senior Center Director Jill Frankel explained to the City Council Finance Committee last week that although bicycling has both physical and mental benefits, it is not accessible to all.
“It requires strength and the ability to balance, as well as endurance to pedal,” she said. “For some, bicycles are not accessible due to cost and storage issues.”
The Solon Spins program will minimize these challenges, she said, by providing residents an opportunity to borrow age-friendly bicycles.
Although the number to be purchased has not yet been determined, the age-friendly bikes will include all different kinds, such as a child tricycle, a bicycle with training wheels, a step-through bike, adult tricycle and recumbent bike.
Three standard hybrid bicycles will also be purchased, along with bicycle helmets, baskets and bags for transporting items via the borrowed bicycle.
Through the grant, the city will also purchase a storage shed to safely store the bicycles and equipment, Ms. Frankel said.
Bicycles will be available to borrow through the senior center and Solon Community Center.
Beyond just offering bikes to borrow, the Solon Spins project will focus on bicycle education,Ms. Frankel added.
The first educational session was held earlier this month and presented by Bike Cleveland, with a handful of residents taking part and Mayor Edward H. Kraus also taking part in the ride. The Solon Police Department and Solon Bicycle will also offer an ongoing bicycle education program.
“We want our residents to enjoy biking our city, but we also want everyone to be safe while doing so,” he said. “We really encourage everyone to take advantage of the bike safety education that Solon Spins and the Solon Police Department are offering.”
Solon Rotary President Chris Janson said the club and the Solon Senior Center have had a longstanding relationship and the seniors are a “strong group of volunteers” at the Rotary’s monthly food pantry.
“We thought this was a real nice project that fit in with our mission, which is really providing benefits to people who need it,” Mr. Janson said. “We saw a lot of opportunities here and were happy to get involved and give the donation.”
The Rotary, comprised of about 24 members, also provides monthly a produce distribution for seniors.
Solon community members gather for a bike ride near the Solon Community Center. The Solon Rotary, Solon Senior Center and Solon Community Center are partnering to start a Solon Spins program which will allow residents of all ages and abilities the opportunity to borrow bikes and enjoy cycling.
Courtesy of the City of Solon

Rotary event supports the fight against hunger, homelessness
How far-reaching the causes of the Solon Rotary are was made clear during a fundraising event that combined exercise and entertainment last Saturday.
Presented for the ninth year, a Day for Freedom included a 5K Fun Run at the Solon Community Center and bowling party at Rollhouse Entertainment, all benefiting organizations freeing people from hunger and homelessness and aiding those suffering from addiction. A total of $15,000 was raised that evening.
“We partnered with True Freedom Ministries trying to find and help with the roots of poverty and educate people after they have been incarcerated,” Rotary member and Solon resident Jim Hyde said. “It’s the forgotten piece.”
While these issues are not as prevalent in Solon as they are nation and worldwide, the Rotary attempts to make a wider impact, Mr. Hyde said.
Lakewood resident Alex Zebrowski, who attended the bowling party, said he grew up in Cleveland’s inner city. He said it is critical to support True Freedom’s mission to assist those in need, especially children.
“The kids never get out of the system,” Mr. Zebrowski said, “and they need additional services.” It’s important to “break the cycle,” he said.
The causes supported that evening were a nice tie-in to the club’s overall mission of Service Above Self, South Russell resident and Rotary President Chris Janson said.
The Day for Freedom has gained momentum over the years, with about 100 in attendance last weekend, including Mayor Edward H. Kraus and some city officials.
“The Rotary is a great community organization,” Mayor Kraus said. “They are all Solon residents trying to make a difference. Their whole goal is to give back to the community.”
Solon resident and Rotary member Irina P’Simer said Rotary members are wonderful because they do so much in Solon and Cleveland as well as across the globe. For example, the club is working to bring clean water to the people of Uganda, she said. “For such a small club to do this is amazing,” she added.
In the Solon community, the club sponsors a monthly food pantry and free produce distribution for older residents. The local Rotary also works with the Solon Interact Club at the high school and travels to El Salvador to build wells for communities without easy access to fresh drinking water.
Attendees of the bowling party enjoyed games of laser tag and games of chance in the arcade, as well as an opportunity to socialize and a 50/50 raffle.
Past Rotary president and Rollhouse owner Glenn Gable, of Pepper Pike, said the Rotary grouped its efforts to also include benefiting the Theo Bowman Center in Cleveland, as well as its work in Uganda.
“Part of Rotary is to do something domestically and internationally,” Mr. Gable said. “They do such good work locally and internationally,” added Councilman William I. Russo, who was in attendance.
“It’s a good fundraiser,” Solon resident Owen Grossman, 13, a student at Solon Middle School, said. Owen bowled with a group of fellow teens. “It brings together the community to help out.”
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Taste of Strongsville October 3rd

Posted by Bill DeMarco
Fine dining to fight hunger:
Celebrity Chef Jonathan Sawyer Helps Strongsville Rotary Club Fight Hunger at The Tenth Annual Taste in Strongsville Hosted By Strongsville Rotary Club
Celebrity Chef Jonathan Sawyer of The Greenhouse Tavern will be Featured along with some of Northeastern Ohio’s finest cuisine at The Rotary Club of Strongsville’s Tenth Annual A Taste in Strongsville, on Thursday, October 3rd, from 6:30 to 9:30 p.m. Thanks to the generosity of the Pettiti Family, this unique event is presented at Petitti Garden Center’s Victorian Conservatory, in Strongsville, which is transformed into a bistro type of atmosphere.
This event is brought to you with the help of our sponsors and the 25 participating restaurants by the Strongsville Rotary Club with proceeds used to support the Strongsville Emergency Food Bank AND other area food pantries.
When it comes to food, fun and fundraising this is the place to be on Thursday, October 3rd.
A Taste in Strongsville, offers attendees the opportunity to sample a variety of delectable food, hors d’oeuvres and desserts prepared by 25 plus of the finest restaurants in Greater Cleveland in addition to the Greenhouse Tavern.
A Taste in Strongsville is sponsored by Petitti Garden Centers, Giant Eagle Market District, Sheiban Jewelers, Ellsworth Advisors, Rosewood Grill and Medina Auto Mall.
In addition to fabulous foods offered, attendees can enjoy wine tasting, craft beers and unlimited food sampling. A Taste in Strongsville features a silent auction, Rolex watch raffle and the raffling of a four-day, three-night V.I.P Trip for four to Napa Valley, California. The value of the Napa Valley trip is more than $12,000.
In addition to the main event, premium tickets are available for the Sheiban Jewelers VIP Lounge, featuring top shelf cocktails, VIP wines and food prepared by The Greenhouse Tavern.
In conjunction with A Taste in Strongsville, the Strongsville Rotary is raffling a Wine Country Experience of a Lifetime for four to Napa Valley, California. The package to the premier travel destination includes limousine service to a variety of exclusive V.I.P. winery tours, and a $5,000 stipend to defer the cost of travel. Raffle tickets are limited in quantity and cost $100 each.
A silent auction will be held, along with a raffle for a Rolex watch courtesy of Sheiban Jewelers.
Seating at A Taste in Strongsville is limited. The event has sold out in each of its first nine years. Main Event tickets are $85 per person, which includes the food, wine tastings and craft beer and an appearance by Celebrity Chef Jonathan Sawyer. Exclusive VIP tickets, which include the main event and the exclusive VIP Lounge, cost $150 per person.
Ticket are now on sale at
Complimentary valet parking will be available. Petitti Garden Center is located at 18941 Pearl Road, In Strongsville.
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Aurora Interact Club Hard at Work

Posted by Melissa Foster
Our club assisted with Safe Decisions Week by rolling rally towels and handing them out at our first home football game.
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Rotary Service and Engagement

If you are having trouble viewing this email, view it online
How will you connect the world?
Our Rotary service connects us to people who share our values and want to take action for a better world. It connects us to people we might never otherwise meet, people who are more like us than we imagined. And it connects us to people who need our help, allowing us to change lives in communities around the world.

Rotary is implementing new strategic plan, but the real work of shaping Rotary’s future lies with you as we adapt and grow for the future. RI President Mark Daniel Maloney challenges you to strengthen the many ways that Rotary Connects the World by building the connections that allow talented, thoughtful, and generous people to unite and take meaningful action through service.

The 2019-20 Rotary Citation will recognize the accomplishments of clubs that support the priorities of our strategic plan and make a positive difference in their communities. Encourage your clubs to work toward the citation’s goals.
Engaging with Rotary to enhance
your membership experience 
We’re celebrating our members and their clubs — and all the good they do around the world — during Membership and New Club Development Month in August. We know that participating in local service projects is the No. 1 reason people join Rotary and why current members stay. Our most recent Membership Experience Feedback Survey tells us that prospective members are very interested in international service projects as well. This month is a great time to highlight our service opportunities to new and longtime members.

Friendship and fellowship is another important component for current members. Through the friends we make and the lives we change, Rotary offers us opportunities to engage with a global community and make a positive difference.

You can enhance your membership experience by getting involved in the programs listed below. 
Making new friends
  • Discover other cultures and make friends across the globe by taking part in a Rotary Friendship Exchange.
  • Explore your passions and hobbies with fellow Rotarians by joining Rotary Fellowships.
  • Foster intercultural understanding through an intercountry committee. An ICC promotes peace and friendship and strengthens relationships between two countries.
  • Attend a project fair to support an international service effort while learning about another culture.
Reaching beyond your own club 
  • Collaborate with experts from a Rotarian Action Group to help ensure your service projects have a lasting impact.
  • Sponsor a Rotary Community Corps to get members of your community who are not Rotarians involved in making a difference.
  • Work with your district community and international service chairs to boost your service efforts.
Using Rotary resources to make a greater impact  
Collaborating with partners on sustainable service projects
Consider working with one of our partners on your next club or district project to help ensure sustainability, gain access to expertise, and strengthen local networks.
Project spotlight 
How do you fill a room with smiling Rotarians?
Cathy Bisaillon, a member of the Rotary Club of Silverdale, Washington, USA, prompted her club to act after telling them about the difficulties that people with disabilities can face when trying to find jobs. The club organized a mock interview service project that not only gave participants interview experience but also provided them with business cards. At least one person secured an interview for an open position in a Rotarian’s business. 
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Peace in the Streets Conference Oct. 25-26

The Rotary Clubs of Detroit, Ann Arbor, & Windsor 1918 and The Wayne State University Center for Peace and Conflict Studies is hosting Peace in the Streets Conference in Detroit, Michigan and Windsor, Ontario Canada on October 25-26,2019.  Rotarians, Rotaractors and their families in your Club and District are welcome to participate.  This is the second year our District 6400 and Wayne State University has sponsored this event.  Here is the link for more information: 
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Berea Rotary Keeping Busy

Posted by Linda Kramer
Golfers tee off for Rotary
Nearly 40 golfers, including Browns alumni players, took part in the 15th annual Lou Groza Charity Golf Event hosted by the Rotary Club of Berea on Sept. 5. Golfers teed off at Coppertop at Cherokee Hills in Valley City for 18 holes of golf followed by an awards dinner. Proceeds provide scholarships for seniors at Berea-Midpark High School and Polaris Career Center.
Browns alumni were Greg Pruitt, Ben Davis, Rod Morris and Ernie Kellerman, who is a member of the Rotary Club of Chagrin Valley. Greg Pruitt was a member of the winning foursome, which donated its prize money back to Berea Rotary. In fact, most of the winners did just that.
There also were raffle baskets and a 50/50 raffle. The Cleveland Browns donated raffle items including two autographed footballs and an autographed helmet. Other baskets were Ohio Lottery tickets, gift cards, Indians gear, Ohio State gear and Ohio craft beers.
Nearly 40 golfers hit the links at Coppertop of Cherokee Hills for the 15th annual Lou Groza Charity Golf Event on Sept. 5. The weather was perfect and proceeds benefit the Berea Rotary's scholarship fund.
Thanks to Browns alumni Greg Pruitt, Ben Davis, Ernie Kellerman and Rod Morris for supporting the Lou Groza golf outing. Ernie is a member of the Chagrin Valley Rotary Club.
Thanks, as always, to our Rotary volunteers: Jim Walters, Trevor Koenig, PDG Dave Skrzynski, Bob Huge, Bob Hammer, Don Voigt. Seated, Linda Kramer, JoAnn Solnick and Judy Stull. Missing in action, PDG Jack Young, who took the photo.

Ray Bartlett receives Scouting’s Silver Antelope Award
Representing the Lake Erie Council of the Boy Scouts of America, Ray Bartlett received Scouting’s prestigious Silver Antelope Award during ceremonies in Denver on May 31. The Silver Antelope is conferred for distinguished service to youth. Ray earned his Eagle Scout rank in 1948. In his 55 years as a Scouter, he has received numerous awards, including the Silver Beaver, the Order of the Arrow Founder’s Award and the James E. West Fellowship Award. He also has earned Seabadge and Powder Horn.  Ray was awarded the Distinguished Commissioner Service Award for his many years as a commissioner. He has been a unit, assistant district and roundtable commissioner and currently is assistant council commissioner and faculty for the area commissioner conference. He also is the chair for the resource center Area 4 training conference.
Ray is a member of the American Legion and served on his post’s Youth Activities Committee. He assisted veterans and their families and organized holiday functions. The Legion awarded him the Community Organization Award.
Ray has been a member of Berea Rotary since 2009.
Congratulations, Ray!!
Berea Rotary is grillin' at the steak roast
Sandy Hammer, PDG Dave Skrzynski, Trevor Koenig and Judy Stull kick off the festivities at Berea Rotary's annual steak roast. Thanks to Bob Huge and Judy Stull for hosting. Steaks were from Gibbs Butcher Block.
Jim and Dottie Walters and JoAnn Solnick.
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Year of Adventure Begins for Ohio Erie - District 6630 Youth Exchange Students

Posted by David Lariviere
"Welcome to all our Rotary Youth Exchange (RYE) Students who will spend a full academic year, 2019-20, living with their host families and attending schools in North East Ohio," said Robert Heydorn, Ohio Erie - District 6630 Chairman. "We are very proud that these highly qualified international students have been selected to be with us as we begin this year's Orientation Weekend for students, families and Rotarians, hosted by the Akron Rotary Camp.  I have every confidence in their future success and believe that they will be splendid representatives of their respective countries and the Rotary Youth Exchange Program."
Rotary Youth Exchange (RYE) is a Rotary International student exchange scholarship program for students in secondary school. Since 1929, Rotary International has sent highly qualified young people around the globe to experience new cultures and be youth ambassadors of their local communities. Currently, about 9,000 scholarship students are sponsored by Rotary clubs every year. Rotary is a fully accredited member of CSIET - Council of Standards for International Student Exchange. Students learn a new language, discover another culture, and truly become global citizens. Rotary Youth Exchange builds peace one young person at a time.
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Celebrating World Polio Day October 24th

Posted by Stew Buchanan
October 24th is World Polio Day in the Rotary world. Rotary is committed to raising $50 million a year to be matched 2-to1 by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. Since 1985, when Polio Plus began, Rotary has contributed over $1.9 BILLION to fight this crippling disease. Three years later Rotary joined Global Polio Eradication Initiative with the World Health Organization, UNICEF, and the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.
So, you ask---why are we still collecting money to eradicate polio after 30 years of fighting it??? Rotarians all over the world have been saying “We’re this close” for years!
Currently there are two countries still reporting cases of polio—Afghanistan and Pakistan. There were 33 cases of the wild polio virus reported in 2018. Fifty eight ( 58) children have been tested as positive since the beginning of 2019. Due to an anti-vaccination movement in Pakistan, two million
households are refusing vaccinations for the children. Wrong information sent out over social media, has made it very difficult in Pakistan .
Please continue to support Rotary as it continues its Polio Eradication. Please join us on October 24th and celebrate our success as we move toward the finish line. Your club may want to have an “END POLIO NOW” event around the October 24th to make your community aware of our good work and the need to continue. Post this on Facebook. Twitter, or your club home page.
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"Thirst Project" - World's Largest Youth Water Organization

Posted by David Lariviere
Medina Sunrise Rotary welcomed Kristiana Davis, a Baldwin Wallace University student from Brunswick, Ohio, who is an outstanding representative of "THIRST PROJECT" -- the world's largest youth water organization. "This is an energized youth movement, founded over 10 years ago," said Kristiana. It involves thousands of socially-conscious students who have organized to join the fight against the global water crisis.  Did you know that a billion people on the planet do not have access to safe drinking water?  The need is great. We can no longer ignore the #1 killer of children."
The Thirst Project is a non-profit organization and a movement of students whose aim is to bring safe drinking water to communities around the world where it is not immediately available. The organization was founded in 2008, in Los Angeles, by several college students who learned about the international water crisis and wanted to make a difference by bringing sustainable solutions. The Thirst Project raises awareness, educates and activates students. It collects money and builds wells all across the continent of Africa where villages do not have immediate drinking water.
We know that young people are THE most powerful agents for social change in the world. Students in elementary schools, high schools and colleges across America have formed a goal to provide safe, clean water and sanitation to 13 countries and growing. With your help, we can do this. With your help, we can give water. With your help, we can give LIFE! - Seth Maxwell, Founder/CEO of THIRST PROJECT.   PHOTO (L to R): Roger Hassler, Paula Knizner, Dr. Shail Jain, Kristiana Davis, Kevin Wermer, David Vogelgesang
"Thirst Project" - World's Largest Youth Water Organization David Lariviere 2019-09-19 04:00:00Z 0

Hudson Rotary Update

Posted by James Yard
September Meeting of Hudson Rotary Features a Triple Treat!  The Rotary Club of Hudson enjoyed three special events in one recent meeting:
  1. A presentation by District Governor John Reyes who reviewed Rotary International projects, highlighted many Club successes and emphasized the plans to recruit women, retirees and young people worldwide.
  1. A recognition of the Hudson Club’s “Unsung Hero” by President Tom Tobin. Awardee Ron Barnhouse has diligently set up and dismantled every weekly meeting for many years. This has required arriving before 7:00 a.m. for each meeting and then staying after to secure the displays and A/V equipment.
  1. The Introduction of our newest Youth Exchange Student, Serena, from the Spanish Canary Islands. Serena is attending Hudson High School, learning English and tackling a number of scientific courses.
Five October meetings will showcase the candidates for Hudson Mayor and Council members. The debates will be by Ward and include any candidate that responded to the Club’s invitation. These sessions have proven valuable in past years as Rotarians are free to ask tough questions and interact personally with the office seekers.
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Suggested Speaker

The Mentor Rotary Club suggests the following individual as a speaker for Clubs:
Roger Geiger, the Ohio Executive Director for the National Federation of Independent Businesses as a speaker to interested Clubs.
Roger’s presentation talks about business in Ohio and should be of interest to many Club members.
You are welcome to contact Roger via email at
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Medina 9/11 Memorial Event

Special thanks to Medina-Gazette for reporting on this story for the 9/11 Memorial Event held in Medina. 
Medina Rotary was instrumental in the creation of this monument.  
Click on the article to enlarge it for better readability or view it online by clicking here.
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ShelterBox September Update

Posted by Jack Young
ShelterBox USA
Below is the latest information that I have received regarding the efforts of Shelter Box and Rotary to help those in the Bahamas.  If you have any questions, please feel to contact me 
Past District 6630 Governor and Shelter Box USA Board of Directors (2007-14)  
 Jack A. Young. or 440-759-4000
I have received the following word from Bahamas Prime Minister, Hubert Minnis who states "for those who want to help, work with reputable charities with proven records.  Donate your time, talents and resources to their relief efforts and this will make a big difference.  This is vital to ensure that relief supplies and aid to ensure those supplies get to those in need as timely as possible."
The following is the latest information I have received this evening (September 9, 2019) from our Shelter Box USA office.
1.  Our Shelter Box assessment team arrived in the Bahamas,  Nassau this past week and is working with other humanitarian organizations and Rotary contacts to understand how me might be able to help people affected by Hurricane Dorian.  
2. Many communities on the island are still underwater, with families still being evacuated from the most affected areas.  Search and rescue continues to be the main priority.    
3.  A recent report from OCHA states that 15,000 people are in need of assistance.
4.  The situation will remain unclear for some time.  Early conversations are pointing to the most suitable items  potentially being tarpaulins, shelter kits solar lights and other household items.
5.  Travel between the islands is still extremely challenging and our Shelter Box team have not yet traveled to the worst affected islands.  Ports,  harbors and airports have all been severely damaged and the current focus on the islands is search and rescue. 
6.  The Shelter Box Team has been in close contact with Immediate Past RI President Barry Rassin and Past District Governor Felix Stubbs who are coordinating the Rotary Bahamas Response  to Hurricane Dorian.
7.  The Shelter Box team joined the District 7020 Disaster Management Committee meeting today (Monday September 9th) and were able to update them on our progress and understanding the coordination process, assessment gaps and plans to tie in with other International Agencies, the UN and IFRC and local NGO's to try and get a full picture as to the challenges.  
     Rotary International Past President Barry Rassin is keeping Shelter Box informed of Rotary efforts across the Bahamas, including joint response with District 6690.  Shelter Box is able to share information and ur connections with the UN and international agencies to ensure closer coordination, collaboration, reducing any duplication and identifying if and where gaps exist that our shelter aid (including tools, house hold items) may be of use.
8.  When we (Shelter Box) has the appropriate information we need to respond, we will communicate right away and accordingly to all Rotarians.
This is the latest information I have received.  If you have further questions and or willing to support the efforts of Shelter Box, Please feel free to contact me.
PDG Jack Young and Shelter Box USA Past Board of Director or 440-759-4000
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Shoe Box Record Year!

Posted by Andrew Mangels
District 6630, with an assist from clubs in 6600, had a great Shoe Box Year!  We sent a record 890 boxes along with 35 layette bags from Northeast Ohio. This was a collaborative effort of 30 clubs and two businesses.
This is the second year Westlake Bay Village has overseen the Shoe Box Project after taking it over from Jack Young and Marsha Pappalardo, though both provided a tremendous amount of support again this year.  Kevin Krantz has taken the lead for our club and streamlined the process tremendously from last year.
Once all the boxes are collected, we hold an “Audit Party” to give one last look-see at the boxes and bags before they are shipped.  This year, members of several clubs helped out with the process including members of the newly created E-Club!  We also had a huge assist and support from our Assistant District Governor Adam Sonnhalter.
In addition, we could not have completed this project with the assistance of two local businesses.  Cody Miller, owner of the Westlake based business RAM Sensors, graciously allows the club to store the boxes on pallets until they can be picked up.  Another local company, V3 Transportation, donated a truck and driver to take the cargo to Waterloo, IA, the next step on their journey to Chinandega.
Thank you all for participating in this fantastic project that helps all of our clubs connect in a meaningful way and if extremely “beneficial to all concerned”, especially the Children of Chinandega.
Andrew Mangels
President of Westlake Bay Village Rotary
Shoe Box Record Year! Andrew Mangels 2019-09-19 04:00:00Z 0
Hurricane Dorian Disaster Relief Fund 2019-09-19 04:00:00Z 0

Interaction 2019 Slated for Nov. 2nd

Posted by Melissa Foster
This year Aurora High School Interact club has over 160 members. The students are already hard at work planning Interaction Day which will be hosted at Aurora High School on Saturday November 2nd from 9 am to 1:00 PM. Please plan on having your Interact club attend.
Interaction 2019 Slated for Nov. 2nd Melissa Foster 2019-09-19 04:00:00Z 0

Lights, Camera, Interact!

September 2019
Engaging the next generation of Rotary leaders
Submit your video to the Interact Video Awards
Show us your club's best service project in a short video for a chance to be named "Best Video" and awarded US$1000 for your next project! 

Check out last year's finalists to get inspired. Then, work with your sponsor Rotary club, local Rotaract club, teachers, and parents to make your video a reality. The deadline to submit a video is 1 December 2019

Lights, Camera, Interact! 2019-09-19 04:00:00Z 0

Notice for ALL Clubs:  Remember to file your Annual IRS Information!!

Dear 2019-20 club officers:

Greetings from Rotary. Your Club and District Support (CDS) team is contacting you to remind you of the IRS’ annual filing requirement for all Rotary clubs in the U.S. and U.S. territories.  

Note: If your club has already completed this requirement this year, please disregard this message.

Whether your club is a subordinate under Rotary International’s 501(c)(4) group exemption or is independently tax-exempt, the IRS requires that all Rotary clubs in the U.S. and its territories file an annual information return. For those clubs whose tax year follows the Rotary year, the deadline to file is 15 November. The form a club must file is dependent upon its gross receipts for the year. For more information, please see Frequently asked questions about annual reporting requirements for exempt organizations at

It is important that your club comply with IRS requirements. Please note that Section 6033(j) of the Internal Revenue Code automatically revokes the exemption of any organization that fails to satisfy its filing requirement for three consecutive years.

Our Frequently Asked Questions will answer many of the general questions you may have about Rotary clubs and the IRS. Please direct any specific questions regarding your club’s tax-exempt status or reporting requirements to local counsel, your tax adviser, or the IRS at or 877-829-5500

Please note this email has been sent to all club presidents, secretaries, executive secretaries/directors, and treasurers reported in our database with a valid email.

Thank you for your attention to this important reminder.


Your CDS Team

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Medina Sunrise Welcomes RYE Student

Rotary Youth Exchange Student Sergio Neto, from Londrina, Brazil received a warm welcome from Medina Sunrise Rotary this morning. "I am truly excited to begin my Exchange Year as a Senior at Medina High School and learn more about American culture," said Sergio. "My Host Parents, David and Beth Vogelgesang, are the best!  They helped me register for my classes at the high school and have taken me to the DCI Drum and Bugle Corps International Competition at First Energy Stadium, as part of the NFL Hall of Fame Celebration. I already love it here in America and am grateful to Rotary for providing me with this opportunity of a lifetime."

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Posted by Beverly Ghent-Skrzynski
September, 2019
Dear RI District 6630 Rotarians:
As announced on August 18th, we are currently seeking applications for our 2022-2023 District 6630 Governor.  One of the most important decisions we make as a District is selecting our future leaders and we are seeking the most qualified person for the position of District Governor.  If you have a demonstrated history of leadership and collaboration as a Rotarian and are willing to share your passion and talents as District Governor, please seriously consider this opportunity.  
The members of the 2019-2020 Nominating Committee are as follows:
Chair/Immediate Past District Governor
Beverly Ghent-Skrzynski (Cleveland)
Kathy Berkshire (Lakewood-Rocky River Sunrise)
PDG Stew Buchanan (Akron)
PDG Mike Davanzo (Medina Sunrise)
Ken Fogle (Chagrin Valley)
Bob Fratino (Painesville)
Dave Hansford (Kent)
Tracy Jemison (Burton-Middlefield)
Linda Kramer (Berea)
John Laird (Hudson Clocktower)
To reiterate, the qualifications are as follows which are excerpted from the RI Bylaws:
16.010. Qualifications of a Governor-nominee.
Unless excused by the board, the person selected as a governor-nominee shall at the time of selection:
(a) be a member in good standing of a functioning club in the district;
(b) have served as club president for a full term or as charter president for at least six months;
(c) demonstrate willingness, commitment, and ability to fulfill the duties and
responsibilities of a governor in section 16.030.;
(d) demonstrate knowledge of the qualifications, duties, and responsibilities of
governor as prescribed in the bylaws; and
(e) submit to RI a statement that the Rotarian understands those qualifications,
duties, and responsibilities, is qualified for the office of governor, and is willing
and able to assume and faithfully perform those duties and responsibilities.
16.020. Qualifications of a Governor.
Unless excused by the board, a governor, when taking office, must have attended the international assembly for its full duration, have been a Rotarian for at least seven years, and continue to possess the qualifications in section 16.010.
a)  Be a Rotarian in good standing of an active club in our District.
b)  Have served a full year as Club President or have served a full term
     (six months at a minimum) as a Charter President of a new club from the
     date of charter to June 30.
 c) Be willing to fulfill the duties of and responsibilities of the Office of
      Governor, demonstrating commitment and ability, both physical
      and otherwise.
 d) At the time of taking office as Governor, must have attended the
      International Assembly (held in January of the preceding year) and
      have been a Member of one or more Rotary Clubs for at least seven (7)
(Complete Duties of a Governor can be viewed in the RI Bylaws – Article 16.030)
Our District 6630 Nominating Committee will comply with RI’s election guidelines as described in the the following links  If you plan to print these instead of viewing them, please be advised that they are extremely lengthy
These forms (links) Governor-nominee Designate Form and the DGND Candidate Additional Information Form need to be completed by all candidates and postmarked no later than October 18, 2019 as follows:
  1. District Governor Candidate should complete and sign both forms;
  2. The Club Secretary should sign the Governor-nominee Designate form verifying the Club’s Statement of Candidate’s Qualifications.
Please send both of these forms to:
PDG Beverly Ghent-Skrzynski
Chair, District 6630 Nominating Committee 
690 Wyleswood Drive
Berea, OH 44017
All proposed candidate documents must be postmarked by
October 18, 2019:
Do NOT email the forms – they must be sent via US Mail.
The 2019-2020 Nominating Committee will interview proposed candidates during the week of October 28, 2019 (final date[s] to be announced based on the number of candidates to be interviewed) and select a District Governor Nominee-Designate who will serve as District Governor for the 2022-2023 Rotary year. 
IMPORTANT: A fundamental principle of Rotary is that the best qualified candidate should be selected for service in elective offices.  The RI Bylaws prohibit any effort by a candidate, a candidate’s supporter, or any Rotarian to influence the selection process in a positive or negative manner, including but not limited to, campaigning or canvassing.   Brochures, literature, letters, or any form of communication promoting a candidate are not to be distributed or circulated by a candidate or others on the candidate’s behalf.  The Bylaws further provide that under certain circumstances the Rotary International Board may disqualify a candidate from election who violates the provision prohibiting campaigning for the position.
Please direct any questions to PDG Ghent-Skrzynski by cell phone or email: 440-915-4992;
Thank you for your assistance with this very important process.
Kind regards,
Beverly A. Ghent-Skrzynski
Chair, 2019-2020 RI District 6630 Nominating Committee
Rotary International Past District Governor (2018-2019)
Past President, Rotary Club of Cleveland, OH USA
Cell: 440-915-4992 | Email: |
IMPORTANT REMINDER: CALL FOR CANDIDATES FOR 2022-2023 DISTRICT 6630 GOVERNOR Beverly Ghent-Skrzynski 2019-09-16 04:00:00Z 0

Message from Governor John Reyes Sept 2019

Dear District 6630 fellow Rotarians and Friends:
In my August letter, we began exploration of Rotary International President Mark Maloney’s primary goal of developing membership in new clubs in innovative ways. This topic is complex and of vital importance to all of us.
A quick review of the membership results for District 6630 during the 2018-2019 Rotary year points to the critical nature of advancing membership. Fully, 26 of our clubs lost members during the past Rotary year. An additional 8 club’s membership was unchanged. This is a trend that we cannot, and I am confident will not, allow to continue. We are certainly off to a good start. From July 1, 2019 through July 31, 2019, our membership increased as a district by a net gain of 20. However, from past experience, we all know how difficult it will be to maintain this upward trend and finish the year with a net increase in membership.
Your entire District Leadership team is here to assist you and your club in the growth process. The membership committee led by PDG Jim McKee in particular can and will provide assistance and advice to you on innovative membership tools, innovative club types, and the nuts and bolts of brochures, business cards and the like for your club.
One of the major undertakings of the district is to help create and participate in the second annual Tri-District Membership Summit. Mark your calendars for this event which will take place at the Stanton Middle School, 1175 Hudson Road, Kent, Ohio 44240 on October 26, 2019. Registration will begin at 8:30 a.m. and the program will end at 12:30 p.m.  CLICK HERE TO REGISTER
There will be over three hours of productive interaction with the best and brightest Rotarians from Districts 6630, 6650, and 6600.
There will be small group facilitated sessions broken down by club size for five areas. These areas are: “Closing the Back Door” to retain members; Developing an Effective Orientation; Making Your Club More Attractive; Practicing Flexibility and Innovation and Attracting People of Action. To effectively take advantage of this opportunity (which is free to attend), I ask that each club send at least three members who are interested in membership and hopefully include a critical part of your leadership team.
A unique opportunity has been developed for this Tri-District Membership Summit. A “capstone” session will give you dedicated time to build your membership plan in a facilitated small group discussion. All other sessions are offered multiple times so your team can attend all the sessions of interest to them.
In reviewing the results of last year’s Tri-District Membership summit, we are both encouraged and pleased to report that those clubs that attended and took serious advantage of the opportunities offered have had good results. Thus, I ask you to bring your team—this is a morning focused on engagement. Plan to leave the event with materials and programs you can implement around membership immediately.
As you plan your attendance at the Tri-District Membership seminar, there are a few things you should think about. First, why do prospective members join a Rotary club? The best statistics indicate that about 40% of new members join to participate in local service. Another 31% join to participate in international service projects, and about 27% join to gain personal development and training opportunities. What can you do to take advantage of this information?
With regard to “Closing the Back Door,” why do current members stay? The best information available indicates that about 46% stay to participate in local service projects. Another 41% stay to enjoy friendship and fellowship. About 29% stay so that they can connect with people outside their work and social circles. What can you do to take advantage of this information?
If you have any questions about this event, please direct them to PDG Jim McKee. He can be reached at I look forward to seeing you there!
Speaking of fun and fellowship, PDG Beverly Ghent-Skrzynski and I both cordially invite you to the upcoming Foundation Gala to be held at Windows on the River on December 5, 2019. Plan on spending an enjoyable evening with us. After all, what is more fun than a dessert dash and a chance to show off your ugly holiday sweater? More information is forthcoming, but I ask you to save the date now.
I close with a message from R.I. President Mark Maloney. Mark points out that another summer is winding down and regardless of season, every family has its own traditions. He goes on to state:
I would like to suggest a new one [tradition] for [your family]: Find an opportunity to introduce your family to Rotary…We must foster a culture where Rotary does not compete with family, but compliments it. We should never expect our members to choose between the two…
Often, the young professionals that Rotary needs to attract in order to remain a dynamic 21st century service organization are the very people who have the greatest family responsibilities. We must not keep these prospective young members away from their families…
So let us open our doors and do it in a fun way, with opportunities that make our children and grandchildren want to learn more about Rotaract, Interact, and Rotary membership.
So how will you grow your Rotary club this year?
John Reyes
Rotary District 6630 Governor 2019-2020

Tel: 330.258.6469
Message from Governor John Reyes Sept 2019 2019-09-16 04:00:00Z 0

Dolls to Nicaragua

For the 4 year, Honorary Rotarian of the RC of Wadsworth, 96 year old Helen Shurance of Seville, Ohio hand made this year 150 dolls for the babies at the Pregnant Women's Shelter in Chinnendega, Nicaragua. Over the past 4 years she has personally knitted over 600 50 dolls to be given to these children. After seeing an article in the local newspaper regarding PDG Jack Young as to what the Rotary Clubs were doing at the Children of the Dump in Nicaragua, she wanted to do something special for the new born babies.  It also should be noted that she was given the  Unsung Hero Award from our Past District Governor Beverly Ghent-Skrzynski earlier this year.
After spending most of her married life on a farm in Montville Township with her husband William, Helen is currently residing just outside of Seville with her daughter Becky and son-in-law Rick Hunyady.  Giving up the farm and apple orchard in 1994, Helen began making quilts for her 20 grandchildren. She continued quilting making over 100, at least 53 of these completely by hand.
In 2016, Helen learned about Comfort Dolls, softly crocheted and use as packing in medical supplies to protect glass vials of medication and shipped to Africa, Asiaia and Central America.They were given to orphans, sometimes being the child's only possession.  She learned about the Shoes Boxes and Latettes to Nicaragua after seeing an article in the local paper about Jack Young and the work being done by Rotary Clubs in Nicaragua.  After contacting him several years ago, she decided to begin making these dolls.  Therefore, Jack and Marsha Pappalardo, Past President of the RC of Brunswick have been in contact with her since then. Helen is certainly living the motto of "Service Above Self"       .
Dolls to Nicaragua 2019-08-22 04:00:00Z 0

Mentor Club is in the News!

Posted by Bob Johnson
The Mentor Club got some great exposure in the News Herald recently!  (click image to enlarge)
Mentor Club is in the News! Bob Johnson 2019-08-22 04:00:00Z 0

End Polio Now News

If you are having trouble viewing this email, view it online
End Polio Now
Start planning your World Polio Day event now
World Polio Day is 24 October. Now’s the time to start planning events in your community. You’ll find resources to help you plan and promote your event, including a sample press release and social media messages and graphics, in the World Polio Day Toolkit.

Last year, Rotarians hosted more than 4,000 World Polio Day events in 90 countries. Let’s plan even more events this year to let the world know that the fight to end polio isn’t over.

Join us on World Polio Day, and don’t forget to register your event.
Rotary announces $100 million to eradicate polio
Rotary recently gave $100 million in grants to support the global effort to end polio. The funding comes as Rotary and its partners in the Global Polio Eradication Initiative address the final, most pressing challenges to ending poliovirus transmission.
5 reasons why polio can be eradicated
We know that we can — and will — eradicate polio, but how can we be certain? And what makes a disease a good candidate for eradication?
Fundraising spotlight: Swim to end polio
For the past 33 years, the Rotary Club of Çanakkale, Turkey, has organized a swim meet: the Dardanelles Strait Swimming Competition. On 30 August, 600 swimmers from around the world will swim 3.5 nautical miles (approximately 6.4 kilometers) from Europe to Asia through the Dardanelles Strait. The event has been registered as a World Polio Day event to raise awareness of polio eradication.
In the news
Bill Gates and Past RI President Barry Rassin were interviewed for Forbes about the importance of our partnership in the fight to end polio.   
Former U.S. Senator Mark Kirk wrote an opinion piece for The Hill to explain why it’s important for governments to continue funding the fight to end polio.
As a podcast guest on Voices for Vaccines and the CDC Foundation’s Contagious Conversations, PolioPlus Director Carol Pandak offered a behind-the-scenes look at what it takes to eradicate polio.

As of 21 August 2019, Nigeria has gone 3 years without a case of wild poliovirus! What’s next? The entire World Health Organization African region could potentially be certified wild poliovirus-free as soon as mid-2020.
Help Rotary eradicate polio
We recently announced a bold, five-year strategy to rid the world of polio, and $3.27 billion is urgently needed in order to achieve our goal. 

Will you help by donating to End Polio Now? Your contribution will be automatically tripled by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation.
© Rotary International
One Rotary Center, 1560 Sherman Ave., Evanston, IL 60201-3698, USA
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August 2019 District eNewsletter

Please enjoy this August eBulletin.   CLICK HERE TO VIEW.   You can click on most photos to enlarge them throughout the newsletter.  Please email future content with photos to with DISTRICT NEWSLETTER ARTICLE SUBMISSION in the subject line.
We accept article ideas about club and district successes, including fundraisers, publicity efforts, service projects, and member drives.  Please include your name and the club name.  Please send pictures as attachments and be certain that you have permission to use the photos - if anyone is under the age of 18, please ensure you have a parent/guardian release on file accordingly. If you format  your content we cannot guarantee it will remain formatted as sent - we do our best but it is subject to be altered.  We will publish information received by our deadlines (see footer of this edition).
Thanks to all who sent articles this month! The next deadline is September 13, 2019.
August 2019 District eNewsletter 2019-08-10 04:00:00Z 0

Berea Club 

Posted by Linda Kramer

Attending Berea Rotary's annual scholarship dinner are Alexandrya Enczur, Samantha Matese and Maya Wargelin. Thanks to Scholarship Chair Tom O'Donnell for keeping tabs on all our students.

Berea Rotary honors scholarship winners 

Berea Rotarians hosted our scholarship winners and their families on Tuesday, July 30.
Alexandrya Enczur, a 2018 graduate of Olmsted Falls High School, attended with her father, Mark. Alex is attending Kent State and is studying medical technology.
Samantha Matese is a 2019 graduate of Berea-Midpark High School. She is enrolled at Otterbein College this fall, where she will play on the soccer team. Her major will be allied health professions and she hopes to work with disabled and injured children. Her parents Carrie and Joe Matese also attended the dinner.
Maya Wargelin also graduated from BMHS in 2019. Maya will attend Kent State to study child psychology. She plans to pursue a master’s degree after her four years at Kent. Samantha’s mother, Kathleen, also attended the dinner.
Our other scholarship recipients were unable to attend but will be scheduled for a future dinner. Joseph Wozniak, 2019, is out of town; Joseph Mendes, 2018, is working in Washington, D.C. this summer; and Samantha Rocco and Samantha Finnerty, 2016, both are working at Ohio State this summer.
Berea Rotary scholarship winners receive $500 scholarships, which are renewable for a four-year college career as long as a minimum GPA is maintained.
Congratulations to all of our scholarship recipients.


Berea Rotary picnicks in the Metroparks

Berea Rotary President Bob Huge flips burgers and hotdogs for the annual family picnic at the Albion Woods Picnic Area in Strongsville.
Co-chef Bob Hammer warms up the beans. Thanks also to Don Voigt, our super shopper.
Rotarian Trevor Koenig brought his family to the picnic.
Rotarian Trevor Koenig brought his family to the picnic.
PDG Bev Skrzynski presents Marc West
with an Outstanding Leadership and Service Award
for his 29 years heading up the District's RYLA program.
Marc was unable to attend the Banner Exchange and
Awards Program earlier this summer.
Berea Club Linda Kramer 2019-08-10 04:00:00Z 0

Message from Governor John Reyes - Aug 2019

Posted on Aug 09, 2019

Dear District 6630, Rotarians, and Friends:
One significant responsibility of the District Governor is to help deliver the message of the Rotary International President. That is a task I am happy to undertake.
As many of you know, Rotary International President Mark Maloney’s primary goal is to both develop membership and new clubs. Thinking about that now is appropriate as August is Membership and New Club Development Month.
I would like to focus on the idea of developing membership in existing clubs. Even this process has at least two parts: attracting new members and retaining existing members. Let us further divide the topic and look at attracting new members this month.
A key point to attracting new members is to recognize that, in many respects, this is a club-specific task. It is incumbent upon all members of every club and the club membership chair and committee in particular to carefully consider this topic.
In that process it is important the club build a consensus on its approach to new membership. It is also important that the club focus its effort so as not to dissipate the limited resources available.
One question that each club can ask is do we have a cohesive and active structure in place to grow the club? Is there a membership chair and/or a committee working on this? Is there adequate communication about what is to be done and how it is to be done?
Rotary International and the District can and do provide significant support. For instance, the District actively participates in the Rotary Leads program where information submitted to the District electronically by Rotary International regarding prospective members is promptly forwarded to the most appropriate club. Special thanks to Lance Chima of the Akron Club for his diligence in performing this task. In the 2014-2015, 2015-2016, and 2018-2019 Rotary years, Lance placed every lead received by the District from Rotary International with a club or clubs to pursue. Nearly a dozen leads have been received since July 1, 2019.
In the 2018-2019 Rotary year, considerable work was undertaken by PDG Beverly and her team to develop membership. We are attempting to expand upon those actions this year. Please note that the second annual Tri-District Membership Summit will take place on October 26, 2019 at the Stanton Middle School in Kent. Special thanks to DGN Larry Lohman for arranging the site and for all the work that PDG Jim McKee, PDG Steve Zabor, and involved members of our neighboring districts are undertaking to design a challenging and useful curriculum. Details will follow but please save the date. Club Presidents, Membership Committee Chairs, and those on the Membership Committee, in particular, should attend.
I also highly recommend reviewing Rotary International’s Membership Resource Guide. Rotary International has a large number of publications and Learning Center online courses that provide extremely valuable information. You can locate many of these materials online at
Perhaps less well-known is this year’s Presidential Theme and Rotary Citation. The 2019-2020 Rotary Citation actually functions as a “mini strategic plan” to help build a club’s membership. The Rotary Citation contains a list of potential goals and action items that virtually any and every club can use. Further, there are goals and actions specifically designed for Rotaract and Interact clubs.
This document was provided to every club president and is available online at
To borrow the words of Rotary International President Mark Maloney:
“While the club remains the core of the Rotary experience, we are now far more creative and flexible in deciding what a club can be, how it can meet, and even what can be considered a Rotary meeting. We need to be organized, strategic, and innovative in how we approach membership, forging wider and deeper connections to our communities and forming new club models to attack and engage more—and more diverse—members.”
I challenge each and every member together with each and every club to look at the question of how to grow your club and thereby increase its reach, impact, and vibrancy.
John Reyes
Rotary District 6630 Governor 2019-2020

Tel: 330.258.6469
Message from Governor John Reyes - Aug 2019  2019-08-09 04:00:00Z 0

District 6630 Foundation Committee Update

Posted by Jim Lechko on Aug 07, 2019

I would like to introduce you to your 2019-20 District Foundation Committee:

Jim Lechko
Foundation Chair/Paul Harris Society/Major Donor Chair
Wayne BrodnanFundraising Chair
Randy RiningerAnnual Giving Chair
Matt LiebsonGrant Committee Chair
Rick PollakPeace Fellowship Chair / Scholarship Chair
Bob JohnsonVocational Training Team (VTT) Chair
Stew BuchananPolio Plus Chair / Indians Baseball Chair
As you can see, I am wearing multiple hats.  If you have a passion for the Paul Harris Society or Major Donor and would like to help, please let me know.

The Foundation committee is responsible for raising funds, approving matching funds used for your club projects both locally and internationally, Vocational Training Teams and reviewing potential Peace Fellow Scholars.  Most importantly, we are here to educate you about The Rotary Foundation (TRF).

TRF raised over $395 million last year.  Three years from now, 50% of those funds are available to our District to fund both local and global projects.  These funds are knows as District Designated Funds (DDF).  The other 50% will be used to fund global projects from our district and others. 

This year, District 6630 received $117,103.16 in DDF based on our contributions from the 2016-17 Rotary year. We can designate up to 50% of these funds for matching grants of local projects.  We had 25 clubs qualify for the spending plan totaling $65,678 in matching dollars!  TRF gave an exemption this year which allowed us to exceed 50% of our 2016-17 contributions for our local projects. 

The good news is that this is probably the most grant activity we have ever seen.  The bad news is that we did not have enough money to fund all of the requests.  We were forced to scale back all grant requests to about 80% of the amount requested.  How do we fix this going forward?  We need more contributions to TRF Annual Fund.  If you are already giving, are you able to do more?  If you are not giving, can you do something?

November is Foundation month.  Please schedule a date for one of your November meetings for a TRF presentation by your club’s TRF expert!  Our Foundation committee will be meeting in August to plan for TRF presentation ideas and recommendations that we can pass along to you.
Jim Lechko
District 6630 Foundation Chair
District 6630 Foundation Committee Update Jim Lechko 2019-08-07 04:00:00Z 0

Rotary World Connections

Posted by Jack Harig on Aug 06, 2019
Fellowship of Rotary around the World Connections
Rotary District 6630, Rotary RC Akron OH USA and
RC Freshwater Bay Australia

It is such a wonderful time when we see friends from close by Rotary Clubs and get reconnected with old friends we do not see often from other clubs in the District 6630 or 6650. The same is true when you get a call from someone “just to check” on how you are doing. I also get a warm feeling when I can call a Rotarian from another state or district for advice and council or to ask for help on a project. In late August I needed some contacts for a veteran’s project in Gainesville, Fla. How better to start than calling a Rotarian friend who served with you in the Army, now a retired Maj Gen living in Ft. Myers. After a chat Jim said he will work on some contacts, but why not just call some Rotary Clubs in Gainesville. “Brilliant!”

The next morning I received a link to an online Facebook Live meeting of the RC Freshwater Bay, Perth, Australia. Well, you who know me know I could not resist. Lady Vivian and I watched the RC Freshwater Bay meeting live, it was a great program “Sun Spots and how they affect our climate and climate change over the millennia”.Times like this remind Vivian and I of the wonderful stories told by Rotarians like PRIP Cliff Dochterman’s on “If I could be President again”, “Women in Rotary”, and so many other adventures in Rotary that have been shared by our many friends from so many close and faraway places. When I have my morning coffee in my 1 cup French Press I recall the good times with PDG Ricardo Bicaro, RC San de Bariloche, Argentina. Ricardo and I met when he was team leader of Group Study Exchange to District 6630 many years ago. Our bond is both Rotary and military, he was a retired Argentine Ordinance officer. After the team visit Ricardo and his wife hosted us for the 2000 RI convention.  PRIP Frank J. Devlyn was RI Pres. The theme was “Create Awareness – Why do I think of PDG Carlos, he carried a press with him and introduce how to make a fine cup of coffee his way, so, each morning I not only think of him, I thinks of all our friends there and “Frank Talk” by PRIP Frank, that makes me think of his short elevator talk each of you should have to share about your life in Rotary.

Rotary World Connections Jack Harig 2019-08-06 04:00:00Z 0

The Road To Leadership - Finding a Life of Purpose

Posted by Claudine Schooley on Aug 06, 2019
"The Road To Leadership - Finding a Life of Purpose" is the book written by Kenneth E. Behring, founder of the Rotary Wheelchair Foundation, and is available on Amazon.
The Wheelchair Foundation is sad to announce the passing of Kenneth E. Behring on June 25th, 2019. Kenneth's son, David Behring, is continuing the work of his father and to this day the Wheelchair Foundation has delivered (or committed to date) 1,098,223 wheelchairs, all around the world to people in need.  Please visit the site at to learn more about the commitment of the foundation.
I had the great honor to receive an award from David Behring in November 2016. 
In the picture, Diego Velasquez (International Service chair), Claudine Schooley (President-Elect) from Conejo Valley Rotary Club/California, presented a check of $42,000 to the President of The Wheelchair Foundation, David Behring. 
The Road To Leadership - Finding a Life of Purpose Claudine Schooley 2019-08-06 04:00:00Z 0

Gift of Life 

Posted by Ken Fogle
The lead international partners on this grant are Gift of Life Cairo and Gift of Life North East Ohio. Dr. Shawky from Cairo has been connected with our program since 5 year old “Sherouk” and her mother came to Rainbow Babies and Children’s Hospital for open heart surgery in 2007. He has done an extraordinary job in building the program in Northern Egypt. Dr. Shawky’s all Egyptian team is reaching out to underserved regions of his home country and has begun working with us to lay the foundation for becoming an outbound surgical team to begin teaching, training and equipping future partners in Kenya.
Our district can be proud of the roll we have played in supporting this incredible program. I personally thank you all for the many years of sustain support and commend you all for having touched the lives of so many children and their extended families though our service.
Kenneth J. Fogle, Chair
Gift of Life North East Ohio, Inc.
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Chesterland Rotary Taking Action for 30 years!

Posted by Reena Kanner on Aug 05, 2019

Chesterland celebrates 30 years of service and Unsung Hero

Four charter members were in attendance Pictured President Terry Palermo (charter members: Ben Pitabona, Dick Dorr, Joy Black, Fred Nevar and guest speaker District Governor John Reyes). Our chapter meets Wednesday morning at 7am.
On behalf of a member who could not be present, President Terry Palermo accepted the Unsung Hero from DG Reyes.  The recipient will remain a secret until they are able to personally accept the award.

Fill the Cruiser

Chesterland Rotary is now in its second year of organizing community Fill the Police Cruiser with items needed for USO boxes. The boxes are assembled in Chester and mailed to deployed service personal. This year food, gift cards, and money, was in access of $3,500. If you have names/address of a service deployed person please forward.

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Our Causes


Six areas of focus - names adjusted

We’ve made changes to Rotary’s areas of focus. We’ve kept the existing six areas but adjusted three names (marked with asterisks) to better reflect the types of projects that Rotary members are carrying out. The areas of focus are now:
  • Peacebuilding and conflict prevention*
  • Disease prevention and treatment
  • Water, sanitation, and hygiene*
  • Maternal and child health
  • Basic education and literacy
  • Community economic development*
Some of the goals of the areas have changed, and we’ve included activities that relate to the environment for most areas. The Areas of Focus Policy Statements reflect these updates.
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Medina Sunrise Club

Love - Influence - Rejoice
"'SANYUKA' is a Ganda word meaning 'REJOICE'!" exclaimed Allan Kizito, Executive Director of Sanyuka Children's Ministries in Uganda.  "My journey, from having been orphaned at 8-years old in Uganda, taken in by Christian missionaries through high school, graduating from Makerere University, founding Real Technologies Group, getting married and having our first child, winning a U.S. Department of State Green Card lottery, and being offered a job in Medina, Ohio, was guided not by not by luck or through my own energy but by the loving hand of God."
Kizito, now a software engineer with Ohio-based OEConnection, founded Sanyuyka Children's Ministries in Uganda in 2008, and continues his overseas mission, which offers Christ-centered child development programs that were initiated as a response to the ever increasing number of street, orphaned and vulnerable children in Uganda.  Sanyuka is a Family!  It currently brings education, health care, food, clothing, a nurturing home-setting, mentoring, purpose and spiritual discipleship to 55 children who were once orphans, with many more on the waiting list. 
"We are grateful to Medina Sunrise Rotary for the generous donation and to our blessed partnership with Pride One Construction of Medina," said Allan. "Please join us in building a sustainable future for these children. Our 2019 Sanyuka Vision is to promote our children's ministries tour, purchase land for a school and a development center for teaching job trade skills, with homes, a training farm, and a small business incubator. Also, we are excited about bringing the Sanyuka Children's Ministries Choir to Ohio in 2019 to share our stories, mission, and our love of God."
Kizito and the vivacious Sanyuka choir concluded their beautiful music and dance presentation with a heartfelt thanks to all Medina Sunrise Rotarians, whose mission is "making a difference in the lives of children in our community and beyond through our time, talents and treasures," and for joining with Sanyuka Family Children's Ministries in Uganda.  "Together, we can become the instrument in changing a life, a generation, a country, and Africa." 
For more information about getting involved with Sanyuka Children's Ministries, supporting the 2019 Children's Choir Ohio Tour, or sponsoring a young life, please contact:

 Allan Kizito at 312-515-7370 (mobile), or 
PHOTO: Medina Sunrise Rotary Club & Sanyuka Ministries Children's Choir
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PolioPlus Program and Communications Update

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PolioPlus Update 
August 2019End Polio Now website 
Polio Case Count (as of 25* July) 
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